Drought leaves thousands of salmon dead in British Columbia

Thousands of salmon were spotted dead in a dried-out creek in Heiltsuk territory as drought conditions persist in B.C.

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    1. @G Know You need numbers to tell you that salmon can’t spawn when there is no water in their spawning streams? XD

    2. @G Know Literally Everyone – Salmon need water to respire and spawn.
      G Know – You got a source for that?

  1. Gas and fluid dynamics are very well understood. Changing the weather is basically as simple as changing the densities. The concepts are very simple, it is the logistics (delivery systems i.e. keeping fleets of jets airborne to spray the chemicals) that are the difficult parts. Non-stop aerosol spraying of salt compounds and other chemicals can very effectively change the climate aka climate change. It is deliberate and is being done constantly. The intent is to cause as much harm as possible. Floods where no water is needed, and droughts where water is needed.

  2. How long ago was the atmospheric river event in B.C, didn’t think that was very long ago and now bc is in drought? Wild

  3. It’s solar cycle driven. No amount of carbon tax’s or carbon tax credits for big corporations will fix this.

  4. Wait..so you’re saying because the river evaporated? But doesn’t that take a long time? Wouldn’t the salmon just swim somewhere else? Or you mean like the WHOLE river is gone so there was no where to go? Cuz to cause this mass death the water should’ve been cut off very quickly – i.e. someone did it? Or is this upstream so salmons naturally go there to die?

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