Trump: I’m not looking for war with Iran

President Trump says in an interview that while he isn't seeking war with Iran, there will be "obliteration" if a conflict begins. #CNN #News


    1. Doesn’t Trump sound like the spokesperson guy “Baghdad Bob” who served under Saddam?
      Remember he was the one who came up with outrageous colorful ‘scary’ threatening phrases?

      “My feelings, as usual, we will slaughter them all.”
      “Our initial assessment is that they will all die.”
      “No I am not scared and neither should you be!”

      Yea, the last one sounds just like a word salad from Trump.

    1. @me heretoday lmao you literally gave no answer just told me to keep up and at least I tried when you can just look up that Trump has never threatened Mexico with war idiot

  1. What trump says is not what he is doing. So any countries not using petrodollar will be forced to go to war.

  2. Remember who is always in charge, the military industrial complex. The powerful want war in which the powerless do the fighting.

    1. @Al Mahmud Khan No not everyone. I’ve seen comments like “just nuke them” from ignorant Trump supporters.

    2. ________The good guys never throw the first punch. The smart guys know something’s about to happen so they take a defensive stance, arms up and keep their distance. The bad, less civil and uneducated guys tend to expose their intentions to all that’s near with some trivial attempt to scare their adversary. Iran just sold themselves cheap. It makes things so much easier for Trump (and our troops) when people sell themselves cheap.

  3. What would America do if a foreign drone was flying in their airspace spying or collecting data? Who is the provocateur here?

    1. The fucking guy is unstable and all over the place. No one can predict what he’ll do from one minute to the next. He’s dangerous.

    2. Shouldn’t have Trump known if there were gonna be casualties before a missle strike was acted on?…what credit does he deserve now

    3. Trump made up a story he thought would make him look good, only his brain dead followers believe anything he says

  4. US back off from a deal, then send drone to a sovereign country, somehow it ends up to be China’s fault. This is hilarious.

  5. The deep state AKA Shadow government is piss off . They want a war and Trump didn’t deliver a war .

    1. conference Justice Lol he appointed John Bolton, one of the architects of the Iraq War, and Mike Pompeo. You’re joking right?

    2. You fucking idjit.
      Get a passport and travel.
      Read some history books ….. about Persians, Ottomans,

      Espousing nutjob conspiracy theories on YouTube isn’t working.
      Eric Prince?

  6. That $110M drone, 30cent per citizen. Trust me if we go to war, it will cost you lot more.
    Still paying for Iraq WMD and afghan war.
    It will be a 30 CENT WAR

  7. The US should not attack Iran, defenitely not, but if Iran does something and that affects the economy of the US…, Let’s go, we have the strongest military in the history of this earth.

  8. CNN demtards- ‘Trump he’s just controlled by his advisors!’

    Moments later-

    ‘Trump he at odds with his advisors OH NO!!’ 😱

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