Dr. Theresa Tam explains NACI’s latest advice on AstraZeneca | COVID-19 in Canada

NACI is now recommending those who got AstraZeneca as a first dose should get Moderna or Pfizer for the second.

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  1. Getting tired of this one sided story. Our government with their predictions, modelling and advice have been way off so many times I have lost count. I am following my gut on this, and I don’t like what I see. I don’t recognize my country anymore.

    1. It’s been taken control of by greedy power hungry liberals who want to spread their misery and control ppl.

    2. @M C J instead of bitching, why don’t you go ahead and demonstrate your impeccable non liberal scientific research skills. I’m sure your political views will make your findings so much more reliable 🙄

    1. @David Kraft absolutely these politicians are criminals they are responsible for countless deaths!!!! Evil criminals!!!

  2. I can’t believe they actually announce this stuff. They know the reaction will be negative. In my opinion, it’s CYA. At some point law suits will follow. May not be now. But it will follow

    1. problem there though is the provincial government has said the manufacturers and them are shielded from liability. Though maybe that will get challenged🤔.

  3. repeal the provincial state of emergency law. its the only way this will ever end. the law is being abused and is flawed. no province deserves this much power.

    1. And then immediately follow that with a comprehensive investigation, including a scouring of finances by forensic accountants of every single politician and public health official who either supported or failed to speak out against the various COVID measures.

      Just changing the law is not enough, because future politicians could just change it back.

      The only way to ensure your law change sticks is for all those responsible for the last year to be punished so severely that no one would ever dare tread a similar path in the future.

    1. @Babayaga_gameZ I think its ridiculous too. Canadians have to say,enough is enough .We have been lied to since the beginning. We are being controlled.

    2. Not Delta, Echo Variant from Peru. Hot weather is transmissible due to sweat contact, and condense humidity in air. Viruses stay in air longer before falling to the ground.

  4. This is an experiment, you have know idea about mixing different vaccines doses. Your only saying this because our PM has screwed things up since the beginning, including firing YOU!.

    1. I do recall some specialists mention that if a mix happens and some long term issue becomes apparent it will be impossible to isolate the underlying factor.. of course those 30+ years in the field are not approved sources..

  5. The trust has been so broken since the begining, Tam,Trudue,Ford will hopefully be in the cell with flip flop Fauci.

    1. What?! How about you share what qualifies you to make such a remark. For starters, please share what med school you attended.

  6. if politicians simply read from a paper every time they show face better not show at all and instead just post the material for all to read on their own for themselves. no need to spent thousands of dollars per hour just to read off some text or a prompt.

  7. Ah, the “mix’n-match” shell game.

    Gonna be a really interesting few years watching those long-term side-effects crop up.

  8. “I’ve got an idea… we wait almost 80 years, then we rebrand ourselves by changing the Z to a C. No one will notice”

  9. “Latest advice”
    Imagine pumping this garbage into your body as they play everything by ear, completely unaccountable.

  10. CDC in the States have postponed their ’emergency meeting’ on myocarditis in youth because tomorrow has been declared a holiday “Juneteenth”. I guess permanently damaging youngsters health is not much of a priority !!!

  11. …this is all about The Great Re-Set & nothing more, get in line for your BASIC INCOME next.

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