1. @MLK’s Conservative Ghost really though, anyone who can say the word anonymous, doesn’t get outsmarted by an umbrella, and doesn’t think windmills cause cancer will be an improvement.

    2. @Roger Out of the Kremlin there’s your typical KGB deflection technique. Very good comrade, you will get extra turnip tomorrow.

    1. Sean Hall i have no clue how she is still in Congress after it was proven she cooked books in the dnc to give Killary the nomination! Also in broward co FL in 16 she won but the crooked elec super snipes destroyed the ballots in 17 her opponent req to look at them also which is illegal you have to keep them 4 2 yrs. Snipes has been fired this year for cooking votes in 18 for demoncrats!

  1. C’mon Bernie, we need you… I’m ready for populism and I know Joe Biden will walk on egg-shells while in office.

    1. Yeah bernie! I need a communist to give me free stuff , Venezuela ! Venezuela! I want you to take away my rights , duuah me is a liberal . đŸ¤’

    2. @paul joe Irony. The Venazuela rich stole from the populous. Sound familiar? Dumps is screwing you, and you don’t even know it. SMH

    1. I can’t wait to see fake news CNN take a knee again in 2020 when Trump reclaims the White House .

    1. @davids11131113
      This June sixth , I will go to Nebraska to pay tribute to the brave

      Americans who landed at Omaha Beach in 1776.

    2. Let us not forget the slave ships at the port of Topeka in 1384 and say proudly, _”Never say never!”_

  2. If Bernie is cheated out of the nomination again then Dems will lose bc progressives will not vote for a corporate dem.

  3. The Dims. can muster up 10 million more illegal votes in the blue cesspools and it still won’t matter.
    The popular vote is not how we elect POTUS little Mikey.

  4. The only candidate who can beat Trump is Andrew Yang. Anyone who doesn’t know him will, after the 27th.

  5. This race is over b4 it begins>Trump will win in 2020 due to the economy.
    Everyone will vote with their wallet in mind.
    Look @jobs, stock market, game over son. Deal with it and move on.

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