Dr. Fauci Weighs In On Covid Vaccine Safety, Use In Children

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy take questions from the audience about the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines, if people who have had Covid-19 should get the vaccine, and if parents should get their children vaccinated.
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  1. A woman took her dog to the vet. She said, “I think my dog is dead”. The doctor laid the dog on the table and reached down and took a cat out of a box. The cat walked all over the dog and the dog didn’t move. “Yes, your dog is dead,” says the doctor.
    “How much do I owe you?” the lady asks.
    “$345,” says the doctor.
    “$345!!?” the lady asks.
    “Yes. $45 for the office visit and $300 for the cat scan.”

    1. bankers at Davos are right we are getting rid of all humans stupid enough to take the poison injection let the intelligent rule Dr. Cole on Covid Jabs: “We’ve Seen More Deaths From This Shot Than All Vaccines in the Last 20 Years Combined” (AUDIO)
      By Cristina Laila
      Published May 12, 2021 at 4:45p

  2. I wonder if that’s why I got sicker from the vaccine then my friends. Physically I’m around the size of a 12 year old and I’m getting the same dose as a 200 lb man… I hadn’t thought of that. I think I would have rather the kiddie size, but I’m glad I got it, regardless.

    1. @John Doe that’s good to know! I’m happy about the vaccine. I just wondered about that dosing thing.

    2. @John Doe being big? as in fat? obesity destroys your detox organs, destroys your wbc formation, and almost always leads to DM2 which enhances the breakdown of your defense systems. Then add in hypertension and hyperlipidemia and you have a massively subpar defense system.

    3. @Ryan Abbaspour don’t you think it’s a bit unAmerican for you or any man or any group of people to decide what information is true and what is false? Are you really sure of the possible hypothetical future side effects of an untested new vaccine? Why do you feel the need to silence curiosity and dissent? What’s in it for you? Just get the vaccine if you’re afraid let others be others they aren’t like you and that’s ok bud

  3. It is true, drama is popular. But only when everybody, more or less, plays along. A rather expensive way of making that point absolutely clear. Shocks the conscience, at first. Then, the picture gradually develops extraordinary details, revealing what makes certain personalities tick so synchronous with the metronome of a false establishment. It could not be any more transparent to the higher conscience. True volunteers question very little, if anything, because they are afraid of everything, especially the 13th trump card in the tarot deck

  4. I am in Moderna’s phase 3 trial. It is a 25 month study. They continue to review antibody levels as the study progresses. Fyi.

    1. @Franklin Escalante – If you believe ANYTHING that tRump and/or the Republicons have told you, *_then you’rer BEYOND BEING f*cked._* Does the fact that over 3 million people have died from CoVid not affect you in any way??

    2. @Ems Life – Thank you for being an anti-societal self-indulgent piece of garbage….. *”FOR FREE”.* Perhaps there is a rock you can bask under and be equally as useless??

    3. @Ems Life Nothing wrong with bragging about it, or doing it for money. Some people sell their plasma for money and the plasma helps other people.
      I think it’s brave being part of a clinical trial.

    4. @In My Opinion Wow. Sounds like you are easily triggered. Might want to lower your carbs and stress level. High stress kills. Peace out.

    5. Actually the total compensation is over 1K – just paid incrementally. Not a bad gig.

  5. love seeing thousands of stock options doing down, that’s what you get for betting against Cryptocurrency

    1. I Have never heard or seen any of hisclient complain of lost.. I think he’s just too perfect


      BULL CRAP. Any doctor saying that is A QUACK.

    2. i’ve never put a toxin in my body or my kids. Natural immunity is always the way to go

      If you are one of the tens of millions of Americans that have poisoned their bodies and immune systems with poor life choices then that’s too bad. You’ll need chemical induced immunity.

  6. @3m43s a guest, Corina, asks about the timeline for FDA standard approval for the vaccines. Currently they only have Emergency approval and have NOT undergone the rigorous SAFETY steps for standard FDA approval.
    The doctors totally SIDE-STEPPED the question. Instead they misled by implying that the vaccines are safe. They didn’t use the words “emergency approval,” which is not the same thing!

  7. is there a revolving door at the fda? how many people working at these oversight organizations are former pharma employees, and how many will get cushy jobs at pharmaceutical companies after they leave the fda?

  8. “Guys like Fauci get up there and start talking, he doesn’t know anything really about anything and I’d say that to his face.” “He doesn’t understand electron microns to me and he doesn’t understand medicine and should not be in the position like he’s in.
    -Kary Mullis PCR Test Inventor

    1. @Sacrilicious are you talking to me or Kary Mullis ? Mullis said Fauci Knows Nothing not me. He had to have good reason to say something like that

    2. @Martin Sanders Well I think you either misquoted them or they were making stuff up because I can’t find any information about electron microns.

  9. It’s hard to believe that people have allowed themselves to be deceived into thinking their immune system isn’t the best route to take. But I guess the Masses have never thirsted after Value

  10. Dr Fart see I s a jack stain. I have never for one minute wore a mask outside so him suddenly allowing it is a joke

  11. Can we have the pfizer data full transparency on the production and processes that go into the biologics? Fauci release the data for the production and the Vaers data.

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