Drone video shows massive traffic jam as Russians flee the country

Protests against President Vladimir Putin's partial mobilization order are spreading across Russia, including to the far east, as many young men are fleeing the country. CNN correspondent Nick Robertson reports. #CNN #News



  1. Imagine going to fight for someone you don’t like (Putin) against something you don’t hate (Ukraine). Then imagine going to fight for something you love (Ukraine) against someone you hate (Putin). *That’s* why Russia, ultimately, has no chance of victory.

    1. @James Kelly name one country the US has tried to occupy with the intention of erasing that country’s nationaility, of forcing the citizens to be americans. name one.
      I’ll wait while you go ask your controller how you’re meant to reply to that, Yuri, or Boris or Vlad or whatever your stupid russian name is.

    2. @Dragon’s Hook Selective Services just tell you “if we need to draft you, we will, but we don’t need you right now”.

      If you are literate you would know this, because it is the entire premise. Any male in the US over 18 has to sign it, and nothing happens afterwards. I did it and all my friends did it.

    3. Ergo the need for strategic alliances to bolster self defense. If only Ukraine had had a strategic alliance with the west, prior to Putin’s attack, which would have thwarted the entire idea of a Russian invasion…. but… oh no… the Ukraine didn’t qualify for inclusion in western alliances because of corruption. That is, they disqualified them self’s from an alliance with us, but now want one more than ever, for self protection, without having qualified. Nah.

  2. It’s sad that all of this death and destruction was caused just to satisfy the ego of one tiny angry old man(Putin). It’s all just really sad.😔

    1. This is not the first time russia has oppressed the Muslim population. Followers of the Prophet should defend their brothers.

    2. @Rinkydinkfretboard , NATO member country said this year in 2022 that civilian deaths during airstrikes are not war crimea in Syria. So, there’s no need for a justification if it’s not a war crime in the first place! Irish are being arrested for terrorism because they want to unite their island country. I thought the world need to ship weapons to all countries that want to keep their borders or island together except when it’s national interest of any member of NATO such as conflicts in Ireland, Cyprus, or Gibraltar

    3. @ForCommentsLOL I apologize. I misunderstood. Yes that is a long list of wars or ‘conflicts’ for a nation that seeks peace with its neighbors. Especially Ireland 🇮🇪. I think that is changing now. I don’t know. Again I apologize, sometimes I get ahead of myself and jump before I fully grasp the point. I guess I must have British in me somewhere.

  3. Russians fleeing in fear, old news. No need to go all the way to Ukraine before turning tail. Glory and Victory to the brave Ukrainian People!

    1. You’re looking at this wrong. They aren’t so much fleeing out of fear but fleeing because they don’t agree with the war. Why would I fight a person I do not hate for a person I do not like?

    2. @Dmytro Gnativ hey, protest expert, any idea why Ukraine didn’t protest during holodomor and literal genocide that was times worse and more cruel than current war?

    1. This post is over played and lost it’s amusement.. it wasn’t even funny in the first place. Can people come up with something different?

  4. Deep condolences to all mother, father, children and family who lost their lives in this war. Slava Ukraine🇺🇦🇺🇦

    1. Nobody cares about Russia going over there bombing them people.
      Even with gas prices i was still driving around messing around all day.
      I got no job still take welfare and I drive a 60 thousand dollar car.
      This war don’t effect Americans especially not no “nicca”

  5. If that border guard is motivated enough to call someone a deserter then he’s motivated enough to fight in the front lines.

    1. Yeah Russia should send some of their seemingly unlimited police force over to Ukraine to fight they are all Putin loyalists and are aggressively eager to beat up people who don’t want to go fight in Ukraine.
      Also they have experience with firearms.
      Russia seems to have an unlimited supply of police.
      The Russian police must be of age to go fight in Ukraine why should they be exempt from going to fight in Ukraine?

    1. Easy to generalise that way, I suppose. Maybe the Russian Government have been mad for quite some time. Maybe we have blindly handed over trust to our “leaders” too easily.
      Perhaps we as a society have all gone mad.

  6. If the Russian men are angry now, just wait until they see with their own eyes what putin’s war has done to Ukraine. Once beautiful cities are now in ruin. Hospitals, churches, schools, grocery stores and apartment buildings bombed. Just seeing the pictures are heartbreaking and infuriating.

    1. All they havre to say – we are neutral – but they chose war – this is an Ukrainian choice.

    2. Exactly Coleen — it is heartbreaking! If only people could put themselves, their mother, their father, their grandparents & children in the shoes of what the Ukrainian people have experienced – maybe there would have been more of an urgency to end this war by the rest of the world. Instead, world leaders played around with politics, dropped some sanctions & sent money and equipment (but no troops, no fighter jets). It’s shocking to me that the USA & NATO did not close the skies above Ukraine to Russian bombing of schools, hospitals, day care centers, train stations & small isolated villages — it’s absolutely shocking to me!!!! I have no respect for any politician in the USA anymore, I will never vote again…………

    3. I don’t think that will be on their minds at all, mostly them fearing for their lives because they got as much equipment as cannon fodder.

    1. @Alexander Ivaylov u really hate the US huh even when we have nothing to do with the conflict whatsoever well cry more clown, should’ve kept your terrorist in check, they started 9/11 unprovoked the blood of all others after is on there hands.

    2. @zhaDe actually, zhaDe – that’s not true – there was a US White House Ambassador to Iraq who was jailed in
      Guantanamo bay prison just before the Iraqi war – because Saddam WAS complying and didn’t want a war with the US – they jailed our own US Citizen for 8 yrs without charges or access to an attorney JUST TO KEEP HER SILENT – she is out now and tells her story – the Iraqi war should have never happened – but the US industrial Military Complex wanted conflict – and that’s all that matters.

      You can look up the facts on YT – so ask yourself – if Osama Bin Laden (who is a Saudi National of no other country) of the Al-Qaeda (which was created by the US-CIA to create Afghan fighters in the region) was the man behind the 9/11 attack in NY = then why did the US strike Iraq? that makes no sense,
      why go after a man (yes, Saddam was a tyrant) when there were NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION – as was proven – who had nothing to do with the twin tower attacks?

      … follow the money – Saudi Arabia wanted control of the oil pipelines through Iraq and Syria to Europe.
      Now ask yourself why the Saudi’s recently handed over $2 Billion to Jared Kushner to his private equity firm?
      Another war is brewing at this very moment =WWIII

    1. I wonder how many are hiding from warcrimes charges? You’re right though, if they can’t win at the ballot box they’ll vote with their feet. Peace to all.

    2. They should be taking their country back rather than just washing their hands of it. They were all proudly displaying the “Z” on their cars and didn’t give a damn about Ukraine being attacked when they weren’t in any danger. Where have all the “Z” markings gone? Complete apathetic cowards.

  7. Geez, it’s like all those zombie movies where the highways are clogged by folks fleeing an outbreak…

    1:13 The citizenry here are choosing flight rather than fight, but with Russia trying to cut off flight (0:39)…

    1. It is an outbreak. an outbreak of certain death if they go to Ukraine. They know they will be given crap weapons, cardboard tanks and mere toys against an army now armed with NATO weapons and vehicles. You might as well be using sticks and stones against a laser gun.

    1. @cc BC No, russians are okay with war as long as it is a television show. now, when it becomes a reality show and they need to play role in it they are not so pro war.

  8. Imagine having to drop everything and leave the country you’ve lived in forever to avoid being forced to murder innocent people in another country 😔🇺🇦

    1. Well, thousands of Americans fled during Vietnam. Same thing. They did not want to hurt people in another country just because a few old men want war.

    2. i think they know how terrible russia is doing in ukraine. i bet less would be fleeing if they thought they could actually win.

  9. Ukrainians in February: “I Need Ammunition, Not a Ride”
    Russians in September: “I Need Ride, Not an Ammunition”

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