Dr. Gounder Speaks To The Horror Healthcare Workers Face While Caring For Covid Patients | Deadline 1

Dr. Gounder Speaks To The Horror Healthcare Workers Face While Caring For Covid Patients | Deadline


Dr. Celine Gounder, infectious disease specialist and member of the Biden-Harris transition covid advisory board, reveals how healthcare workers are trying to handle the devastation of the pandemic as cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are surging in the U.S. Aired on 12/3/2020.
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Dr. Gounder Speaks To The Horror Healthcare Workers Face While Caring For Covid Patients | Deadline


    1. If god was really able to bless anything…
      He should start with the 5,000,000 children under 5y’s old, that die each year.
      Mostly due to painful chronic diarrhea.
      But, that’s not going to happen.

      So, either god doesn’t exist, or he’s a sick f**king narcissist.

      However, I understand your great thoughts and support for these people….

  1. tRump and Pence should be brought to justice for crimes against the American people, mishandling the pandemic that led to all those unnecessarily deaths.

  2. *Trump In drive thru:
    “You want fries with that?”
    “Thats a tough question. You didn’t ask Biden if he wanted fries. You’re a fake cashier. I’m done here* ” .

  3. Has Trump gave ANY fake thoughts & prayers or condolences to ANY of the 270,000+ deceased or their families

    1. COVID is a HOAX. The TV is telling you that does people died but have you done your own research? If you look the CDC website closely, you will find no excess death compared to other years. In other words, no pandemic. Only stupid, dump down people believing the TV. Wear a MUZZLE, take a toxic vaccine. Get a CHIP or COVIPASS. They will continue this hoax with or w/o vaccine until 2025.. it is in their own documents…or untl there is a global awakening and we stop the madness.

  4. There is nothing we can do to ease the pressure and stress for our health workers, the thing to do though, is to have compassion and wish them luck. We all need to continue wearing out masks, even though, some thinks it is about control. You can’t do anything about that either.

  5. This is exactly what happens when you have the GOP in charge of the country… Nothing Good comes out of this party… They need to be voted out and NEVER be in charge again!

    1. You’re right about the “in charge” part, but a lot of good has come out of the Republican party. Nicole Wallace, Michael Steele and Charlie Sykes are just a few examples of Republicans who saw the truth early on.

    2. Serious question, is this lady replacing Fauci? I haven’t heard mention of him concerning Biden’s Health cabinet.

    3. @RG 66 Good info, thanks. We’ll look for links to her relationship with Fauci’s patents. Also find out what out what Judy Mikovits knows about her.
      (Sorry, I don’t trust MSN.com. Too much there has been proven wrong)

  6. brilliantly said, ty dr gounder and ms wallace. it is heartbreaking and made even more tragic is that this didn’t have to get anywhere near this level of cases and deaths. any even remotely competent potus would have taken action from the start. we had several months of warning, watching what was happening in china, other parts of asia, then europe. instead…

  7. We can’t either Nicole Wallace! This is a national tragedy! We need a monthly stimulus so we can stay home and stay safe and not overwhelm our healthcare system.

  8. The unsightly stock acly bare because warm spectacularly close circa a unable sky. grubby gruesome, numerous claus

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