Dr. Jeff Gardere Says ‘The World Is Upside Down,’ Especially For Children | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Dr. Jeff Gardere Says ‘The World Is Upside Down,’ Especially For Children | Deadline | MSNBC


Clinical psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere and former Congresswoman Donna Edwards discuss the surging need for mental health services due to the pandemic. Aired on 02/18/2021.
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Dr. Jeff Gardere Says ‘The World Is Upside Down,’ Especially For Children | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. My kid used to get excited about going out, seeing friends, being around crowds. Now she never even asks anymore if we can go to get pizza or see a movie. It’s pretty darn sad.

    1. You don’t have time to be sad take them outside. Like fishing hiking. I know it’s difficult times for us but let’s go

  2. Sounds like my childhood. I’m 44. Anyone who was different or poor and got bullied or stigmatised when they were growing up understands that alienation. Funny how things work out. Let’s hope coming out of this that people learn empathy and tolerance.

  3. I agree 100%! Everyone’s mental health is down in households. People’s way of life has changed and figuring out how to cope with the situation.

    1. You are my reason for living. There’s something about you that makes me feel alive every single day.

  4. Im wondering is any of this projection/transferance the kids are taking on from the parents/adults? Parents/adults have alot to worry about and kids are not dumb and know things even if parents try to hide it. Then mix that with their own experiences from the environments they’ve been in…i.e. schools, home, stores, tv ect. Kids are little sponges and are very frail when it comes to certain understandings. The symptoms stated it’s not just kids I see this in but many others. I’m not an expert just curious if this is a possibility.

  5. Parents have to go back to the old school ways
    Out side playing kick ball
    Hiking trails crafts bike trails stick ball. Board games !! Family night movies.

  6. We are in a sad situation someone must be held accountable for this. The truth would have prepared this country more effectively.

  7. I wish I had shared with my children ‘scientific’ facts a lot more frequently about anger, anxiety and depression BEFORE they got angry and anxious and depressed.

  8. I do wish psychologists, etc would be careful throwing that ‘introvert’ label out like it is ultimately bad. An introvert just processes information internally. Only about 30% of population are introverted, and too many times they are diagnosed with a mental problem that they really do not have. I know. I’ve been there. I’m introverted, and being introverted is only as big a problem as some choose to make.

  9. Remember that children for hundreds of thousands of years survived without School {period} their parents and their community found ways to keep them occupied just do it

  10. The world isn’t upside down, our system of government is. And it’s falling apart. Accountability for officials and systematic reform is needed. But most importantly we the people NEED to change. So we can change our country so it can be better.#REBUILDTHEUSA

  11. Most of the children don’t even know why and what they feeling so they can’t tell you what is wrong with them and how they’re feel so take them outside safely let them be with natures let them experience new positive things.
    My grandchildren love to watch vegetable grow on my kitchen counter and back yard. We planted many deferent things.

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