How Far Is Liz Cheney Willing To Go To Stop Trump? | All In | MSNBC 1

How Far Is Liz Cheney Willing To Go To Stop Trump? | All In | MSNBC


"Will they use that power to hurt the electoral prospects of Republicans who are rushing to undermine American democracy, to bring them to defeat?" says Chris Hayes on what Republicans like Liz Cheney are willing to do to stop Trump and his allies.
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    1. Let’s talk about this to avoid how badly braindead joe is screwing everything up in the US and in the middle east and all within 3 months..great job braindead joe..

    2. Yes agreed, the Democratic Party wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them…

    3. @Augie Rockero as if Democrats sound any better spewing their agendas…

    4. @Vintage Art Chronicles*Sharon O. and “spew” they will, for a long, long time…MAGATS don’t have the power to stop them, and voter supression will not help….we will out vote them every time because the majority has always been liberal. And we will ALL come out to vote every time

  1. Matt Gaetz must have misunderstood when he was told people use Venmo to make minor purchases.

    1. @Lib Warrior*God does NOT Gift SOD O Mites!!!*
      *Thank You Demon, for DeMons PROVE GOD!!!!*
      *Thank You You for Proving WHY I WILL VOTE Every*
      *RePublican for the remaining years of My LIFE!!!*

    2. @Joel Bizzell*Wut word did I Miss SpeLL, LIAR!!!!?*
      *On THIS Thread, I have the PROOF, that I MUST*
      *Vote every RePubLican for LIFE!!!!*
      *This Thread I am Saving, on My Desk Top!!!*

    3. @altareggo*I DID NOT Read more than 4-words of your*
      *Demonic DriveL!!! I BeLieve in JeHoVah GOD & NOT Jesus*
      *Yes, Jesus was a SOD O Mite & a ChiLd MO Lester!!!*
      *ALter Eggo(Coward Name) is a SOD O Mite for Jesus!!!!*

    4. *I have Voted Every DeMonRat, on EveryBaLLot, since 1996!!!*
      *I Donated $500 to HeLLary!!!!*
      *I Donated $250 to R. Warnock!!!*
      *I Donated $250 to Jon IssOff!!!!*
      *I have BURNED the THRERAD onto my Desk Top!!!!*
      *WiLL Make, VID Out of it!!!!*

  2. Profiles in selfish evil and cowardice.. Definitely not courage!! JFK was a true warrior and patriot. God bless us

  3. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” – Lord Acton

    It can be said of organizations as well as individuals.

  4. I’m so embarrassed by this spineless action, a yay or nay voice vote so as not to have a historic record , unfortunately for them we do know their name , the Republican Party.

    1. @N 827 She hasn’t gone anywhere so not sure what you are talking about. She is still in government.

    2. @Chad Simmons No thanks. Much better that she wreaks havoc where she belongs – on the sunny side of the street

    3. @Mike Currie They’re MINO’s, Mike. Male in name only. Hundreds of Republican representatives allover the country these years belong to that category. Wimps.

  5. I think they keep forgetting who Liz Cheney’s Dad is? Be careful how you treating her , Dad is known for shooting lol

    1. @Greg M True… That and the thing that she has voted 15% more for the Trump bills than Stefanik just state that this is all about loyalty to Trump and not the politics.

    2. @susan ferrie I was saying her Dad will protect his daughter. Any Dad would, if that was my daughter and all these rats came to feast off her I would be flexing my political muscle . He has it but I guess he is letting her roll on her own with this one? I’m guessing. But he is known for shooting lol. Ant funny fact , the gun he shot in the so called accident owed him a boat load of money on a loan he lent him.

    3. @Jorge Flores Not just a warhawk. but a big fat liar about weapons of mass destruction, aluminum tubes (made for nuclear bombs), yellow cake and other things, all to get juicy “no-bid” contracts for his company, Haliburton. I agree that Saddam needed to go, but Chaney lied ruthlessly and profited massively off the whole thing. Traitor, maybe not, but a war profiteer instrumental in starting the war, guilty as charged!

    4. @Donna V A traitor whose deeds pale more and more every day as his shameless competition ramps up their actions.

  6. John Boehner, Paul Ryan, and who will be next to fall on his sword? McCarthy. When you try to lead crazy people you end up going down……..

    1. Hadn’t given it much consideration, but I’m guessing you are right. It seems less and less likely he’s going to become speaker in 2022. Polls keep coming in from key districts that indicate taking the House will be a long hard road for the right this time. Without having that in his future, McCarthy will likely be discarded having been thoroughly soiled from misuse. Of karma’s many diverse varieties, political karma is one of the swiftest. McCarthy had best have his second prepare his sword.

    2. @Gerald Berdynski YES HE CAN…when you cheated . I CANT WAIT! Seriously what are you libtrads going to do? . Thanks for the laugh. Bye bye. TRUMP 2024

    3. @Gerald Berdynski He basically was implying that he believes Trump won in 2020 not that Trump actually won.

    1. @Rod If you believe that people who use their heads for something besides a hatrack (as my father used to say) will be convinced by a mere 36 words on the subject, then you believe we are all like the supporters of Trump. How little of your time, Rod, would it have taken to explain what you mean, with quotations by Biden, if they exist. But to you, we are not worth 15 or 20 minutes of your time, are we? We’re supposed to believe you just because you try to sound convinced yourself. Well, if we are not worth 15 or 20 minutes of your time to write an intelligent exposé of Pres. Biden (which has nothing to do with the topic Mr. Hayes is talking about, which is the Republican Party, but OK, YouTube allows you to write irrelevant stuff if you want), then your comment is not worth taking seriously either, is it? It contains a mere assertion, you know, like “The virus will just go away by April.”

    1. @Scahoni the ” left” aren’t the ones tearing themselves apart from within. They are making the Dems job easier for them. I swear they are all double agents bent on destroying their own party. See, just like you can’t build a relationship on lies you can’t base your party on lies either. It doesn’t work that way.

    2. Let’s talk about this to avoid how badly braindead joe is screwing everything up in the US and in the middle east and all within 3 months..great job braindead joe..

    3. @J W please let us know precisely what he is screwing up. You are simply parroting Trumpisms without any actual substance to your statements.

    4. @Kevin Millions of people are unemployed. Did you see the jobs numbers & the unemployment rate a week ago? There is a crises on the southern border. Thousands of people are pouring into the country. Will they be tested for Covid? Who is going to support them? Where are they going to work? Biden wants to allow more refugees into the country as Americans are suffering. Why isn’t Biden and Kamala visiting the border and doing a news conference? Millions of kids are at home instead of classroom in school. Look at crime in big Cities, all run by Biden’s friends. Biden is soft on crime. What is his plan to fight it? Look at his ”infrastructure plan”. It’s nothing but a liberal wish list. The list goes on.

    5. Aw so sad… Feels like crap when you are part of the new minority… And the Republicans are the new minority..

  7. I keep thinking of that line from The Sound of Music. “Nothing has changed. Austria is the same as it has always been.”

    1. Totally wrong words. Austria HAS changed. But what is discouraging and frightening, the USA is changing.

  8. I would say if they do start a new party, they need to be very careful about whom they allow to join them. And we need to get rid of the electoral college. It was set up to keep the rich in power.

    1. Right on….this 2 party set-up and electoral college aka. ‘the keep the wool pulled over their eyes system’, was tailor made for the rich and affluent. The well connected and oligarch are farming with US, the people!

    2. It doesn’t matter why the Electoral College was set up. What matters is whether a proposed alternative would be better or worse. To win given a national popular vote system, a candidate and party would need to raise much more money in order to campaign and turn out the vote nationwide instead of in a few Electoral College swing states. This would increase the influence of rich donors, not decrease it. And it would still be a two-party system, due to the spoiler effect that primitive voting methods create.
      A modern voting method would count all of the head-to-head majorities, instead of counting at most one majority. All of the information needed to count all of the head-to-head majorities can be elicited with a single round of voting (no primary elections are needed) by allowing each voter to express his/her order of preference.
      An example of a well-known voting method that counts head-to-head majorities is the Robert’s Rules method for voting on motions. It uses multiple rounds of voting on two alternatives per round, eliminating one per round by majority rule, until eventually only one remains. It defeats extremist alternatives and elects “compromise” alternatives preferred head-to-head by majorities.
      The Robert’s Rules method would be impractical in public elections because it requires multiple rounds of voting, but a modern method that elicits voters’ orders of preference in a single round of voting would be practical.
      Given all the head-to-head majorities, the best way to construct the order of finish is to process the majorities one at a time, from largest majority to smallest majority, placing each majority’s more preferred candidate ahead of their less-preferred candidate in the order of finish. (Note: Preferences are relative, so placing the candidate preferred by the largest majority ahead of their less-preferred candidate does NOT imply s/he finishes in first place.)
      This system is even better than the Robert’s Rules method, because it pays attention to the sizes of the majorities, which is important when majorities are rock/paper/scissors cyclic. The basis for democracy is the heuristic that, all else being equal, the more people who believe X is better than Y, the more likely it is that X is better than Y. It’s why we let a majority get their way over an opposing minority. And it’s why we should let two large rock/paper/scissors majorities get their way over the small opposing majority. (A small majority isn’t always right, which is why we require a supermajority to change something that could be hard to undo, like a Constitutional amendment. For the same reason, a supermajority should be required to appoint a lifetime Supreme Court justice.)

    3. Actually, it was set up to protect the small states from the large states. It was later used to protect the slave states from the free states. Unfortunately, it is now being used to protect the antidemocratic states from the democratic states.

    1. @Peter Cullen I didn’t get a stimulus check to spend on narcotics like you did, have fun shooting the needles

    2. it’s not “irony”
      it’s more subversion of reality
      (in 2016, 70% of _LOUISIANA gop voters_ blamed Obama for Katrina. not US-wide gop. that was LOUISIANA voters – who obviously had a personal stake in reality … or didn’t, as it turns out.)
      *_highlighting bush2’s stupidest moment is part of trying to make voters more stupid_*

  9. “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” —George Orwell 1984

    1. “don’t believe what you’re seeing and reading” — donald j. trump, former president of the United States

    2. @Disguised as a Placebo
      Don’t believe the church and state
      And everything they tell you
      Believe in me, I’m … the high command

  10. A woman of courage and integrity. Republicans who voted to oust her have no conscience. Integrity, or courage. However it will come back to haunt them.

    1. @Rod Well, apparently her Constituents don’t have a clue about what’s going on. Need a reality check much??

  11. Voice votes should either not be allowed or be recorded! We the People absolutely have the right to know how our representatives vote on anything and everything!

    1. @Kay Stevens Not this time around. That’s why we voted in 2020 and started cleaning house.

    2. True that ! The act of them carrying out this type of purge should be illegal ! This needs to be addressed. We absolutely need to know ,so that we as voters can make informed and honest decisions about who we wish to vote for !

  12. Here’s the sentence that Liz
    Cheney said, that will haunt Republicans, FOREVER ! ! !
    “Remaining silent and ignoring the lie, emboldens the LIAR!”

  13. I have to admit , every time i see one of these stories . I grab my popcorn and I’m down reading the comments before the story is even over

    1. I stop the video to read comments, too, especially when the video is so ridiculous. MSDNC is a broken record! In this case, Crybaby Cheney has lost support in her own state as well as the House.

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