‘Educating A Girl Is Educating The Whole Nation’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

‘Educating A Girl Is Educating The Whole Nation’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


Tiwonge Mazizwa shares how a KIND Fund scholarship has helped her go further with her education in Malawi. Aired on 12/31/2020.
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‘Educating A Girl Is Educating The Whole Nation’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

19 Comments on "‘Educating A Girl Is Educating The Whole Nation’ | The Last Word | MSNBC"

  1. Did you run out of Trump
    Material Lawrence

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  3. The future is in our hands | December 31, 2020 at 12:48 AM | Reply

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  4. Absolutely, hopefully her parents have school choice so they can make sure she gets a GOOD education. My opinion

    • Don’t look to the United States as an example of ‘school choice’ options to benefit the disadvantaged, because the reverse is true in the US, and elitist snobs like DeVos try to wrap in faux noble intentions what is really an effort to usurp funding from the disadvantaged and lavish it onto the privileged.

  5. Great job K.I.N.D foundation

  6. Pity that the same cannot be donated here to help poor children that are US citizens. But then I keep forgetting Charity DOES NOT begin at home. And it is just not as interesting to donate to poor Americans so your friends are less impressed.

    • The main reason US children suffer is not from a lack of resources but corruption. There is plenty of money to spend on healthcare/infrastructure/etc but your public officials have squandered that money to appease corporations. These corporations AND Western governments are still exploiting these developing countries.

      There are plenty of US based charities to help US children. Americans themselves are in the 1% of the World yet youre still counting pennies being sent to help children. Jeez.

    • @Zu Mu although I agree we should be charitable especially to children, the US government and churches give billions in money, food, water wells, shelter, education, medical personnel and supplies however, most of the money we contribute goes into the pockets of corrupt leaders of the receiving countries. So let’s just be honest, corruption is not isolated in the US. If you wish to see what the US gives out go to foreignassistance.gov it will give you the amounts requested by each country and what the US paid. Have a happy New Year.

    • @s w Please show me this data?

      The majority of the money goes to administrative costs for these so called charities. The way I see this stuff is as an investment. An educated and more developed country will buy goods/services. There is less war and better local support during natural disasters.

      Its sad but many of these corrupt leaders are in power because they service US interest. Some of these peoples are living in situations that were directly precipitated by Western interference or power vacuums. So its weird for me to just be like “sucks to be you” to a child who was born in the wrong circumstances. How many Einsteins or Galileo’s does humanity need to lose because they were born the wrong ethnicity/gender/socioeconomic status?

      Lets face it, the US government has no interest in actually helping these countries. It invests in programs/good will operations that have a specific benefit to them (or corporations based there). There are some great charities that help create long term improvements (eg. Building wells). Thats what I support

  7. beautifully said, ty ms mazizwa and mr o’donnell! so very happy for you young lady! God bless you all, happy new year to you and to everyone!

  8. And educating a boy is not just as important?

    • @Sarita Ingalsuo No it doesn’t, it’s great to see all children educated but it doesn’t magically stop them having children or being unemployed.

    • @Zu Mu So the message should be ALL children should be educated, please don’t try and tell me that there are boys from poor families who are not missing out on going to school because their parents can’t afford it.

    • @Thyalwaysseek Well, I agree, and I almost would say that you’re not trying to lie anymore… However, I truly think that you just miss the mental ability to understand the topic.
      So let us stay to the facts:
      – 81% or eight out of 10 students experience sexual harassment in school
      – 83% of girls have been sexually harassed
      – 78% of boys have been sexually harassed
      – 32% of students who had experienced sexual harassment did not want to return to school after it occurred. This included 37% of female students and 25% of male students.

      Same educational opportunities? It’s obvious, you have no clue about where you’re writing about.

    • @Thyalwaysseek This year the famous Notorius RBG died: she was one of the 9 girls in a class of 500 and although she had become a mother during her study years, she graduated first of her class.
      Next she couldn’t find a job as a woman, and a woman with a child.
      This year she died age 87 and being considered as one of the most important juridical genius and although left, leading figure in the by Republicans dominated High Court.
      Nothing magical about that…you just don’t know facts and woman.

    • @Thyalwaysseek Indeed ZuMu, it has no use to try to tell you anything..in fact we only use your remarks because they are so obvious full of prejudices and lack of knowledge.
      So many thanks, normally we only meet educated people who know where they are talking about.

  9. Such an inspirational title. Surely the end of racism is just around the corner. Epstein killed himself and Biden got 80M votes.

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