Dr. Williams: AstraZeneca won’t be offered as first vaccine dose | COVID-19 update

Dr. Williams: AstraZeneca won't be offered as first vaccine dose | COVID-19 update 1


  1. The blind leading the blind… I heard for weeks it was safe… You play games with my life…

    1. You are right, they do play games with our lives. Check Reiner Fuellmich – Noremberg 2.0

    1. mRNAs are in the vaccines.

      mRNAs do not enter the cell nucleus, which is where the DNA is stored.

      mRNAs do not even come close to physically touching DNA.

      Thus mRNAs cannot alter DNA, and therefore vaccines cannot alter DNA.

  2. I’d still take it. Should be optional. My math hasn’t suffered like others since highschool.

  3. How the HELL is anyone going to believe you now! You’ve had to walk back every statement since this pandemic began.

    1. Too bad we didn’t have a Reality TV presenter instead. We too could have half a million dead. Boo teachers.

  4. You mean several other countries didn’t tell you guys all this months ago. Weird. Because I knew about it and I’m not even a Dr. Weird

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