1. It never was. As far as we know, our accounts and passwords are being traded in the dark web right now. The question is not whether it’s secured but whether if you’re willing to sacrificed your privacy in order to enjoy the service the network provides.

    2. First of all social media was never safe to begin with. because social media has gotten a lot of people killed these days. Especially behind the things other people post about someone else. And another thing you have people that try and find out where you live. And then they do bodily harm to you. So yeah social media wasn’t never safe to begin with. So you just have to be mindful of what you do on social. Because the stuff you post people can hold that against you. And they can also make sure it follows you for the rest of your life.

    3. @SeedPlanter you’re right, the entire world stopped, they’re all wearing masks because they’re unsafe and useless. All countries that manage ti control the outbreak are a bunch of losers, the great president trump, with his fantastic cognitive abilities ( he aced his test, you know that, his doctors were amazed, just amazed, never seen that before – although, they’re doctors, so you can’t trust them, or can you, only foe this test, maybe ) he will be the one who will prevail in the end. You should go to a covid party, one 30 yo from Texas did just that, you should do too. He’s dead now, but that’s a fluke, I’m sure you’ll be just fine. Hurry up!

    1. Proud_American You’re deluded. Trump has made a cult. I’m not even American, I’m from the UK and frankly there’s a reason you’re all banned from entering Europe for Health Risks, It’s because he thinks helping poor people recover from a deadly virus would make him look weak. He’s evil, and I’m sorry that him getting called out makes you so upset.

    1. Twitter is like being deathly afraid of sharks. Don’t go in the water and you have nothing to worry about.

    1. @Amber Andrews I thought the exact same thing, but even non-tRumpers we’re saying ” no that too critical”… I guess people have short term memories…

    2. Good excuse for Biden losing. Butthurt libs are going to be crying russian collusion for another 4 years.

    3. Yep more MSM propaganda…..Gotta start building the narrative now in the peoples minds for chaos later…They rule by keeping us fighting each other….

    4. @V1NNY yes I can! Orange man bad… Orange man dumber than you… Orange man followers will believe anything… Orange man about to get fired… Orange man followers cry!

  1. “Putin just said it’s not Russia. President Putin was extremely strong and confident in his denial today.”

    1. Obama had a plan in place to counterattack Russia if they had launched a cyber-attack on election day. Think Trump has a plan?

    1. Robin Johnson HAHA!
      Yeah I’m sure, “Obama” “Biden” and “Musk” asked for loot!
      Must be republicans…

  2. “Мы любим тебя, товарищ Дональд Трамп” your friend, Vladimir

    1. @Ben Dover What about their comment made you think they were “triggered”, or even slightly irritated? You don’t need to love day to day assigning a label and target to everyone you see automatically. For the record, I do not use Twitter or ANY social media apart from YouTube, they definitely have big downsides and bring out toxicity and I choose to stay away. But they can be used for good as well.

  3. It seems twitter’s security is realized by employee’s personal conduct, not by a safeguard system.

  4. I received a similar message about sending money from a Nigerian prince a few years back. Still haven’t heard back from him.

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