1. “The science should not stand in the way of this”?!

    Also the rest of the world has NOT sent kids back to school in a full and regular capacity.

    1. A human makes a mistake and you latch on like a puppy on heat.
      She clearly corrected herself, any idiot would identify that, I’m guessing you scoop lower than the idiot IQ ?

    2. Sargis MSY she really didn’t correct herself. She slipped up. She clearly knows that the science shows that COVID is unsafe and that’s why she said ‘ science shouldn’t stand in the way’ she realizes her mistake and then says the ‘science supports us’. People like u could never see that. So please, please gtfo.

  2. So imagine the psychological impact on a child who unwittingly spreads the virus to his or her teacher resulting in death.

    1. their*
      and also the trauma if they spread it to vulnerable parents!
      it could kill my mother if i got it from going back to highschool

    2. Imagine the impact on a child who gets hits by a bullet from some anarchist low-life terrorizing the streets in the name of “BLM.” Oh wait, that child’s dead, so are double digit children now.

    3. @Carlos Dominguez Feel free to give a link to a credible source that documents BLM activists killing children. (It still wouldn’t make your counterpoint valid, but if that has happened, I would like to know.)

  3. The only reason “everyone in the western world” is sending their children back to school is because they have control of community spread. The USA has not. These people are crazy.

    1. I agree.
      USA ..we are too “split”
      btwn those that can understand and wiLL comply with what’s required… And those that do not comprehend, or choose to disregard.

    2. “Everyone else in the western world is doing it, we are the outlier here.” Oh, OK, while you’re making that argument, can we have universal healthcare?

  4. She is blatantly lying about the science, and about how the rest of the world approached this.

    1. LowCostVideo , common kook, so many kids are not gonna die, quit following and think for yourself , but I guess the world needs sheep too. Baahhhhh the barbed wire fence hurts doesn’t it?

    2. LowCostVideo not letting kids go back to school will hurt our society more than the coronavirus. A lot of the kids in the US use school as a way to be able to have food everyday and be able to let their parents have jobs. Also teachers are a very big support to kids that struggle with abusive house olds in their life.

  5. “Everyone else in the Western world” doesn’t have a disaster underway like the one Trump has orchestrated

    1. Or to put it another way, follow the other countries on controlling the virus and THEN follow them on opening schools.

  6. “Science shouldn’t stand in the way?” How do 30% of Americans still support this administration?? Are they insane?

    1. @GreenFox I wonder if thats Dr. Fauci’s problem too. Since him and Trump have different thoughts about the same pandemic 🙄

    2. cause are lives dont revolve around science..in the name of science why isnt eveything banned..like food that makes you fat..and addictive drugs. ..driving cars. smoking cigs.

    3. i dont understand why people dont want kids to go back to school. kids have a higher chance of dieing from the flu , then covid.

  7. “The science should not stand in the way of this”, yet the “science is in our side??? What science would that be lady?

    1. Yes that just let us know how much they really care for any of us… Not like we don’t know it already. But getting in the way of our children safety..ohhhh a big no no!!🤔 Now they’re pushing

  8. When one kid shows up to school with a flu, most of the kids in the classroom catch it and then give it to their parents at home, what makes them think this won’t happen with Covid? 🤷‍♀️

    1. @GreenFox what do you mean by saying that? They are both viruses. & Viruses spread rapidly in uncontrolled environments. School’s are considered an uncontrolled environment. This is the concern. So while the flu may be different, they both kill. Flu isn’t as deadly, as C19. But it shouldn’t be dismissed that the Flu also kills people.

    2. GreenFox both are the same virus idiot. They’re different strands of the same family. Both are Coronavirus.

      They even spread exactly the same.

  9. Truly feel for medical professionals having to fight an up hill battle against their own government .

  10. She’s insane please people we have go stand up to this government this is insane for someone with common sense to listen too.

  11. Of course, here in Germany kids must try to keep distance, in rooms AND outside. Masks are required, also hand hygiene. And if there only a suggestion of a Covid-19 case, the complete class will be tested and in this time all must go in quarantine. Apologies for my bad English.


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