Dr. Hotez On Booster Shots: ‘This Was All Predicted And Predictable’


    1. @DaBrother JOHNSON
      People I know that had covid are suffering life long health issues. One is 25yrs old health lung issues. Another kidney damage. Another suffers from heart issues. And yes all three are 25 to 35 age range.

    2. @DaBrother JOHNSON Look at all the documentation. Mountains of proof. See we use things like medical reports and studies, not Bob from Facebook’s deranged rants.

    3. @TheU2001 MIA Nope. Already proven. The vaccines were fully tested before being approved, as is all medication.

      Regeneron, that stuff only the rich and politicians on socialized medicine have access to, isn’t actually fully tested yet. It’s an experimental drug, unlike the vaccines.

    4. @Adam Taylor Tested to a degree. The need for boosters and the effectiveness against variants has shown that what they said vs what’s happened are different. Who’s to say long term effects won’t come in to play as well? Only time will tell.

    1. Bc the “immunity” didn’t last bc transmission was and is still possible. Bc animals can transmit it. Bc protection wanes and isn’t even doing the job during the summer months. Bc conspiracy theorist weren’t telling conspiracies. Bc viral load is the same in vexed and unvexed.

    2. This is going to be a hot mess years from now with so many people will be suffering from all kinds of permanent illnesses associated with these shots.

    1. This is going to be a hot mess years from now with so many people will be suffering from all kinds of permanent illnesses associated with these shots.

    2. Considering the government is footing the bill on the vaccinations regardless of insurance coverage, what was your point? Was that in regard to the Regeneron?

  1. If he lives: COVID isn’t that serious.
    If he dies: Vaccines don’t work.

    Yep, they’re covered either way.

    1. @Mother Hen It doesn’t last, almost certainly because the US decided to have doses only a few weeks apart. That’s not the way you’d normally schedule the shots.

    2. @Mother Hen I don’t know for sure. My guess is that Israel distributed the vaccine the same using the United States did. I’m guessing that is the case because the US is now watching how things are going there. And because most people in Israel were vaccinated long before the United States started getting going

    1. I’d say we owe him a debt of gratitude seeing as how he might have had three shots and still tested positive. Ha ha ha ha!

    2. Well 1900 children hospitalized for a new record in the U.S. That means 1 out of 40,000 children were in the hospital, I can accept that for record territory

    3. @Jamey Lane or he pulled a Trump on us and is trying to promote meds that won’t help 🤔 next he’ll be riding around the hospital out the window like an old rock star 😉

    4. Well explain the science on this one. So we have illegal aliens carrying Covid and unvaccinated coming across our border in large numbers. Does the science tell you that it may be causing a large spread of Covid 19 to our American citizens. And is that considered a super spreader event? Cause Dr Fauci hasn’t commented on it cause he is obviously more into politics than the safety of our citizens.

  2. In Texas, Governor Abbott who’s banning mask and vaccine mandates just requested more FEMA morgues for covid patients, but when he catches covid, he gets Regeneron 😳

    1. He changes his tune about the meddling federal government when the electrical grid goes down and people are freezing to death in Texas. So much for self reliance in the face of disaster. There are benefits to rules , regulations and standards enforced by the federal government.

  3. The Governor has placed himself in a terrible position with constituents. They will not forget come election time. He has contributed to Texas’ COVID-19 problems via attending the super spreader event.

  4. The thing is, Republicans used to change their tune when something affected them personally. But the full embrace of anti-intellectualism has given us a batch of Republicans who may not even do that.

  5. Is that the State where school don’t have to do tracing or notify the parents if there are cases…yet they notified the ppl who went to that gathering that someone tested positive? Where is the logic here?

    1. @Tyson Ballard no need to wonder: Obama’s party was fully compliant with CDC guidlines – this fact was well publicized.

      Abbott’s gathering _deliberately_ flouted CDC guidlines (and common sense) to “own the libs.”

  6. Yes yes the strangelove ones. George S. Patton and the price of glory. The price of glory is a range of emotional instability, afforded a Tom fool, of a most privileged class, Patton and his Nazi chummies a taylors cut above.

  7. One school district made masks as part of the “dress code” thus bypassing Abbott’s stupid order.

    1. lol nice! Makes sense, I mean if “no shirt no service” is legal, why not put masks into the same category 🙂

    2. Nice work around making masks part of the dress code. The idea obviously comes from a devious and creative mind.

  8. It is just so ironic that a man that fights the vaccine and mask wearing got 3 vaccines, is taking experimental medications, and is being tested daily. All while ordering refrigerated trucks for his state.

  9. It makes me wonder if the governor of Florida has stock investments in Regeneron. Perhaps some of his close family members do. I believe a lot of politicians got security briefing‘s like rand Paul and others that invested in stocks they would benefit more from if people got sick than inoculated.

  10. The Governor may have underlying issues that make him vulnerable. However, what is moral about denying masks and other protective measures and then being vaccinated twice, getting a booster shot of an “experimental” vaccine and receiving additional help from another experimental treatment. Hypocrisy is alive and well in Texas.

  11. Sounds more like panic and fear of death by Covid-19. The question is, what has Abbott not done to counter his Covid contagion? Probably left out the bleach, strong light and hydroxychloroquine.

  12. Seriously, we need a bright-line rule that keeps the expensive (at taxpayer expense) monoclonal antibody treatment reserved for only those who were ineligible to get vaccinated in the 1st place, the immune compromised and the rare symptomatic break-thru infections!

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