1. They have cameras in the hallways so you can see who enters the stalls. My brother worked at a store and he looked at surveillance.

  1. everyone take a number stand in line…. Access Hollywood bus should be pulling in soon….

    1. Leonard… Looks like another Jussie Smollett story. Be prepared for many more 16 months before the elections….The deep state at work in overdrive ..

    2. *FUN FACTS*
      90% of Hollywood are democrats
      90% of Hollywood are pedophiles

  2. Another woman comes forward with another very similar story. Like clockwork, Trump response in the same tone as he did with Stormy and all the other women.

    1. Idk about this one😒 though it sounds like something that ridiculous f****** clown we call president would do!! The 23-year thing is along time to hold that in and the election is right around the corner😒

  3. Money rules in America unfortunately…rich abuses , uses, take advantage on poor people…even the court systems are being bought…the supreme court has molesters…and Puppets to Trump …SHAME on you people!!

    1. Ethan Allen Sorry Ethan l should have been more clear that I was talking about trump. Most people would know that but you deserve clarification.

    2. Libturds are lying criminals….. we learned this fact from Jussie Smollett….. Another lying Libskank comes forward 25 years later accusing billionaire Trump of sexual misconduct. And ironically she just happens to be selling a book. Hmmmmmm……
      Ever wonder what happened to all of those Libskanks that came out roughly 2 weeks before the 2016 presidential election accusing trump of the same thing?
      After he won, the lying skanks just conveniently disappeared and scattered …why is that?

    3. That’s perfect that’s the 2 front runners of the Democrats to a tee 2 old senile rich white privileged beta males with ZERO accomplishments and no leadership qualities whatsoever it’s nursing home time for the Demoncrats go volunteer to be on the diaper changing squad

    1. Anderson Cooper: Trump is absolutely guilty, and as a sexual assaulter myself, I speak from knowledge!

    2. Anderson 💩per, Don 🍋, Bill Clinton and Freddie Mercury gang-raped me back in 1980 !!! I don’t have any evidence in my hands but u have to believe me because I am liberal and I support the lgbt agenda !!!
      Now where is my money?

    3. aggelos 10 he’ 3 times married, a narcissistic millionaire, paid women for sex while his wife was pregnant, on tape admitting to groping women, walking into women’s change rooms… he does literally walk into women’s change rooms, this isn’t hard to believe.
      The accusations are probably true but ultimately won’t change anything

    1. I thought he was a germaphobe, he doesn’t seem to mind sticking his little willie in strangers.

  4. There might be many, many more women out there are afraid but they really need to come forward to help protect women that have suffered the same treatment.

    1. @Janet Airlines no, that would be both! He said himself that his friend Epstein and him share same taste for young girls. Look it up. There is a video of him talking.

    1. @Spearhand Really..? That would be amazing… because “Trump Nation” is really, really small and weak.

    2. @Jeff Hagerman Liberal women are like CNN viewers—there’s only a few of them but they imagine the whole world shares their views. CNN has less viewers than the Stained Glass Network,and those few imagine the whole world is drinking the same kool aid they are.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera its your sexist attitude that is driving people, women are people, away from the democratic party.

  5. well yeah The President Of Our GREAT Nation did appoint A sexual predator to the Supreme Court Of The Untied states Of America ! Right shoemur and the VIEW !

  6. Another sexual attack by trump that’s very common by him a man with no shame a sexual predator a child molester a rapists by heart and yet no justice for all this lady’s , shame on judicial system shame !

  7. Yeah, that totally happened… oh wait… isn’t she just trying to give her book more publicity and make millions?….
    * thoughtful face *

  8. If it is NOT true Mr. President….file charges of slander against her and make her prove it…..I DARE YOU

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