Rev. Al Sharpton On George Floyd Family’s Settlement With Minneapolis | Deadline | MSNBC

President of the National Action Network Reverend Al Sharpton and civil rights attorney David Henderson discuss the $27 million civil settlement between George Floyd’s family and the city of Minneapolis, and the latest in the trial of the former officer who kneeled on Floyd’s neck, Derek Chauvin. Aired on 03/12/2021.
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Rev. Al Sharpton On George Floyd Family’s Settlement With Minneapolis | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @Trap Daddy No your wrong, she wasn’t pregnant and why are you bringin up something that happened 14+ years ago seems privileged to me

    2. @GlockBoy SotaObviously you haven’t read the police report on Fentanyl Floyd…That wasn’t his only crime he was a career criminal I’m telling you that cop did the world a favor by taking out the garbage

    3. @Trap Daddy well if you think permanently destroying a Cities economy means he “took out trash” then ok. He just ruined the chance of about 420k people succeeding in life and now theirs buisnesses leaving the city. Target just left downtown Minneapolis 2 days ago. So if that pig some how helped your racist fantasies cool but now more yeehaws will have to flee to iowa and north dakota just to get a job and be safe

    1. @Relaxation Station They got 18 millions but what the heck. Now they just set a new boundary at 27 millions. The next one will get more. And there will be a next one because cops never learn or they don’t watch tv…

    1. @B H Not necessarily. The people were angry because of the Wiemar Republic, and they latched onto literally anything they could. They weren’t deceived. They knew exactly what they were doing.

    2. @Snausages Mcgee Wrong. The Germans did need a new goverment, but Hitler used it as an oppurtunity to gain power and avenge Germany after WW1. Waffen SS even staged a Polish attack on a German radio station to gain public support against Poland. Britain and France’s reputation from Germans after the Treaty of Versailles was unfair, even German-Americans returned to Germany after Hitler took power. No one knew how insane Hitler really was unless you weren’t aryan or after Poland’s invasion.

    3. @Andy Vera It’s never crazy to learn something from history and then take steps to ensure that certain moments never recur.

  1. It’s crazy I drive trucks and my job takes money out my check every week in case I have an accident I have to pay for it, why cant they do the police like this as well?

    1. @Boss Man my company says their insurance deductible is too high so they handle accidents in house and make the drivers pay for it.

    2. Colorado has gotten rid of qualified immunity to the point where every officer is liable at least for the first $20,000. Good cops can get bonded for a small fee, bad cops will not be allowed to get bonded because of past record.

    3. Insurance companies are the biggest criminals. They are allowed to use your credit score to determine your insurance rate in most States. Even though they are not lending you money, because if you don’t pay in advance, your insurance is no good. And vehicle insurance is required in all states. Why are they allowed to even access your credit report? They are not giving you a loan.

    4. @Howard Mulvihill If this what you just said is true, that’s a great gesture. If that’s true. So still have 49 other States…

    1. They should just calculate what he would most likely make in his lifetime and give them that.

  2. Happy for the family and may George RIP. Now please let justice prevail and whatever the outcome after all facts ,evidence and the law has to be accepted and not if the case is handled in any certain way that sounds bias. Work on real reforms no more violence. Peace and love to all and may justice and truth prevail at the end!

  3. Derek Chauvin could have released his knee before George Floyd died, but no mercy, justice for George Floyd.

    1. He knew he was killing him because the bystanders told him “you’re killing him”. The officer at his side said don’t do this. The fire Department worker said over and over that’s not protocol. You’re killing him. He looked around, dead in the eyes of everybody, and CONTINUED.

  4. @4:13 Ya’ know AL, we could give him the Electric chair and LEAVE it on for 8 min. too long and see if there is any correlation. 😉

  5. Usually criminal cases precede civil ones. In my opinion, this is just damage control to help satiate the irrational mob following an acquittal.

  6. Chavin didnt care about his knee on George Floydes neck .
    He was having a good ole time with that knee .The world saw him lifting his knee slightly and putting it back as the bystanders was yelling for him to take his knee off .
    Chavin is a monster and he killed George Floyed with the knee on his neck fo 9 mins.

    1. Why didn’t all those bystanders do something to stop it? The people were cowards and it cost George Floyd his life now think about that and yes im an african american. We need to stop this crap every day, cops are no more man or woman than any one else so stop them.

  7. Derek Chauvin could have released his knee from his neck and back before he dies, Derek Chauvin asked George Floyd if he will get into the car 🚗, George Floyd said yes, that is when Derek Chauvin Chauvin should have released him on his neck and back and get him in that 🚗!but Derek Chauvin didn’t release him until he dies! Justice for George Floyd!

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