Dr. Osterholm: Clearly We Are In Another Surge Of Virus Cases | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Basically, American has never had a real lock-down, if all sates had acted hard and swift fast the US could have had this pandemic under control. Due to uneducated sheep the US will have to suffer yet another year, however, the consequences of this would allow the virus to evolve with the possible out come that current vaccines will not have the required effects to control.

    1. @Keith ParkhillNobody ever said it was a hoax. Trump never said it was a hoax. He called the Democrats a hoax. Get away from me you big liar.

    2. @Polar Opposite “we “ don’t because we are not vigilantes. Retrospectively if Trump had actually had a proper foreign policy , as Obama did, when number were on the decrease year on year, perhaps he could have changed the conditions in the countries where they are coming from so they did not have the conditions that made them starve. Given that Biden has inherited 4 years of stupidity and been in power 6 and a bit years I don’t think he can be blamed for the position there now, nor can I see what else he could do but as others have said, level in those countries of covid are lower and of covid vaccination are higher so blaming immigrants for the problems with covid is quite a stretch to be honest.
      Blame spring bankers who flocked to Florida and then flew all over the country. Blame Desantis for saying no mask mandate and Florida is open , blame Noem for effectively genocide in Dakota.
      Above all blame Trump for turning it into a culture war and a political issue

      Biden is doing ok

    3. From Australia : A voice of reason from a country spewing so much political hate . It will get worse before it gets better. Stay safe

    1. @Rik Yes I do. And do you know what, bot? There is a mass awakening going on right now and many, many people who love our country and freedom maintain the same view. Unfortunately, you are not part of that demographic.

  2. In the US, individual responsibility has given way to individual entitlement; instead of “us” we’ve gone to “me.” It could doom us as a free country.

    1. It’s kinda the opposite. One party has become collectivist control freaks talking about forcing vaxx passes on the entire earth.

    2. @David Ashton : Yes, you could say that. It’s abject stupidly with pride. It is the belief that, “My stupidity is just as valid as your expertise.” Therefore, the advice of qualified people is ignored in preference to the ranting of quacks. People who are proud of their ignorance will not do anything to fix it and will try to discourage others from doing so.

    1. @Joe Dementia Kid Smell Sure it is…. lets blame someone else for our own stupidity. If you actually paid attention it’s the new strain that is more contagions and even deadlier that is making up most of the new cases… yet we Americans want to stop wearing masks, want to travel and group up in large packs (spring break)…. and so on. It has very little to do with the immigrants at the border.

    2. @Joe Dementia Kid Smell Immigrants test lower for the virus than we do. It’s not surprising considering we’re one of the most infected countries on earth. So immigration actually lowers our rate.

  3. Even worse would be to refuse a vaccine and infect your child who could go to the hospital, the ICU, and possibly worse.

    1. Didn’t Dr Fraudci already say children are just carriers for grandma? I mean just look at the kids in cages at the border, they’re all fine.

  4. Here’s a guess: wait 2 weeks after this Easter weekend. There will be a large spike in cases and deaths.

    1. @frutbum p Wall? OMG didn’t ole Trump tell you that your sewer systems have been interconnected for decades? Big enough to drive a car through .

    2. @Keith Parkhill Then why is Biden building the biggest cages ever? Are they just for the children and everyone else drives through the sewer?

    3. @Jennifer McGoldrick COVID-19 cases in Michigan increase sixfold in six weeks.

      Covid-19 Vaccinations Are Picking Up Pace, but New Cases Are Still Rising

      U.S. Covid cases rising again as restrictions ease despite benefits from increased vaccinations

      WHO says most regions of the globe are seeing an increase in Covid cases as variants spread

      And who’s the fool?

    4. Yep it’s sad but so true it’s like no one took basic biology in high school I’m a 44 year-old male it was a requirement for me to graduate and I’m sure it’s still a requirement to this day just like Math English a second Language Science and Computers cant forget my favorite PE for those who don’t know physical Education aka gym class all these classes have to be past in order to graduate🤔

      Why so many stupid people?🤦🏻‍♂️

    5. Maybe families celebrating Easter, should riot and burn stuff down. Those activities seem to be immune from Covid.

  5. Love the way he always straight shooter and never sugarcoat it. People must listen to him. He has been right every time he mentions about surges. He has an eye and feel for it.

    1. @Suburban Woman Just like MSNBS, both are proud to represent dementia. You’ve been punked and don’t know it.

    2. @Suburban Woman Was it the truth when TRUMP said “You won’t hear anything more about covid after the election. COVID, COVID, COVID.

  6. You go back to normal life only if you do not die of Covid. If you die, then probably your family will take a long, long time to get back to normal as well. If you get Covid, do not die, but have long term consequences then it will be a long time, if ever, getting back to your normal. Stay safe out there folks.

  7. I honestly think that a lot of people do not understand that this is not a made-for-TV movie. This is real life.

    1. It’s so sad that there are still so many knuckleheads out there not continuing to mask up and social distance. Stay safe.

    2. Even if the virus is real, to say the US leads in cases and deaths is
      blatantly false news and propaganda. You are telling me the largest and most chaotic cities in India
      and Africa have it more under control? They are lying to us either way.

  8. So many different variants. I wonder in their country do they call the variants, United States Variants? 🤔

    1. No, they don’t unless they were discovered in the U.S. first. The British call it the ‘British’ variant.

  9. I live in a small coastal community in Oregon. “Spring breakers” are pouring out to the coast in large numbers with little social distancing or wearing masks. We are staying home and staying away from these ignorant people. I understand their desire to get out and do something different. However, they need to be considerate of others and be more cautious.

    1. we have had the same problem here in our small coastal central California town – and it’s been going on since summer – not just spring break

  10. The vaccines don’t do anything for you if you haven’t had them yet!! I just got my second vaccine yesterday. I’m still going to wear a mask in public and stay away from crowds, not just for the next two weeks, but until I see the number of cases go way, way down. After a year of this, going back to “normal” will feel weird.

    1. You’re quite right! The vaccine doesn’t do much for the unvaccinated. It’s purpose is to help prevent you from becoming seriously ill and perhaps dying from the effects of the virus provided that you have actually been vaccinated. The advice here in the UK is: ‘Act as though you HAVE the virus.’ And I would add, ‘Treat everybody else likewise’!

  11. Thanks for opening up earlier than recommended snowflake states. Oh, and a special shout out to everyone who gave a big middle finger to wearing a mask for the past 4 weeks.

    1. Biden asked Americans to wear a mask for 100 days he’s done alot to get people vaccinated and I will do what my president asked me to do for my country.

    2. And democrats allowing illegals to pour across the border without being check for the virus is ok with you

  12. That most deleterious of human desires: to continue on comfortably doing what we are already comfortably doing no matter the consequences. For some people the ability to sit down in a restaurant or walk around without a mask will always be more important than the wellbeing of others. Me me me.

  13. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  14. i have total blind faith in the medical system, everything they ever do or say is perfect. no matter if it ever goes away, i hope it does’nt. ill blindly keep injecting blindly, faithful , mask me feel so safe i hate small buisness owners too

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