WH Covid Response Team Announces Vaccine Booster Rollout Starting Sept. 20 1

WH Covid Response Team Announces Vaccine Booster Rollout Starting Sept. 20


Dr. Vivek Murthy announced vaccine booster shots will be available for fully vaccinated adults 18 years and older beginning in late September. Murthy said the shot will be available for all Americans eight months after they received their second dose, citing evidence on protection against hospitalization, death and infection.
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    1. Yes, if you’re covered by medical insurance. It’s only $1500 for a shot of monoclonal antibodies, but bear in mind they won’t switch on your body’s immune system, they won’t stop a Cytokine storm & unless they’re given within 5 days of testing positive they won’t work against Covid at all. Remind me, how much is a double dose of the vaccine ? Sounds like a great deal for big Pharma , but in reality, for a lot of people it’s like sticking a band aid to a severed leg.

    1. My point, how often have we had to get a booster shot the same year that we got the primary shot. Something is dreadfully wrong here.

  1. Boosters sound good to me.
    My first two went smoothly with no side effects. But I’d get it even if I did have side effects. It’s the smart thing to do.

    1. What’s the difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated? Nothing except the vaccinated have altered . Sorry guys

  2. Didn’t people get called all sorts of names for saying that booster shots would become a regular thing for covid?

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