Dr. Fauci Pushes Back On Bankers Trying To Jump Line For Covid-19 Vaccine

Dr. Fauci Pushes Back On Bankers Trying To Jump Line For Covid-19 Vaccine 1


  1. The nerve!!!! What the banks need to do is approve mortgage forgiveness to so many Americans struggling in these times.🤨🙄

    1. Well, we chose capitalism as a guiding light in a free society a long time ago. It definitely has flaws, and it certainly is no Utopian ideology, but compared to all other forms of government, we a relatively “free”. (….but not really….we haven’t woken up to the fact that our new master is the Almighty Dollar…..but keep that on the down-low)

    2. They are tricking you into taking it dummy. You see the word “bankers” and fly into a rage. Nobody intelligent is taking this thing.

    1. @Shannon Webb you are extremely foolish if that’s what you think people like gates et al believe, and attempt to action.

      If you are too dim to see what’s going on with corona chan, the “election” and the vauxine i urge you to wear a mask & social distance 24-7, get vaccinated asap and make sure that vaccination is topped up monthly, “just incase”.

    2. @UN-common Sense AUS Besides the fact the you are displaying an urgent need for an intervention for your anger management, you are also suggesting that the “election” was indeed fraudulent and the “vauxine” pursuit is some sort of hoax. You appear to be qualified for the discount cards at “Straight Jackets R Us”. I do wear a mask, but I’m not in public much. I hear the current vaccine has serious side effects so, yeah, I’m going to wait on that one. Now please return to your lego set before you get an aneurism.

    3. Fauci is probably doing some insider trading of Pfizer stock. Back in 2017, Dr.Anthony Fauci warned that a “surprise pandemic” would hit during the Trump administration.
      Either Fauci had the extraordinary power to predict the future or he (and a lot of other co-conspirators) actually created the future.


      These links to John Hopkins University will also tell you how a simulated “pandemic” (with a virus named “Clade X”) was rehearsed in May of 2018, then in another exercise (called “event 201”) held in October of 2019:




    4. @kansasthunderman1 I love “conspiracy theorists” I have many friends of like mind. I’m not sure what causes this delusion, but it affects all levels of intellect and IQ levels. I find it fascinating…..sometimes scary, but still a phenomenon I can’t look away from. I look at them, and with all seriousness, they believe what they are saying is true. That’s where the “scary” part comes in. These “theorist” truly believe in what they are saying is reality. I actually had a friend that was totally convinced the moon landing was faked. When I got to the base of his reasoning, it was “well, I watched it on a movie”. Okay, was the movie a documentary or just fiction” “well, the movie itself was fiction, but I was convinced by the argument”. That is also scary.

    1. lol no America will not fall prey to what Europe has forever — what a grand lie – and your d ing d ong fell for it – of course you did

    1. Our financial system created those entities. Who created the financial system? The rich. It is a circular system invented by the rich to keep them that way. The American caste system is based on the size of your wallet.

  2. Considering that the last time I saw someone actually in banking, which was several months ago, I’d say they’re about as essential as our football players (I haven’t watched a game this season).

    1. good that you said football players and not wwe (effing florida govt had called wwe an essential service in april *smh*)

    1. The irony is, banks are one of the first businesses to be almost fully automated. We don’t have humans processing our transactions anymore, those are done by servers.

      Any manager, executive, or board member who thinks they should be ahead in line should sit at home and run Zoom meetings until 2023. We need to prioritize health care workers and nursing homes first.

    2. @M Murase Your first sentence is factually correct. I was in IT in a large bank that processed 100’s of millions of dollars a day (sometime a billion) for other institutions. I helped set up that automation. Here is what I can legally tell you….the public facing server in the bank I worked at had over 30 hack attempts per second. Obviously this was a routine system designed to automatically attempt a breach. The incoming IP address of the hack attempt was not identifiable, at least not by me. However, there are only a few automated transaction programs in circulation….maybe a dozen. They all have a singular security vulnerability and one day that will be known. Millions, if not billions could be diverted to an offshore account, transferred to bitcoin and no one would know for at least 48 hours. By then, it’s too late. I know about it and I’m not even a hacker. God help us when hackers figure this out.

  3. I’m so sick of the entitlement culture in this country – no common sense, no empathy, no patience, no integrity…just, “me, me, me”, and whatever it is they want, they think they should get – now!

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