President-Elect Biden Will Be Meeting With Pentagon Officials For The First Time On Monday | MSNBC

President-Elect Biden Will Be Meeting With Pentagon Officials For The First Time On Monday | MSNBC 1


    1. @Lance Mullholland Oh no – another inane comment from another Trumphumper who lives to spend time in the comments section on MSM channels hoping to “own the libs”.

    2. @Michelle J You better get caught up on the evidence my man, and don’t expect CNN to give you the information. You see, the SCOTUS is not owned by corporate media.

  1. Just for fun take a map of the US and filter it with the most uneducated states, then layer on a map of states tRump won … A pretty clear image pops into view.

    1. @Cold Beer Well why shouldn’t they get their food from their? After all, it’s their money that is subsidising the farmers and enabling them to produce it and keep their farms in the first place! Now, where do you think modern farmers get their tools, machinery, chemical, expertise, construction, pesticides, antibiotics, maintenance, fuel, wholesale and retail outlets, shipping, transport and transport links, business loans, mortgages, tax relief, government subsidies, protections from cheap foreign imports etc etc etc from? Without everything that the other states/nation/world provides, heartland farming is merely subsistence farming. i,e, just staying alive.

    2. The Nazi’s we’re “educated Barbarians” So much for your Godless theology. The Left worships “Education or they call it Science” it’s NOTHING but satanic!

    3. That’s Trump trick: make stupid proud for being dumb and promise the rich to get richer; that’s why they love him to death

    1. @William H Russian folk fantasy… Выборы окончены. Пришло время новых историй и новых фантазий!

    2. Why do some many Dem cities with complete Dem control treat Black Americans so badly…Chicago, Baltimore…Better question might be why Black Americans keep voting for them🤔

  2. There are also maybe a hundred million of us who desperately need the 1200 “checks” we were promised months ago, we are out of food.

    1. Why do some many Dem cities with complete Dem control treat Black Americans so badly…Chicago, Baltimore…Better question might be why Black Americans keep voting for them🤔

    2. @Daniel Bloomberg I am retired now.Worked 43 years at the same place.Worked as an industrial plant mechanic.

    3. @Margie Garcia so why are you spouting about 1200 isnt enough? you have retirement money. And a lifetime of saving. this isnt a welfare country. Democrats insisted on shutting this country down and cry about raising the debt, then complain they dont get enough money. Regular unemployment plus 1200 is plenty of money, more money than a vast majority of these pukes have ever seen.

    1. @karo travis
      By “research” you mean finding talking points on partisan hatred sites. Obviously nobody supports China’s forced labor practices, least of all Biden. Both Biden and Trump have business interests in China, along with most of the rest of Washington. Our economies are irrevocably intertwined.

    2. @karo travis oh man…sorry, you’re comment was so incomprehensible I asked you to clarify it and your new comment is even more opaque than the first one…

  3. and he’ll be telling the recent agent orange appointees…
    “dont unpack your stuff. you wont be here long.”

    1. 🇺🇸George republicans-“don’t vote for the republicans on the Jan 5 run off , don’t give these republicans candidates your votes” this is the head of the Republicans saying this maybe listen? Stop 🛑 unfair elections by showing your support by not voting to show them stop the steal is real 🇺🇸

    1. @sue mcgovern So election officials can tell everyone counting is done for the night send everyone home including observers then continue counting??
      Ah that against the law and its on video there is no denying it. It’s clear election fraud.

    1. @mark kimbrell Not at all if recent events are anything to go by. I think Chuckie Puppet might want to start thinking before speaking in future 🙂

    2. Unfortunately it takes time to repair, what a waste of precious time. But I think that within a year America will again be what used to be, a nation that we in the west had great confidence in, I am still so happy that Biden won and I think millions in the world outside te us are of the same opinion. Not trump but Biden and his well chosen crew will make American great again

    1. @mark bodman Kamala is half black, half Indian. Joe Biden’s family are mostly Irish immigrants. This comment is a true fantasy… 😂

    2. @Lance Mullholland Two and only two dixi Democrats switched parties. Democrat party is and always has been the party of racist, race baiting hate.

    3. @1979-still hanging in there. Hey – we love our sleepy Joe 😴 And we voted 👍 for him! We’ve got 8 years to clean out that nasty Cheeto man’s house… 🐥

  4. Biden: stand by, generals. You might have to remove a dictator who is unwilling to obey the constitution in a few weeks.

    1. @Daniel Bloomberg

      The military is only allowed to act if there is an illegal militia and the left has no militia, proud boys are rightwingers

    2. This is what is called a soft coup. This is a government takeover through the purchase of the election. 400 million paid to Dominion just prior to the election. 450 million (with a contract) of Zuckerberg’s money with 10.6 million in Philadelphia to supply 800 unsecured ballot drop boxes, voting machines, election judges, and kick the Republicans out of the counting process. Way to go PA…this is just one example of the fraud, illegal activity, anomalies, irregularities, malfeasance. You chose the name. It’s still WRONG doings.

    3. The secret service has a plan – including a padded van. Obama and Biden will be there to watch this happen… 😎

    4. @karo travis You got it all wrong. Zuckerberg is pro-Trump. Dominion and Zuckerberg were helping Trump. That money came from Putin. Somehow Rudy and these guys screwed up and their fake ballots ended up in Mar-a-Lago. Now Biden is the winner won with the real ballots. Trump is still crying and throwing tantrums. Someone needs to give him a KFC drumstick to quiet him down.

  5. What a mess! How could have anything be done worse? POLICY is the key to avoid these this kind of dis-organisation.

    1. バラット直子 – Policy only works if the organization that it relates to agrees to follow it. We know what the current administration decided to do related to policies and governmental norms.


  7. I can’t wait to find out what the trumps have done, and how much they and their sycophants have stolen from the American people.

    1. @DC Means I If you support a stolen election or even an election with fraud involved then you are a traitor. If you support a wannabe president Biden getting with an election with fraud you are a traitor. I’m a real business owning American who wants the facts not MSM fake reality and denial.

    2. @NoneOfYour Beeswax Thought I had heard the end of “Benghazi” but, it keeps bubbling up, too… Still embedded after hearing the endless harangue, day after day – I guess…

    3. @BK VJ Whatever you are, you likely substitute FOX Fantasy Channel, Rush⚡Radio and a little dash of Alex Jones for the ‘ol blood pressure…

    4. @Lance Mullholland Selective memory in the DNC. Super Predator era, Biden Crime Bill, and Benghazi. History. Unfortunately for you.

    5. @Koala Brawla None of that keeps me awake at night. All I remember is visiting New York in May 1989, and reading Trump’s full page ad in the Daily News – demanding the death penalty for The Central Park 5 (Five wrongfully convicted black kids). I kept my copy of that newspaper – and it still bothers me whenever I run across it. He’s always believed himself to be the smartest man in every room…

  8. Proof he cares he Selected Native American Navajo Tribe Dr Jill on his Advisory board of Covid-19. To better ensure the Nations and all Americans Race Color or Creed.

    1. @Cold Beer Yes and the Media is doing exactly what happened in Germany, China and N Korea. Our media is purely Hitler style propaganda machines

    2. @Jarry Sciligo So every issue of our society is solved by voting for Democrats? Why has our history proven that wrong for 200yrs? Ban the Democrat Party!😡

    3. Why do some many Dem cities with complete Dem control treat Black Americans so badly…Chicago, Baltimore…Better question might be why Black Americans keep voting for them🤔

    4. @DC Means I I think i need an interpreter of stupidology, to figure out your post, ill cal a dumb-o-crat, then make an appointment for yesterday

  9. I’m so glad we’re finally having a real president unlike the one we have now always on Twitter blabbering bs

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