Eddie Glaude On Brown Jr. Funeral: It’s Not Just One Body That We’re Putting In The Grave | MSNBC 1

Eddie Glaude On Brown Jr. Funeral: It’s Not Just One Body That We’re Putting In The Grave | MSNBC


Eddie Glaude, the chair of African American studies at Princeton University joins MSNBC’s to discuss the impact of racism ahead of Andrew Brown Jr.’s funeral.

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Eddie Glaude On Brown Jr. Funeral: It’s Not Just One Body That We’re Putting In The Grave | MSNBC


    1. @Casey wasey there are 42 million black people in America. Only 249 black people were killed by police in 2020. That’s way less than 1% of black people being killed, and if these black people didn’t resist in the first place, it would a lot less than 249 people.

  1. I think Prof. Glaude is brilliant. Astute. Cuts to the chase. A complete knowledge of global history.

    1. Susan Ford yup, you love a race baiting a hole because you have been dumbdowned and you are controlled by the media. They own you and your emotions.

    1. Ues i lost brother Jan 19 to a white off duty office in CHESAPEAKE va. Pray for my family trail start JUNE 10 FOR OFFICER WHO MURDED MY BROTHER

  2. Karma is a concept from Hinduism and Buddhism. The word is derived from the Sanskrit word karman, meaning “act”.

    The basic philosophical concept of karma is that whatever each and every one of us does or does not do, says or does not say, intends and desires, or does not intend or desire, remains bound to us and our souls and the records of our existence . . . . forever.
    And we live with the results of karma, forever.

    We all experience and are forever confronted by the horrors or joys of:
    What we said or have done that we should not have said or done.
    What we failed to say or do that we should have said or done.
    What we said or did that we should have said and have done.
    And our intentions behind every one of those acts, committed . . . or omitted.

    I like Karma.
    It is the ultimate truth and justice
    And none of us will ever escape it.

  3. It’s truly DISGUSTING. How can anyone claim they are “Believers/Christian” if they allow/support anything that suppresses other HUMANS or harms animals? THE GOLDEN RULE…REMEMBER SUNDAY SCHOOL??

  4. Not to be disrespectful but it’s not just the black community affected. My grandson works late and every night he is followed home every night by a police cruiser. He goes through the same checklist- am I going the speed limit, have on a seat belt, using turn signals, etc. He is of Middle Eastern descent.

  5. Public spectacle ?? Should Al Sharpton wear tails & have a steam calliope playing when his train pulls into Downtown ??

  6. We need to see the complete video. the family only saw 20seconds, the prosecutor says there’s more to it. Nobody knows what happened without witnesses and/or the complete video. I think this video is one-sided because we don’t know what happened. Everybody’s coming to a conclusion. But Brown had an outstanding warrant. Did he know it? Did he speak to the officers first? There are too many holes that need to be filled.

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