Body language expert breaks down the Putin-Biden handshake 1

Body language expert breaks down the Putin-Biden handshake


Body language expert Mark Bowden breaks down the meeting between U.S. and Russian presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin in Geneva.

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  1. ‘Oh look there’s a plant in the room. This was obviously chosen to symbolize growth between the two adversaries.’
    I’m gonna guess it just looked nice there?

    1. Body language expert breaks down the interior design to avoid discussing Biden’s body language.

  2. Pretty amusing commentary – “there’s a sense of fragrance?” Biden seemed “very American,” perhaps because he is…..

    1. Yeah, the extended version:
      “A feeling of leadership”
      “A fairly ‘masculine’ feel to it”
      “When they parted there was an aura of separation”

    2. Biden is actually anti-american and trying to divide and destroy and doing a fantastic job at it.

  3. Why can’t we just have a factual report on what really happened? Or is the truth to difficult to report on?

    1. @- – he is not a paid government employee, who told you that? He is working for the news outlet.

    2. Took the words right out of my mouth. I suppose everybody has to have a job doing something these days.

  4. Open legs can show openness or dominance, crossed legs shows a more closed, submissive or defensive attitude as they symbolically deny any access to the genitals.

    1. Yeah Putin was giving wicked manspreading energy and Biden looked like he was at tea with his granddaughter.

  5. Those who are weak do their best to demonstrate their strength. True strength is not afraid to relax and be truly yourself, and not a walking threat to others )

  6. Biden’s body language was “very American.”
    Putin’s body language was “very Russian.”

    This breakdown is exactly something I’d expect Biden to say. Moronic.

    1. Someone cuts a fart in the room and this guy sniffs at it like it’s wine then writes a paper about how bold and fragrant it was.

    2. This may be a stretch but I’m willing bet there was an actual fragrance in the room, not just a sense of it. Maybe I’m over analyzing it. Walter Cronkite, we need you.

  7. Putin: We know that Trump won
    Biden: We know that you know
    Body language expert: There’s a globe in the middle of the table with a potted plant so there’s a sense of growth

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