Dr. Peter Hotez: 'This Is Months And Months Of Anti-Vaccine Aggression' 1

Dr. Peter Hotez: ‘This Is Months And Months Of Anti-Vaccine Aggression’


Infectious disease expert, Dr. Peter Hotez, joins Morning Joe to discuss a rise in coronavirus infections and hospitalizations in the U.S. and what he considers 'anti-science aggression' encouraging Americans to not get vaccinated.

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Dr. Peter Hotez: 'This is months and months of anti-vaccine aggression'


    1. The medical bills will be astronomical, and how many elections would it actually change the results of? The people trying to make lemonade seeing that they are killing their own voters may be overoptimistic. Tremendous costs, very few elections flipped even assuming it will be about 200,000. So, still just tragic.

    2. But they still have freedom remember they are free white and 21 so no one can make them do anything they don’t want to and their minister told them nothing bad will happen to them because they are God’s chosen Heaven isn’t bad

    1. @Jennifer Nordlund why is that being sociopathic, thought Republicans were the party of self sufficiency

    2. @Stefan Jakubowski I guess if you don’t know why it’s sociopathic to wish harm on others, I can’t explain it to you. I’m not sure why you mention Republicans. That has nothing to do with anything I’ve said. I guess you are just making things up and pretending they are true. Lol

    1. @mike briganti you must be confused. Karens are the realm of Republicans. Im Canadian and am just commenting on the enormous number of stupid people in America. You mus be a Republican as you project just like them.

    2. We’ll just ignore the fact that Biden has illegally nullified our southern border, allowing the cartels to flood our communities with millions of unvaxxed migrants, drugs, and contraband weapons. Can you say cognitive dissonance? Or is it just good old fashioned liberal hypocrisy?

      I’ll get the jab when Joe Biden stops violating the constitution and closes the border.

    3. @ginkinky As a Canadian, you have nothing to say here, being both a foreigner and far too cucked to have anything resembling a logical thought process. Bye.

    1. @Demetria Karnavas If the government is controlling access to abortion, they are doing a very poor job of it. 60 million abortions in 50 years. But I’m glad to hear that you are against “My body, my choice”.

    2. @Onion Potato Your comment belies an ignorance about how the law works. Regulating an industry is different from outlawing it. This “my body, my choice” tripe that everyone’s parroting is a bit laughable. Access to abortion is regulated.

  1. Trump told Woodward in March 2020, was part of a strategy to deliberately minimize the danger. “I wanted to always play it down,” the former president said. “I still like playing it down because I don’t want to create a panic.”

    1. @Lee Valley The reason this virus isn’t “more terminal,” is because of the earlier shut downs and mask mandates the right howled about as an infringement on their freedoms. It would be a lot less terminal if anti-vaxxers would stay home and stop circulating among the general public. However, I’m still not getting the logic of being a staunch anti-vaxxer who belligerently opposes the entry into the U.S. of unvaccinated immigrants.

    2. GQP – C19 is a Chinese bio weapon
      Also GQP –
      We wont wear masks or help the population get vaccinated – lets spend our legislative time making voting harder for all Americans

    3. @Ryan R Yeah, like that super spreader at the Biden/VA Gov rally? All 2-300 of them and no mask, side by side. Or like the coward Dems fleeing Tx on a plane side by side no mask.

    4. @Wisconsin Man Vaccinated folks didn’t have to wear masks. Seeing an overwhelming majority of Democrats have been smart enough to get the vaccine there were few masks. Not sure which part of this you are struggling to understand.

  2. Average Trumper: “I killed my grandmother with covid but I did it for you Donald my love. Everything I do I do for you..”

    1. @Jacques Fréchet Ah yes, the majestically kind, loving, omniscient, infallible and benevolent wisdom of government.

    2. @xiaoka And when msnbc accuses BLM of being infiltrated by russians, will you then start to question their smears? Who ISN’T a russian? Not everyone who disagrees with a democrat is a Russian. What’s wrong with you? It also works both ways. A private company posing as russian bots flooded social media with praise for a a republican, trying to discredit him. I read that in the NYT, but I can’t remember what race it was. The democrats have cried wolf so many times with Russia that I no longer care if there’s any truth to it. Just like I don’t care if republicans give me ‘facts’ about immigration. MSNBC has so poisoned the well of social discourse with russia accusations that accusing others of being russians is a meme at this point

    3. @Jacques Fréchet The government’s compassionate heart core radiates only loving-kindness, unconditionally, for all sentient beings.

  3. Looks like the pandemic isn’t going away when the warm weather comes in, neither is the stupidity! The best thing sane people can do is wear your masks, avoid crowds as much as possible only go places if its absolutely necessary. Let the rest go to their life saving sporting events, or bars or resorts.

    1. The only place on Earth that seems generally immune to the pandemic are the countries on the southern edge of the Sahara – hot dry places with little to no air conditioning. These folk are dying of everything else, but not COVID.

    2. Pandemics always come in waves because people always relinquishes measures before the disease has burned out of the population and before sufficient passive measures such as vaccinations have been established. The diseases don’t go away because the community will gravitate to where the harm and deaths done are simply considered socially acceptable. The lack of the cold and the flu this past year shows how effective social distancing, hand washing and masking are against those diseases and that if we actually tried, they would not be a problem but we socially accept the economic impact and deaths associated with the flu every year even though we have the tools to suppress them. The same will be true with COVID, we have the tools to eradicate the virus but we won’t as it would take everyone cooperating to do so and there’s enough people that would stop their efforts early enough for the disease to develop a reserve.

    3. @ruth depew yeah I think high heat dehydrates and inactivates the virus.. but then you live in horrible drought conditions.

    1. @Upper 90 the states with the lowest vaccination rates are red. Secondly Harris said she would not trust trump’s word ALONE on the vaccine but if doctors told her to take it she would be the first in line. Quit your disinformation.

    2. @Upper 90 I have no doubt in my mind that Harris and Biden were all in on the vaccine. I tend to look and read different news stories rather than just Fox News for me to make an intelligent decision. The proof is in the pudding as even you can see that the red states are taking the biggest hit with Covid. Btw, have you ever gotten a vaccine of any kind in your life or are you choosing not to take this one because…?

    3. @Nathan Lewis meanwhile in reality everyone’s taking the vaccine that the Trump administration got us. It’s amazing how you got to lie to yourself or you’re just lack that much intellect either way I can’t stop laughing

    4. @Upper 90 it’s amazing to me how completely delusional you are. Be sure to give every penny you have to your dear leader.

    5. @Nathan Lewisagain all you have to do is Google it , I love when liberals think emotional outbursts are facts again I cannot stop laughing at you

  4. When the average John Q. Public in the U.S. reads at a seventh-eighth-grade level, you can bet they are not real critical thinkers for the most part and easily duped by people such as Orange Carnival Barkers.

  5. Time to give up trying to reason with people, pressing people to be vaccinated will look like bullying. Give up, send un-used vaccines overseas to countries that need and want them

    1. Millions of doses of vaccines are presently sitting in U.S. warehouses set to expire. It’s one thing to feel so enormous a sense of entitlement you can afford to turn up your nose at lifesaving vaccines when they’re plentiful. Should vaccines become scarce in this country, you better believe the haughtiness of anti-vaxxers will turn into panic and outrage.

  6. I was a travel nurse in the 90’s. I was going SC when there was a measle outbreak. I had titers because I had all the diseases in the 60’s . Guess what I did an MMR and went to work. Get over it…get the vaccine!

  7. I am curious to what would right wing media would spin things if all the unvaccinated republican voters got sick and died within a month?
    The idea of the GOP and right wing callous behaviour up till now is appalling.

  8. Another thing joins the ranks of “aggressions.” The good doctor has a “monster that he needs to unleash,” in this case the giant impaction in his nether bowel. I prescribe what our British brethren term a “high colonic.”

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