Victoria DeFrancesco Soto: ‘This Lying That Ted Cruz Is Giving Is Just So Hollow’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Victoria DeFrancesco Soto: ‘This Lying That Ted Cruz Is Giving Is Just So Hollow’ | Deadline | MSNBC


University of Texas professor Victoria DeFrancesco Soto and investigative reporter for the Austin American-Statesman Tony Plohetski react to Texas Senator Ted Cruz traveling to Mexico as hundreds of thousands in his state remain without power during a freezing winter storm. Aired on 02/18/2021.
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Victoria DeFrancesco Soto: ‘This Lying That Ted Cruz Is Giving Is Just So Hollow’ | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. THE GOOD DAD —- builds a border wall and drops his kids off on the other side, then blames them for making the trip. All the while hoping that no one will notice because they are so inundated with their own problems at the time.

    1. @Michael Piper …so many things life out from under the rocks can teach you. Here’s the flaw with your understanding of Ted Cruz. He’s a community leader. And a real leader will stand by to help the other members of the team when they’re getting kicked around. …Its the right thing to do. …it’s like when engineering Dept on a ship is having struggles getting the ship moving. …and your team in another Dept doesn’t understand why they have to be on call for that because it’s not “our” job. A real leader tells his gang that they may do nothing for the next 72hrs but play cards, but if the rest of our community needs our help in a time of need, we will be here… leadership. #1 rule in leadership is to take care of your people. With that said… it doesn’t surprise me that Cruz went on vacation while Texans hurt.

    2. @Michael Piper If what you are saying is that there is *absolutely nothing* that the federal government can do to help Texas restore power, then I’ll agree with you.

      If, however, there is, indeed, help that the federal government can provide, then he should be in Texas, making sure the wheels are greased & running smoothly. It’s his job to step in & talk to the people at the top of FEMA, or whatever other agencies may get involved, when things aren’t going smoothly, on the ground. He’s got the horsepower that the head of engineering at ABC Generating Company, or even ERCOT, doesn’t have.

    3. @Michael Piper So , how does that disqualify him from picking up people in need to take them for medical treatments , or distributing bottled water to HIS constituents , or dropping off prepared meals for the hungry …in a pandemic …during an emergency ? ( just random people are being asked to do these things RIGHT NOW in Texas )

    4. @Jason C. There is good reason why Texas is the fastest growing state. Jobs, economy, low taxes, no state income tax, easy business regulations, oil and gas, low energy costs, low cost of living, affordable housing, good weather (except now), low food prices, lots of recreation areas………but mainly good jobs and lots of them. Call it what you want, we don’t care..

  2. Next wave of the disaster: Pipes are breaking like crazy. People are flooded out and being made homeless. We don’t have enough plumbers to fix the urgent problems.

    1. COVID is CCP’s BioWeapon, search risk-life-flee-china virologist @DrLiMengYAN1(twitter)’s gene evidence reports, get a Gene guy you TRUST(not the famous ones on TV) to verify her reports, she has waken the right(she had to talk with the right 1st because the right was in power), help her waken the left!!

      PS:why CCP didn’t allow wuhan people go anywhere in china, but allowed them to go overseas?

    2. @9 Haunted Days safe to assume there’s more republicans than democrats in trade field. But if you want to project that I said “only” that’s fine with me. Extermination is coming.

    3. @Noreb my people (greeks) invented democracy. Now look at my country, controlled by liberals, switched our currency causing the economy to drop making the Rich richer and the poor even more poor and now we beg tourists to come every summer so our country can eat and provide for themselves. Trust me brother this civil war will begin and you will be on the losing side, you will go down in the history books as domestic terrorists. You, your beliefs and your liberal views will leave America, if it stays here expect the pot to boil and when it spills it will be on your feet, not America’s

    4. @crxess Thank you. I shall debate you no more. Your superior intellect and deflection of blame, “Well, so and so did such and such so it’s all right for me to be schtupidt too!!” argument floors me.

  3. Rick Perry, “There are 2 departments I would get rid of—Education and Energy.” The Secretary of Energy folks.

    1. @edward helms Lol didn’t Rick Perry just make a comment saying people should “tough it out” instead of accepting help because that would be socialism?

    2. @Anthony Italiano the gov and the 2 senators are all pos people i bope there all voted out. They think they can do and say whatever because it’s a red state. That theyd have no reprocustions cus they think the gop voters will just vote them in regardless.

    3. “It’s three agencies of government, when I get there, that are gone—Commerce, Education and the, um, what’s the third one there? Let’s see,” says the future head of the department of ENERGY .

    1. ​@Democrats Are just nazis …. stop playing into the hands of a cruel buffoon like Putin, and start standing for the man your parents likely wanted you to become (when they gave you your real name).

    2. ​@jeff evans Though to be fair… your name leads nowhere – and is as generic as a store bought brand.

      Do not act like a soviet, if you’d want your children to have a voice/ name in society… Putin is not your friend –

      Try to lift someone up, and link your accounts people… if we fall to anon _cue-A(merica)non_ soon none of us may have a voice anymore.

      We have the right to freedom of speech in America, not the freedom to hide behind curtains like some wounded soviet child devoid of proper leadership.

      Farewell ‘Jeff’ toad,
      I see you as a child, if you’d rather not remain that way until your death – you’d better start speaking out again crueltins like Putin, while you still had any chance,

    3. @Democrats Are just nazis Even if he did, this is an emergency and he is a public servant. The right thing to do was to cancel the vacation and take care of business. And by the way, aren’t we supposed to be restricting travel due to COVID?


  4. The cray thing is Trump energy man Rick Perry is from Texas as well right? Jesus. Prayin for those who actually care about their neighbors.

  5. The 2 next Texas disasters:
    1) wait till you see your electric bill and the predatory pricing
    2) try to get an insurance claim settlement for water damage from burst pipes

  6. That’s not a luggage of someone who’s just escorting his kids to Mexico. He’s planning to stay but got caught and flew back with a lie in hand.

    1. Puff Of Smoke, up your ask. You liberlas, are mind readers too ? You don’t know shat, until it hits your pants.

    2. @Evan Kellison he changed his return date. From Saturday to Thursday. How is that so hard for you to understand?

    3. @Evan Kellison btw…all these excuses you came up with, all the rationalizing, is why our country is SO F’d right now, and a GLOBAL laughingstock!

    1. I keep wondering how Cruz’s daughters feel about him using them as a cop out excuse? And he’s the adult “setting an example”? Seems most GOP people that hung around trump in the last 4 years learned from him how to be selfish, trash others, accuse others, lie about others and be arrogant above all else…destroyed their souls it seems. The GOP’s hypocrisy at this point is beyond hypocrisy.

    2. He did not have heat on him, he was honest. I bet if you had the chance, you would go to Cancun, and have a good time.

  7. Ted’s Kids: “Daddy we want to go on a Vacation to Cancun, Mexico.

    Ted: “O.k my little princesses Daddy will call State and Federal Officers to escort us to the Airport. Then I’ll call the Airport to make arrangements to allow us to fly in the middle of a Pandemic and a Natural Disaster. I’m sure they’ll not mind!
    What could go wrong?


    1. I’m just wondering if you or any of the other nudnicks on this page throwing a hissy fit over this were complaint when Nasty Oelosi went vacationing in Hawaii while the government was in a partial shutdown?

    2. This WAS NOT a planned family vacation. Many neighbors and friends were invited to the Ritz Carlton by Heidi Cruz to escape the freezing weather. She just booked the room at the Ritz on Wednesday. A few of them were so disgusted that they sent the texts to the New York Times!!!

    3. Ooof. Classic projection. I like how much context you gathered from an incomplete one worded sentence. I am curious, how did you know that it wasn’t a statement of jealousy rather than an implied rhetorical question?

    4. @Brian Bender you mean the shut down trump caused when he rejected a bipartisan budget because they wouldn’t pay for his scam “border wall”?..

    1. @Michael Piper Mmmmm, nope . I checked. I was right.
      -Kids separated from parents and thrown in cages. Some permanently.
      -500,000 dead from a virus that was played down because Republicons thought it would make Trump look bad.
      -Republicon insurrectionists storming the capital to try to over throw the government.
      -Adding more to the national debt in 4 years than Obama did in eight.
      -Texas Republicons deregulating energy so people die.
      Just a few. I’ve got a lot more if you want them.

    1. Not low at all, he is standing on high ground. He has no authority or power over anything to do with the power grid in Texas.

    2. @Michael Piper him and the Republicans have a lot to do with the Power Grid in Texas. They did nothing for decades there besides taking bribes to deregulate and allowed the Private Companies to make tons of profits.

    1. “Lying Ted can’t stand up for his wife and father.” Or the people of Texas. He left them to fend for themselves.

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