Duncan Wood On Migrant Surge: ‘This Is A Humanitarian tTagedy’ 1

Duncan Wood On Migrant Surge: ‘This Is A Humanitarian tTagedy’


MSNBC’s Chris Jansing is joined by Paola Ramos, former deputy director of Hispanic Media for Hillary Clinton and Duncan Wood, Senior Advisor to the Wilson Centers Mexico Institute, to discuss the migrant surge at the U.S-Mexico border and VP Kamala Harris's plan to address it in Mexico City.

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Duncan Wood On Migrant Surge: ‘This Is A Humanitarian tTagedy’


    1. It’s not a typo, MSNBC is just nervous and stuttering, having to finally report on the Biden-Harris border disaster they created.

    1. Give MSNBC a break.. They’re FINALLY having to report on the Biden border disaster and so they’re a little nervous and stuttered a little bit out of the gate..

    2. @Luntershaptop Fukinov They should slow down. We’re going to see it whether it comes out now or 2 minutes later after being proofread.

    3. @Yummy Spaghetti Noodles Yep.. Good point… But, I think they live in a world where they think we can’t live without their minute by minute information and direction.. (which is entertaining as… to mock and spoof) . Thx!

    1. If the priority was the economy,Veggie Biden wouldn’t have gotten elected. The most important issues are being as woke as possible!!!! Cancel everything that is offensive to anyone,except Planned Parenthood,which was founded to get rid of minorities.

    2. @V Only if you’re wanting to destroy the American dream,but I guess that is what Demonrats want. Silly me.

    3. In America, the priority is the billionaires..They own everything including the politicians…

  1. Next time don’t let Joe do the math calculating sending Harris to fix the BORDER collapse by having her fly 1500 miles past it.

  2. Everyone keeps saying that’s a typo in the headline… Actually I’m the editor at MSNBC and we’re just nervous about having to finally cover the Biden-Harris disaster they’ve created at the border and i stuttered a bit typing it.

    1. @Yummy Spaghetti Noodles LMAO! Thx…I got to pay the rent in my $5k per month 1bdrm NYC apartment and Joe Biden gas prices.

  3. Why is it easy for Ted Cruz to come to Mexico when he has no heat but a family who’s life is in danger can’t come to America ? America is trash they always want to play both sides

  4. Biden’s humanitarian tragedy. The buck stops with the president, therefore it’s his fault. That was the rule with Trump.

    1. Actually they put soldiers on the border keeping people from breaking into our country. We had the stay in Mexico policy, the third country policy.
      Now we’re in a contrarian mishap. So ridiculous.

  5. Surge is good we need these new workers in the field picking fruit and veggies they are great workers ,,,get to work !!

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