Dr. Fauci On Sen. Johnson’s Comments Against Vaccinations: ‘We Are Dealing With An Emergency’

Dr. Anthony Fauci criticized Sen. Ron Johnson for his comments against promoting Covid-19 vaccines that were approved through emergency use authorization. He responded, "we are dealing with an emergency. How can anyone say that 567,000 dead Americans is not an emergency?" Aired on 04/23/2021.
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Dr. Fauci On Sen. Johnson's Comments Against Vaccinations: 'We Are Dealing With An Emergency'


  1. Yeah just let the virus linger around and hope it doesn’t mutate into a more dangerous form of itself… the stupidity of these people is baffling

    1. @Erik w Luckily theyve been working with these type viruses for so long and are getting better at adapting it year over year. The problem is the next one. Especially since now we know how insufferably stupid a portion of society is going to be

    2. @Chris so you are saying covid 19 has been around for years? how are we all not dead then? also this type of vaccine has NEVER been used on humans before its a mRNA vaccine

  2. Two points:
    1. The vaccine is not only used to protect yourself, but it also protects others around you. This is similar to the need of everyone to continue wearing masks.
    2. The more the virus multiplies, the more chances it has to mutate. Recently, a variant of COVID-19 mutated and killed many children in Brazil. And, it’s almost certain that variant is already in the U.S.

    1. @Reg U You completely misread what I wrote, learn to read, I know there are some big words, but you can handle it if you REALLY try.

    2. ” the results could be disastrous.”

      The results have already been disastrous. But it has had a lot of help from morons.

    3. @Covid Commander Agreed.
      I recently worked in a “retirement home”, and watched waves one and two sweep through.
      Until we did a FULL lockdown at the home and with staff being tested, it was a lost war.
      So when ASHATS like the TROLL spout crap…
      I digress.
      Stay safe and healthy, from Montreal.

  3. I’ll say it again, kids 16 and under, the variant is effecting them and it’s up 21% plus kids want to go to school and adults work there!!

    1. Anti vaxer is NOT a derogatory term! It is a compliment! Anti vaxers are the intelligent people who have done the research and know the facts. Anti vaxers understand that no vaccine has ever eradicated or prevented disease and no vaccine is Ever necessary. Vaccines have been used through the decades to brainwash us into thinking they are necessary. Vaccines have caused horrendous injury and thousands upon thousands of deaths that have been for the most part covered up.

  4. Damm I think to get a job in the Senate or House of Representatives, you don’t have to be smart, you just have to be a clown.

    1. @J. Karpinski Covid-19 is not a lie. My sister in laws father got Covid from someone like you and is now dead. He was exposed in December was in the hospital for a month suffering. How do you sleep?

    2. @Rhonda McKnight what’s the matter didn’t he wear a mask ?
      Thought mask were the lifesavers ? So mask don’t work. Vaccines don’t work.
      Your comment and the actions and Faucis words prove that.

    3. @Holy Land at least seat belts protect you from others. But mask don’t. So what’s the point in it ?

    1. Haven’t you heard Jock? Trump (and by extension trumpers) knows more than the scientists. He said so himself.

    2. They’re getting voted into office BECAUSE of their anti-science stance. What’s more important is to VOTE, even in off-year elections.

    3. What ever, the CDC doesn’t give a sht about your health because they won’t stop the disgusting vermin saturated with Covid, coming from India getting on the Airlines to the U.S., their packing the planes full on every flight coming from India into the U.S. CDC and Fauci know this has been going on for months.

  5. Johnson also said that Operation Warp Speed should be given more credit. Yes, that project. Or lack of project.

  6. If you haven’t been convinced by anything in the last four years, Sen. Ron Johnson is additional proof that you can be in the bottom intelligence demographic and still hold public office.

    1. The low quality of republican politicians is mind boggling. Is it a GOP requirement to be an imbecile?

    2. @Lp78Ch And he has done more in 4 months then last so called president but believe in your stupidity or someone whose daddy bought and paid for a diploma.

  7. I can’t even imagine how many deaths the United States would have without vaccines. I got mine. It’s a pandemic so I’m doing everything possible to help myself and others. I think if people just do whatever is necessary now it would eliminate the danger. That’s way better than getting really sick or dying in my opinion.

    1. @kitten room Thank you. 55, low risk, but women 18-52 need to get vaccinated, nonetheless! Just maybe not J&J as a first choice. Pfizer and Moderna are widely available now, and everyone age 18-55 is being offered vaccine, and implored to get it. Thank you for your concern

    2. I will😉I did the same, really because I am low risk of death. Ilive with a cancer patient, so we will be careful. You too.☮️

    1. We will never get rid of the virus if there is a substantial unvaccinated population.
      Even worse it increases the risk that a new more deadly variant develops.

    2. @J. Karpinski just trying to reason out here don’t take me wrong, the science is simple. If you have the vaccine, it’s going to protect you. Nothing more. It’s like saying food is designed to make us hungry continuously. Vaccines were created because a virus has been running around killing millions of people. If proper precautions were taken in the first place, this would’ve been a smaller scale contained event without massive variant strains available and eradicated. But since this is spreading and killing people, the best thing to do is to protect you and the people around you by taking the vaccine. I understand that this is a democracy and each person should have his or her own choice, but the fact remains that the science is sound and we all just want everyone to be safe. We don’t want more deaths. It’s heart breaking to see so many families lose people and it’s even worse when they can’t even afford to send them off properly. Added to that, millions of people are at home struggling to make a living out of a pandemic. Stopping this virus is the only way to go forward and we have to swallow the hard pill and follow certain things just to make sure we have a better future.

    3. @S McDonald covid is not going away if we all get the vaccine. Covid is mutating alot and we will need alot of different vaccines to stop all the strains.

    4. @Erik w Yes, but only while R >= 1. Variants that develop later while SARS-CoV-2 is endemic and most of the world has been vaccinated are not likely to cause another pandemic. You should look at the “MedCram – Medical Lectures” channel, this is explained very clearly,

    1. He’s a liar. He’s working for the devil. The death rate for 2020 was just a tiny bit higher than the death rate for previous several years. Wake up! Covid is a lie!

    2. I think we should confine all of these disgusting disease vectors (like JK) to leper colonies where, among other thing, we don’t have to listen to their inane twaddle.

  8. Faucci: “How can anyone say 567-thousand dead Americans is not an emergency?”

    Trump apologist: “Hold my beer!”

  9. Dr Fauci is a ROCK STAR, he’s so cool and calm under pressure!! I love how he handles his position, like a BOSS!!
    I worship his every move!!!!

  10. Someone should let Johnson know that not all of the 567,000 who died were in the so called “vulnerable” category. A lot of them were young, healthy people who got the virus and they died!!!!

    1. the people that died were MAJORITY the elderly. KIds up to people around 40’s had low death rates. Please do yourself a favor and look up the numbers ok.

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