Dr. Patel: Had Biden Been President A Year Ago, Covid Toll ‘Would Be Nowhere Near What It Is Today’

Former Obama White House Health Policy Director Dr. Kavita Patel compares President Biden’s hope-filled speech to Donald Trump’s a year earlier, and says she thinks many deaths could have been prevented if Joe Biden was president when this crisis began. Aired on 03/12/2021.
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Dr. Patel: Had Biden Been President A Year Ago, Covid Toll ‘Would Be Nowhere Near What It Is Today’


    1. MSNBC? Liberals? Yeah, no. Thinking has never been on their agenda. If you are a dedicated viewer, then I promise, thinking is something you’ve never done before.

    1. @The Last Rebel Show Oh you think lying about a deadly disease again and again is petty? Lying about giving people health care and not doing so id petty? Who is paying for the wall is petty? Also Trump played 266 rounds in his term and Obamas played 98 terms of golf in his first term. Which number is bigger?

    2. @m jones Not really I used his name I wasn’t talking about him with any depth, there’s a big difference.

    3. @m jones Biden’s a complete joke, a decrepit old geezer who operates with a diminished capacity! Nothing you can say will change my mind on that so what’s the point? I have been listening to Democrats cry about Trump for 4 years, it’s getting real old.

    4. @m jones Proof everything your saying, provide links- otherwise it’s just talk. I really don’t care who golfs more Trump is a million time better a president than Obama!

    1. @Timmy TheCat I agree, but you should not move covid patients into a place whee the most vulnerable people are

    2. Millions infected. Thousands dead.
      Year after year after year.

      2020-2021. 1,500 deaths.

      That’s all. 1,500.

      Thousands. Country after country has seen it year after year.

      Oh. The Flu has finally been defeated.

    3. @epiccthulu Sadly, some still think tRump could do no wrong and mock Biden any chance they get…:(.

    4. @Carol S Come on Carol he LIED about it he LIED about the virus there are videos audio recordings of him lying he knew how dangerous the virus worse he said he knew
      You are Trump Stupid
      A new form of Stupidity 🤪🤯
      That’s makes you deaf blind stupid and a crazy heartless Lying ignorant fool 🤢PLEASE SEEK HELP 🤮

    1. @Gary your ignorance is imbecilic and you’re not qualified to say so, actually you have no qualification at all besides trumpeting denial, blame and hate. Fortunately reality doesn’t care what you believe

    2. @Jaak Savat lol. I don’t like trump at All…. Look up. CBS caught broadcasting fake news on the Corona virus. Then get back to me. I deal in facts. Not. False accusations to slander someone. Again. I’m not a trump fan. And. PS. I will still call my parents. Mom and. Dad. Am I going to get arrested and cancelled now ? LMFAO

    3. @Gary this crisis is real and not over by a long shot, given mutations and idiots refusing vaccination. I don’t care what you do or not do and looking from a covid19 free bubble, in the world since April last year, all we see is mayhem in Europe, the United States of America, Latin America with little or no relief until full vaccinations.

    4. @Jaak Savat I totally agree with you 100%. But if you watch the video I showed you, You will see how the left embellished and exploited millions of people for their own agenda with no regard for us, the people ! They wanted as much mayhem and destruction at our expense just to remove trump. And I do not believe that was right !

    5. @Jaak Savat I recommend you also research how some governors ordered COVID patients into nursing homes when they had other options. And in the place with the highest deaths, the governor ordered that patients couldn’t be tested for COVID before entering.

      Not doing these things would have drastically changed the numbers. Why would they put sick people with the most vulnerable??

    1. @Jean Luck Piccard Couldn’t agree with you more…….. There are no words for what a wretch that woman is…….. I really have no words……….

    2. @Timmy TheCat Except that our great grandchildren will have a better shot surviving – and maybe even thriving – in a country that has a reasonably healthy population, meaningful employment, safe and reliable infrastructures etc. That’s what you get with responsible governmental investment into the future… just look to how the Great Depression was overcome. If you need recent examples of laissez-faire, supply-side nonsense, just look at how Texas fared in the face of a few cold days last month.

    3. @Istdoch Allesegal – One of the biggest reasons that the almost 10 year long Great Depression ended was banks began to give credit again. Once the stock market fell in 10/1929, businesses and companies could NOT get any credit and could not do business. This was a MAJOR cause of the following depression. If you site FDR as a long term economic success, you really need to re-examine the horrid situation we are in today due to his welfare programs. Yikes those are milking the current American taxpayer dry. Going forward will be worse if this current administration and their association with the “progressives’ continue to challenge our freedoms……… The Texas power grid failed due to very low temps that had never been experienced previously. Their reliance on antiquated wind turbines that are left to rust in the fields they occupy with no back up system in place. Wheres a good nuclear reactor when you need one???? No if the paternalistic patriarchy that the democrats and the socialists pass off as “caring’ for an American public who are poorly educated, lazy and unwilling to accept any responsibility for themselves then our grandchildren are screwed…………

    4. @Timmy TheCat I’ll limit the rest of the waste of my time with you to the following points:
      1. Study Keynesian economics. That’ll help you understand how the TVA, electrifying Appalachia, and, later, Eisenhower’s interstate system, are all examples of excellent government in creating strategic infrastructure.
      2. You fell for it and proved yourself content-/fact-free and propaganda-laden: Texas derives a small fraction of its power from wind; it was the natural gas infrastructure that imploded and KILLED people. The state had a near-miss a decade ago, but the deregulatory bozos prevailed.
      3. I cited FDR; “siting” him involves posthumous movement that I want no part of.

    5. @Timmy TheCat He had 60% ‘executive time’ a day. That means he “worked” only 40%. If you call that tirelessly, there’s something very wrong with you.

    1. @American Paisa Returns only morons think that trump had anything to do with a vaccine for a virus he didn’t take seriously

    2. @Eric Fical Trump’s Operation Warp Speed is literally the reason why we currently have vaccines. If facts anger you well then that’s a personal problem. Trump’s OWS had worked so well that Biden has kept inline with it and continues to follow it.

    3. @Eric Fical obviously he wasn’t solely responsible, but to say he had nothing to do with it is just being willfully ignorant.

    1. And now demands he get the recognition for making the vaccine. But, had no problem getting both shots in hidding before he left office .Now why would he need it, if virus was a hoax.

  1. The Conman knew it was bad and in his own words “played it down” 500k dead and he is playing golf.. We choose him and now have to live with the consequences of our actions..

  2. And we need to stop being scared cuz they weren’t scared before when they were doing wrong and now they want to be scared..you already got the job so speak up and lead and say wat is now on the to-do list 👌👌👌👌👌🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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