Dr. Hotez Discusses ‘Health Inequality’ In Covid Treatment For Giuliani And Other Americans | MSNBC

Dr. Hotez Discusses 'Health Inequality' In Covid Treatment For Giuliani And Other Americans | MSNBC 1


  1. They should not get any any treatment for covid, how can u get treatment for something u refused to believe is real…. blasphemy

    1. @Jacob Smith : BS, BS, and BS. Trump has done nothing to mitigate the pandemic. How can you not be aware of that?

    2. @Jacob Smith lockdowns worked here. Worked perfectly. Life’s back to normal almost. The economy’s already out of recession. We didn’t rely on masks. They only do so much, and won’t get America out of the hole it’s dug itself into. Distancing works, and lockdowns keep people distanced.

    1. Wasn’t he just in court last week, wasn’t his son diagnosed with it a week ago? All not a surprise , 🇺🇸George republicans-“don’t vote for the republicans on the Jan 5 run off , don’t give these republicans candidates your votes” this is the head of the Republicans saying this maybe listen? Stop 🛑 unfair elections by showing your support by not voting to show them stop the steal is real 🇺🇸

  2. Any inequity facing blacks, is faced by all poor people. The issue is classism not racism. Don’t let them divide you.

    1. MSNBC watchers are zombiefied. They are so gullible. Too late. They deserve whats coming they did this to themselves

    2. Yes, poverty makes you more susceptible, often because you cannot do your work from home, but so does a bad diet, which leads to obesity, or a genetic tendency towards diabetes or heart disease. Also, the less educated are more likely to be smokers, which does not bode well for you if you get Covid. Black people, through genetics, not any fault of their own, have more heart disease. Hispanics, native Americans and Jews have a greater tendency towards type 2 diabetes. And if you eat an unhealthy diet, as much of our comfort food is, that increases the likelihood of diabetes. So both class and genetics can decrease your odds of surviving Covid.

    3. Why are you relating black people to poverty? There is other factors that affects AA. It’s racist to relate the two.

    4. @Hot Sauce I’m relating the inequity of the healthcare system (as well as most other inequities), to being “poor”. Maybe I should have said “not rich”. Claiming these issues are unique to blacks, is racist

    1. @Jean B. MSM is using COVID to deflect from the TRUTH of what is really happening- stealing FREEDOM. The discrimination in healthcare is rich and poor, instead of race. Giuliani is hospitalized for being in a high risk category..He’s been fighting to secure ALL of OUR FREEDOMS.

    2. @Jean B. Unfortunately *anyone of the president’s staff is qualified to receive care just by association.*

    3. @Linda Richter Your assertion is wrong *most people who end up in hospitals with COVID19 go straight to the ICU because they have the pneumonia portion of the respiratory virus and need oxygen assistance!*

      *Age is not the difference in who gets treated, triage is due to limited supplies!*

  3. It’s not quite 50/50 as to whether we can believe the severity of Giuliani’s illness, but yes, he is getting the oligarchy level care like Christie did.

    1. And they go to work when they’re sick and infect others. They have no choice. Any wonder America is doing so badly.

    1. There is nothing ridiculous about it. If you can afford more expensive treatments, then you get more expensive treatments. It’s called the free market. It’s the system we have. If you want socialized medicine, move to Canada.

  4. They live in their own little reality,what the heck is wrong with them. We’re thinking their the temple of the spirit of satan who deceives the whole world.

  5. I know many trump voters, and telling them that covid will mostly take out minorities is a good thing to them. Then Sunday they’ll go to church and pray to white jesus.

    1. Is there a point buried somewhere in your statement? Or do you just want to complain about white people?

  6. This Country thrive on over taxing the middle and poor class, while the corporation and rich people, which do not pay taxes, benefits of socialism.

    1. Exactly. The ones who complain bitterly about “Socialism” don’t understand that It has been benefiting a select few in the US since its inception.

  7. So, if the Pfizer vaccine has to be administered 1 hour after being defrosted or it will spoil, how will Walgreens and CVS overcome this challenges?

  8. Meanwhile Bonnie and Clyde of political corruption in America from Georgia are robbing Dead Americans of their lives.
    Vote for Jon in Georgia… Get the Criminals out of Senate.

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