Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 18 | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 18 | MSNBC


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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 18 | MSNBC


    1. Yes and the woman have to look across the diner table at a coward husband. If at the age to fight for the freedom’s they HAD. The leaders got out and the military turned and ran. Somehow that became an american problem. I don’t think so.

  1. Bla, bla, bla, since when did anything having to do with the Middle East didn’t end up being F’ed up. No surprises there……..

  2. No masks there, for press or Afghan nationals?
    Just curious. Maybe virus is priority #2 in this awful situation –

  3. If its a good bill, then democrats can also support the reconciliation bill AT THE SAME TIME. Surely all dems can negotiate a pair of bills that even manchin can vote for.

  4. This is absolutely tragic and Richard Engels appears to be falling apart in tandem with the Afghanistan country. His emotional reaction and prodding of witnesses is equal to his emotional investment in this assignment. Not sure if one could remain neutral in these circumstances.

    1. Yes. I have plenty, much more than these folks awaiting death. My stocked frig, safe residence & working vehicle are a reproach…

  5. I’m just relieved that our State Department Spokesman told the Taliban “to be sure and create an inclusive, diverse government to include women.” I’m hopeful.

  6. Exactly, Daniel Darling – love your neighbour as yourself. Government wouldn’t have to consider mandates if people would just do the right thing in the first place.

  7. Its crazy how the media is acting high and mighty by pointing fingers. Yet they ignore their role in it’s start, continuation, and subsequent debacle. This is a failure of america as a whole. Not just those currently in power.

  8. I must say that I really do not appreciate Richard Engel’s leading questions to the locals he spoke with. He is doing nothing to help. Instead, he is sensationalizing an already tragic story.

    1. I came to the comments to say this very thing. It’s so unprofessional. He needs to take a break from this line of work and real enter himself and the ethics of his job. He shouldn’t be putting things in peoples mouths.

  9. Someone get rid of the journalist clown, who was putting words into the mouths of the Afghan people he interviewed. How can you trust what he says when he is so obviously leading the interviewees?

    1. Right that’s what i said this guy was a moron. I’m sure they were happy watching the plain leave, while they watched

  10. Congress is So EFFICIENT And They are Playing The EXACT SAME GAME With Climate Change with The Same EXACTING RESULTS……

  11. Only the media and the MIC are upset about us leaving. The working class know we need to money to build here.

  12. 3.5 Trillion spent by the government is “going to do so much good” Spare me the BS!!! These “progressives” don’t have any idea what they’re spending all this money on they just know they like to spend it.

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