Election official says Trump said she should be ‘potentially executed’

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson says that in the aftermath of the 2020 election, former President Trump said that she should be tried for treason and potentially executed. A spokesperson for former President Trump denied the allegation to NBC news. Benson speaks with John Berman and Erica Hill. #CNN #News


  1. I commend Secretary of State Ms. Benson for taking a loud vocal stance against the autocrats trying to take over the country. Goddess be with her and keep her and all her reputable colleagues safe.

  2. “The worst thing about Trump isn’t what we’ve learned about him, it’s what we’ve learned about our family, friends and neighbors who support him.”

    1. @singasong isn’t that what y’all democrats do with trump anytime republicans are in the conversation?🤔

    2. I doubt Trump can tell the differences between a lie and a truth when he uses it interchangeably‼️🙄

    1. Dump denounced US intelligence in the presence of his lover in Helsinki, and he has the audasity to call her a traitor….How dare you.

  3. The sad thing is that no matter how much evidence or examples are brought to light, Drumpf continues to live freely and spread “happiness”.

  4. Ms. Benson is an outstanding individual! We applaud your braveness! Why is Trump not in jail?!

    1. @jk22222sd He still is. Anyone else, i.e. like you or me, would be in the big house by now. And I dont care if you call it prison or jail

  5. I’m sick that our hard earned tax dollars are protecting an idiot that spends his day threatening others!!!

    1. She said someone called her. Saying that Trump said that she should be charged with treason. She has no proof that Trump said that.

  6. Happy to see that still, some brave and honest officials resist GOP’s putinization of politics

  7. I also commend Ms. Benson for her courage. How can Trump keep getting away with threatening people??

  8. I’m proud to have her, Michiganders need to wake up and keep these true patriots and women safe, vote these Republican traitors out. Or we’ll be just another statistic state failing like the others. Our democracy is collapsing.

  9. I think people should start civilly suing everyone who makes false claims against them especially if there’s threats involved

  10. It is shameful that the justice system isn’t doing more to hold those issuing the threats accountable.

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