1. हिंदू राष्ट्र बनना चाहिए
      इस्लामी समस्याओं का एक ही समाधान है हिंदू राष्ट्र जय श्री राम जय जय श्री राम

    1. @Steve Young And yeah, you HAVE to imagine it because Trump wouldn’t get within 100 yards of a bike.

    1. Dude… I have much too vivid an imagination, please kindly refrain from such imagery. So help me God. Amen?

  1. In other words, tRumpty Dumpty has reduced republican politics to the level of a national reality TV show, say, Celebrity Apprentice????
    I think that is a fair assessment.

  2. So Oz has figured out the easiest and best way of life. Be a senator in a state in which you are not a citizen. Being a doctor or talk show host is too much work. Now he has reduced himself to groveling to the LORD OF THE LIARS.

  3. Admitting that Oz said tr*mp could lose a few pounds is the closest thing to honesty ever to emanate from the mouth of the former guy.

  4. How utterly pathetic!!! 🤣 It’s so true though and it is a tragedy how Dr. Oz has fallen so low. Years ago, he seemed to be a decent man who cared, and now, he’s just a simple BS artist and LIAR.

    1. @J H .
      Yes my true 👍 opinion after hearing Trump,
      Trump, Trump,
      For all most 6 years
      I’m sure I’m not the
      Only one with this

    2. @J H Whose opinions would they be?

      However, there’s some pretty good evidence of that opinion by the courts. Their opinion was that he’s a fraud.

      Opinions are like a**holes. Everyone’s got one 🤣

  5. His medical assessment of Trumps physical health alone tells me that Dr. Oz was incompetent….not that he hasn’t proven it over and over with his wacky medical guests over the years

    1. @potcrak1 no I did not vote for Trump…not that it’s your business but as i look at the damage he did during his term that vote was one of the best I ever made. I do like his exercise routine (which Dr. Oz apparently approved of as well ) raising your arms in a warm room us something I can easily do. Also, can you seriously say that looking at DJT the first thoughts that comes to mind is a fit, healthy person?

  6. Bingo, as long as one is “nice” to him and one is useable for/to him one is good to go.

  7. He invited
    He incited
    They rioted
    Then he then denied it
    Even though he implied it
    Now he must be indicted!

  8. Tony Schwartz who actually wrote Trump’s book, “Art of the Deal” knows Trump better than anyone. He said, “Inside Trump is a bucket with a monster hole in it.” No matter how much praise you pour into him, it immediately leaks out, so he is constantly trying to to fill that bucket with esteem but it can’t hold any of it, so he constantly needs more, more, more and yet no matter how much praise you give him, it’s never enough because it immediately leaks out.

    1. Definition of a narcissist. Lived with one for years. Utterly exhausting. Everything was about him. Even when my mother died, I had to hear about how it affected him. Really? I was her daughter, for chrissake. They are simply not capable of seeing anything other than how things affect them. That’s why he left sick people on a cruise ship. He didn’t want his numbers to go up. All about meeeeeeee

    2. @Yorkiemom Sounds just like Trump’s eulogy for his dad. He started with, “I was sitting in my 40 million dollar condo on Wall Street reading a Forbes article about the great year I was having, when the reception desk called me to tell me my brother Robert was coming up to see me.”

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