Dr. Peter Hotez: The Covid Vaccine Discovery Was Not A 4 Month Process, It Was A 17 Year Process

Dr. Peter Hotez: The Covid Vaccine Discovery Was Not A 4 Month Process, It Was A 17 Year Process 1


  1. This is what “following the science” means, and why the next president will really turn the corner on this plague.

    1. @Berry Turner I’m glad you used “they”, we desperately need to know this is a cooperative effort within the Biden administration.

    2. @Christine King Rumour has it T-Bag is going to go for Christmas at Mara Largo and not return. “They” refers to “we” as in We The People.

  2. This shows that if covid hit even a few years ago, the whole world would be in deep deep trouble. This is another example of the human species being saved by science yet again. The maga hatters can go to the barber for some bloodletting if they get sick.

    1. @Tech ti Regardless of your claim, Biden gets to move into the Whitehouse in January. Of course, they’ll have to fumigate it first.

    2. @Tech ti PROVE IT! The courts don’t think so! They have laughed every case out of court! And even the SCOTUS said in a simple sentence… “Your case has been denied”!!

    3. @Tech ti PRESENT YOUR CASE TO THE FEDERAL COURTS! And they will throw them in the trash like the other forty plus that they already have!!

    1. @Tensolin01 And your point! Those cages were used for humanitarian purposes! The children that were taken into custody, were either unaccompanied, or in the custody of child traffickers, and or criminals! And then every effort was made to reunite them with their families or closest legal guardian! The Trump administration took them from their parents to make an example of them! Cruel monster!!!

  3. And there will be another virus like this in the future. How about we properly prepare for the next one?

    1. I read an article yesterday( I forgot the website!) that said the next pandemic is likely to come from 1 of 50 variants of Covid-19. With Mrna, vaccines for all 50 of those variants could be done for $3-4 billion dollars now. If a pandemic emerged, any of those vaccines would be available within 4 months. That seems a very small price to pay to head off another pandemic.

    2. “How about we properly prepare for the next one?” Do what Obama did. Assemble a sophisticated, global pandemic response network across multiple professions working in cooperation with various governments and health organizations. Step 2 would be to *not* elect someone who would dismantle it within a few months out of spite and replace it with nothing.

      Note, this is something that *all developed nations should be doing*
      Trump’s disastrous mishandling of Covid has shown that no single nation should bear the responsibility of managing such a network, for if that nation falters in its duty, the result is a global catastrophe. In the meantime, leaders and top health professionals need to work together to create a playbook for international response to something like this, so the whole planet has an idea of what to do the moment disaster strikes. We have a lot of data regarding what works, what doesn’t, and how to properly communicate information to the People. That data needs to be carefully analyzed so information is delivered quickly, without confusion or contradiction.

      I hope there will be a summit meeting and a massive treaty signed, just to make sure that everyone gets on board. Wealthy nations will need to come to terms with the fact that financial aid will need to be diverted to less prosperous nations, for if they cannot respond as quickly and effectively as needed, the whole world’s economy is at risk. If an economy must be shut down, the People will need immediate compensation to survive; only then will they be able to wait things out long enough for the Plague to be eradicated.

  4. Dr. Hotez, try explaining that to a Trump supporter. I will recommend using the Montessori method since autism is the name of their game.

    1. I wouldn’t use the word, “autism”. Autism is much more complex that what the MAGA hat people suffer from. With them, it’s simply proud stupidity.

    1. It is MITCH’s GOP Senate that is holding up the relief to the PEOPLE.
      He wants a blanket liability waiver for his rich corporate donners, and maybe for GOP politicians that neglegently apposed their own official guidelines, leading to the
      Death of 280,000 and counting.
      Eyes open America, Corruption is not Government.

  5. Oh gee, and I thought Trump had been staying up late every night slaving away in White House lab single handedly creating the Trump Warp Speed Vaccine in between his cyber bully tweets.

  6. A 17 year process that Trump wants to take credit for, shame on him..
    Eyes open America, Corruption is not Government.

  7. For once thank you George W Bush, and again thanks Obama. Because of you two the vaccine was easier to make, and it shows why we need international cooperation to fix our global problems.

  8. As a UK citizen ” gimme gimme gimme ” I want to be able to hug my Mum , my Kids and my grandkids again!

    1. @A. Munoz Thank you , I am missing them so much ! It breaks my heart seeing my grandkids and not being able to hug them , I have a 8 month old grandson that I have never been able to hold and cuddle .

    1. Before people start raging at this guy, he’s joking. I know most of you might see that as obvious, but you know how people on political videos can be.

  9. I would pay good money to hear t’rump try to explain how mRNA helped develop this vaccine.
    On live tv, with no help.
    I guarantee it would not go well. 😅😂🤣

    1. Do you think that he could even ‘pronounce endoplastic reticulum’? I’d pay good money to see him try. (By the way, mRNA did not help to produce the vaccine, in the cases of Pfizer and Moderna, it is the vaccine.)

  10. It’s gonna be nice to kick this thing into gear rather than being stuck in neutral—or going backwards.

  11. Thank you for explaining it. I’ve been trying to get people to understand why it was so quickly done.

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