Elderly Woman Washed Away | JCF Failing to Discipline Some Cops | TVJ Midday News - Oct 1 2021 1

Elderly Woman Washed Away | JCF Failing to Discipline Some Cops | TVJ Midday News – Oct 1 2021


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  1. I am just feeling so low right now,, I can imagine the fear and fright that this poor woman faced as the water came down on her

  2. So what if people don’t want it, one way or another we will survive God nah sleep, unu want people dash weh them life kmt, leave people alone to their own choices

    1. @Dadrean Green All this corruption and political power married to corruption and criminals and you said nothing but it takes vaccines for you’ll to be speaking.

    2. @Claudette Bennett coercion is illegal, the day somebody can forcing something into your body without your will your life is over, thought unu did have little wisdom, yuh ever see government a help people,why them ignore the people them issues all the time from back in a slavery, them sell us, use us, kill us, experiment many evil virus on us, now u beleive that they have our best interest at heart, they killed all the prophets that really cared about us, all our heroes haha, the system capture your mind it’s obvious, you can’t think, think with facts and not with what you are told to believe, why them never care all along, you think everybody dunce what is wrong with somebody making their own choice, bet yuh say anyhow that gwaan nuff a unu ago end up regret it Satan is a lier, keep believing him

    3. @Alice O’Connor I got covid and I heal myself with herbs and prayer, God is unlimited…praise be to God he has given us the herbs and prayer I wish u all the best though…don’t let Babylon trick you

    4. Well said, prepare your gear have no fear don’t become easily scare don’t let the Vax come too near this capital flu can be treat as I said prepare with gears both natural and over the counter meds get naturally IMMUNITY and get cloth mask

  3. Andrew lie so till God ago drop a piece a judgement pon him, when God done wid him him ago reel out dem whole agenda. My father never sleeps and anything done in darkness MUST come to light.

    1. Sheyja Logan: I am a Christian as well, let’s be careful in judging people while invoking the Lord’s name…We do not want “judgment on our head.”

  4. Ezekiel 38:22,23 . So sad to say when God see it fit surely his wrath will be felt judgement will come Lord God Almighty save our country forgive us .We are in no standing for a monsterous storm just now nor an earthquake nor a tsunami Jesus !!!! Grant us your mercy in Jesus Name a living Amen

  5. A when since the non progressive government them past or present ever did concern whether poor class people live or die.The government must concern itself with making, education mandatory, health mandatory, employment mandatory, housing mandatory, the dispensing of justice mandatory…etc,etc,etc in implementing all the things suggested would legitimize it’s governance

    1. One hundred percent with what you say my dear look what the guns are doing to people who cares about that talking about vaccine is important and it can’t help you.

  6. Well the part of news that stands out for me is how a poor country like Africa donated $millions worth of vaccines to us, which Pharmaceutical company is there so as to make such a donation. He could not even disclose the name fluently.

    1. The vaccines was donated to the African platform by wealth countries such as France in the first place, it’s not like any African countries bought the vaccines and gave it to Jamaica.
      They basically gave away some of what they got.

    2. *RASTAFARI…JAH…H.I.M… speaks on spirituality…A wealth of information contained…Check it…Marcus Garvey say:Africa for African’s @ home & abroad…a people without knowledge of their past is like a tree without rootz…Africa is a continent…many countries about 53…& is the richest where all the so called currently richest countries have plundered…Study to shew thy self approved…know the truth…it shall set you/we/i & i free…Got to change programmed tune of negativity against self & Africa…do some real research…First civilization…luv our people…Selah…*

  7. The INDECOM commissioner seems to be giving credence to the people who they have not evaluate their credibility… Has he ever been into the prison system and noted how many people denied their guilt. These people are giving their subjective views.

  8. Andrew send it to the community that we don’t have to go there and wait long .That you must do fool.

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