What will Trudeau do if Michigan shuts down Line 5 pipeline?

Natural Resources Minister Seamus O'Regan discusses the dispute over Line 5 and the action Ottawa will take to ensure it remains open.

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  1. Trudeau does not care. Well maybe when there. Is no fuel for his private jet. . Ontario and Quebec. Better build the east pipeline

    1. Quebec only cares about its self and ford is under Trudeau ever since covid hit. so no luck there.

    2. The agreement was by Harper to support Saudis oil . Do your homework , the truth about conservatives and the dealing with Saudis and what they hoped to get in exchange . Liberals ? They don’t care either as long as we welcome travellers by keeping the airports open to operate. Oh wait, we get a check sometime soon from government, who is going to pay these debts? Travellers calling another country “ home” ?

  2. They will ship more in from Saudi Arabia to fulfill the east coast energy consumption and leave the west die!

  3. Trudeau won’t do anything except get his Saudi friends to ship more oil by tanker so that his friends in Montreal can enjoy even more in docking fees.

  4. 🤣 they can’t do anything!!! Trudeau going to be brought to light very soon and there nothing he can do about it

  5. This is politics work in Canada(or in general). If you are to inapt to get things done make it look like you did something.

  6. What will Justin do? Well, he’ll start by saying he’s most displeased. Then he’ll retire inside Rideau Cottage and continue playing with his Star Wars toys.

  7. Every province that refused Alberta’s efforts for an energy east pipeline ( I’m looking at you Quebec) deserves this.

    1. But for once, it will be Quebec & Ontario who suffer the consequences. Usually its Alberta with the yoke over its collective neck. Gretchen should pull that pipe right out of the ground and then we can finally build national energy security that’s not beholding to the whims of another nation or state thereof.

    2. @Stuart R Alberta will suffer from lower sales. The Liberals have said more foreign oil tankers will ply the St Lawrence and Great Lakes. Jean Chretien tankers.

    3. The maratimes wants this fuel,,if Quebec is the reason we buy our fuel from saudi Arabia, they are completely brainwashed,,

  8. He’ll crank up prices on gas, then carbon tax and then give all that money to other countries while simultaneously laundering money for himself and his family.

    1. @J 72 My thoughts exactly… really wish Pierre Poilevre would run for PM… one of the very few politicians I could see making a vital difference for Canada as a whole.

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