PM Trudeau suggests that Hockey Canada can be replaced

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: 'The fact is, Hockey Canada has completely lost the confidence of Canadians.'

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    1. right, and i imagine if he didnt say anything on this, you’d also have something to say about him.

  1. Trudeau and the Liberals should be replaced. Canadians have lost confidence. Any body could do better.

  2. Kid charged for showing no remorse when it to an tire damage to family now taking it to the fullest when parents don’t what that

  3. The sport is ingrained into the Canadian psych. This a kick in the face to the country as a whole. One does not have to be a sports fan to feel the damage that has been done. For “blanks” sake we’re talking about a hidden fund to make sexual assaults go away without notice. How can this be with everything this country is supposed to represent?
    Justin should be reading the riot act and forcing a criminal investigation with threat of heavy penalties to those responsible. Instead he just plays the outraged little boy and does absolutely nothing.
    I’m not sure what makes me more ill, our PM or what Hockey Canada has done.

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