Afghan War Vets Struggle With Guilt After Country Falls To Taliban 1

Afghan War Vets Struggle With Guilt After Country Falls To Taliban

Hallie Jackson speaks with several veterans of the U.S. war in Afghanistan about the guilt they feel after the country fell to the Taliban, and the effort they are putting in to attempt to bring the Afghan translators and guides they served with to the United States, and to safety. 
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    1. The veterans are not to blame for “president”Bidens total lack of a plan. Biden and his supporters are totally to blame for yet another Biden failure. Two humanitarian crisis’ in 7 months!!!!! good work Democrats!

  1. Pain and suffering will come from all fronts. That’ s life, but this war should have ended long time ago. And the afghan army and president are in disgrace for leaving their people the way they did.

    1. @maria schultz ohhh and how would you safely secure millions of people from the Taliban? I get it’s messed up but think about how many more people woulda died trying to save thos people

    2. @Some One , Dont give up the airport before we had everyone evacuated would have been a logical first start. Negotiate with Pakistan to take refugees, since weve given them Billions. This was botched and 1st year cadet at West Point could have done a better job than Biden.

    3. @maria schultz they didn’t give up the airport the problem is the check points the Taliban set up to keep certain people in even if they has the paperwork. Don’t get me wrong Biden def sucked at it but at this point it’s either let them make their own way to the airports or start a war by trying to fight the Taliban and that’s a tricky situation for any president

    4. @Some One We elect people and expect them to manage “Tricky” things. This is just one, of many blunders this incompetent administration is making. The democrats OWN this.

    1. This is a perfect analogy of what is happening in the USA too: the leftist ‘Taliban’ is taking over the country and all our work to build the country will go to waste.
      Such evil exists in the world unfortunately, and whole nations of good people get steamrolled by motivated ideological lunatics all the time, and always have throughout history.

    2. Yes yes the rainbow flag of “Abortion is love”, the neo liberal mixed messaging of the recurring nightmare that is the Satanic poverty of human spirit. What a clever political hack hack hack old Dr. Strangelove is. Master Fuaci yes yes. Yes yes “Abortion is love” the yellow eyes pride of Mr. Hyde, slum slum slum, among the mud peoples, what a mastermind he he he be. Jack the rippers got nothing on him.

    3. @시드니 You think that totalitarian, fascist rule of ideological lunatics is good, and that them destroying the country’s democracy, economy, security&order&justice system, and corrupting everything is good and will result in a pleasant place to live?
      As stated, that is what brings countries down into the shape and living conditions like Afghanistan had before the USA came in and will return to in the next years (so even a lot worse than currently). That’s good to you? Well, I guess like all commies you assume that you’ll be in the ruling elite and benefitting from all that evil?

  2. 20 years of minority family’s not having good jobs and homes to send money and job’s to another Country. you can’t fix someone else home if yours is falling

    1. Follow the money, it was about some people earning millions from the war, not a solutionto the problems.

  3. Why is it easier today for an illegal alien to bring 500 lbs of meth across the US border, but impossible for US citizens and allies to get out of Afghanistan?

  4. I understand.
    Do what you can do but this is out of your sphere of any kind of influence you could muster.
    God bless them.
    God bless you.

  5. 13K-14K Americans trapped in Kabul, outside of the Taliban perimeter at Karzai Airport. Biden administration’s “exit plan” for them: “If you can’t get to the airport, shelter in place.” Joe Biden is a complete fustercluck!

  6. Both Democrats and Republicans kept this war going for 20 years. I appreciate all that our troops have done, but I can’t say the same for our government. Absolutely sloppy and disgusting the little regard our government seems to have for human life, and I do love my country.

  7. What occurred in Afghanistan is more of a Coordinated Handover of the country to the Religious Fanatics.

  8. Somebody fell for the false narrative of “nationbuilding” and “helping the people of Afghanistan.”

  9. Biden and all those who voted for that need to be held accountable for the suffering caused from this enormous blunder!

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