Dr. Irwin Redlener: Alarming Rise In COVID-19 Cases ‘Entirely Predictable’ | MSNBC

Alarming rise in COVID-19 cases recorded in the U.S. as states continue to roll back restrictions. Aired on 06/12/2020.
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Dr. Irwin Redlener: Alarming Rise In COVID-19 Cases 'Entirely Predictable' | MSNBC


    1. @Alisha Monique I have no problem dying for another man’s equal treatment under the law, just as Republicans seem to have no problem dying for Corporate profits. Some causes are just worth the risk, and besides, according to Republicans, Covid is just made up to make Trump look bad, we’ll all be fine.

    2. faxnews I heard that BLEACH was the #1 treatment for trumptardism! Listen to your 1% owners, in their own words. youtube.com/watch?v=Cy87kzKxkP8

    3. @Randy Couch faxnews I heard that BLEACH was the #1 treatment for trumptardism! Listen to your 1% owners, in their own words. youtube.com/watch?v=Cy87kzKxkP8

    4. trump’s first “DEATH IS IN THE AIR” RALLY IS IN TULSA he’s demanding that he takes no responsibility wavier

  1. The propensity of people everywhere to think “It’s different here!” or “We’re all magically immune!” or “It went away because we’re all bored!” is truly mind-boggling.

    1. @Alisha Monique you’ve been watching too much blaze tv TRUMPTURD Spanish flu mean anything to you?

    2. @Alisha Monique WOW, are you ever in some parallel universe–you’re not listening to enough cow manure to make yourself credible

    3. @Martin Östlund don’t get too verbose, trumpturds will hit you with “I KNOW YOU ARE, BUT WHAT AM I” LOL

    4. @Otto Mulberry Don’t confuse “drawing on one’s inner strength with cultism— such as trump saying “I am the chosen one” or his “NOTHING UP MY SLEEVE”antics

  2. Its fine. Trump said it will just go away in April. He forgot to mention that it will also come back. But we have to get those rallies going very important to Trump. Don’t worry he will be safely 6 ft away from all the morons that go to his rally, and don’t forget to sign your waiver before you go. Your lives don’t matter only his.

    1. Sean Bailey You cannot be that ignorant.? I guess the propaganda media hasn’t figured out how to spin it yet.

  3. People CHOOSE to self-delude about Covid, climate change, gun violence, economics, etc. They are conditioned to feel helpless.

  4. I am glad that I work on a hobby farm growing cannabis, vegetables and raising edible animals.

  5. Now that we know $trillions$ are available
    Reroute American tax money to AMERICANS

  6. This is ABC without coordinating a country wide defence you will have this until vaccine.You also seem to have people who don’t believe in any cure god don’t administer like vaccine good luck maybe a flat earthier has the answer.

  7. Trump’s criminal incompetence has killed a hundred thousand americans, with twice as many cases as any other country in the world. Blood on the hands of trumpers, who enabled this fiasco.

  8. The world may have changed but containment strategies have not. The ‘Spanish Flu’ of 1918 lasted 2 years in 3 waves with 500 million people infected and 50 million deaths. Most of the fatalities happened in the 2nd wave. People felt put upon by the quarantine and social distancing measures imposed at the outset and when they were lifted, there was rejoicing in the streets. A few weeks later however the 2nd wave hit with a vengeance killing tens of millions.

    1. Wuhan Military Games in October. First detected by Wuhan in December. World found out by January. …You can question if COVID started its spread in Wuhan.

      But I question why you think this is the first wave. …You said most of the fatalities occurred in the second wave in 1918. …The common cold usually isn’t this deadly, yet we have had all kinds of strong negative psychological factors worldwide for a while. …The flu AND the common cold are serious. Just because it hasn’t killed you, doesn’t mean it ain’t serious.

  9. Here in Tucson I continue to see people with no masks not practicing any guidelines what so ever especially in supermarket’s band restaurants and ya wonder why we in deep red with covid19.

  10. It’s still 10-100 times more daily cases per capita than other parts of the world. How could people think the first wave ended in the US?

  11. Trump only has Populist rhetoric and slogans. These types of tactics are ineffective in a crisis. There is no coincidence that countries faring the worst from Coronavirus have Populist proganda Leaders like America, UK, Russia and Brazil.

  12. Trump and the right wing media are telling people to not wear masks so when we try to reopen, people will die. Makes no sense. If the right wingers wanted to open back up, why didn’t they really push mask wearing so we really could open some things back up? Why are they so stupid?

  13. About 17,000 deaths in the first 12 days of June and the death rate is gonna climb at a faster rate as the number of new cases increases. As bad as this sounds, we’d be lucky not to hit 200,000 deaths by the end of July. And yet some state govt and this WH are ignoring all the warnings. It’s February and March all over again.

  14. So many Americans don’t seem to get that THIS is reality, not the stock market, not TV, not the way they want them to be. THIS is it. But what is also very clear is that they won’t deal with it. They’ll just go on pretending.
    And if you don’t think that your adversaries aren’t alive to how unbelievably vulnerable you are to a simple communicable pathogen, you truly are blind. You’ve sent the worst possible message.

  15. How about our jobs? We didn’t receive the second stimulus. So you expect us to stay home and do become homeless?

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