US accuses Russia of triggering global food crisis

The US will give Ukraine an additional $215 million in emergency food assistance to help the country battle the humanitarian crisis brought on by Russia's invasion, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced, as he called on other countries to swiftly act in order to tackle the growing global food crisis. #CNN #News


  1. The world is a mess at this pace we would be lucky to make it 2030 without starving or blowing each other up

  2. On a daily basis, I hear people warn about a coming food crisis. The primary solution they champion is billions of dollars in aid. That is fine, but they need to talk about a solution that many people can do to take matters into their own hands. The people who can need to be getting out there and planting a Victory Garden. We need to take a lesson from the past and learn from our ancestors.

    Plant a little. Plant a lot.
    Put a seed in the ground or a flower pot.
    But plant your heart out. Plant for all it’s worth.
    Its worth will become very apparent this coming Fall when the cold comes forth.
    So, please, I beg your pardon.
    Why don’t we hear anything at all about a Victory Garden?

    1. @xenoyer the destroyer. I’m starting my garden this week. I’m going to spread the word to loved ones

    2. Beginning in the 1980s, I understand, our educational system shifted emphasis away from individual achievement, towards the premise of team achievement.
      The goal was to reinforce the idea of working in groups or teams.
      This took place due to pressure from corporate interests.
      That came about due to ‘globalist’ philosophies.

      You are a cog in a machine.
      You are to work in a team in adulthood.
      This is of greatest benefit to corporations.
      This is what they want.

      On average, you will generate three dollars for the corporation for which you will work, for every dollar that you get to keep for your efforts.

      This is to ensure that people who own preferred stock in these corporations continue to arrive quarterly dividends on par with their expectations.

      This is why H. Ross Perot popped off about NAFTA, for example.
      This is why the COVID hoax was propagated, albeit quite poorly.

      Over 60% of the small businesses went under during this time in our country.
      This was intentional and engineered.

      That’s why.
      There is more relevant detail that I could attest to, given personal experience and knowledge.

      But you get the idea.


  3. Wait wait wait. Who put a ban on one of the largest raw foods exporters?
    Which country mined the waters because they have no real naval presence to speak of?

  4. Viva Russia 🇷🇺🇨🇳🇮🇷🇪🇷🇸🇦🇮🇳🇧🇷🇪🇹🇿🇦🇸🇩🇸🇸🇰🇵🇸🇾leeeeeeeeets goooo game over west, tables have turned🙌🏽🙏🏽

  5. Remember the Weaponization of food in the UN’s Oil for Food Program in 1990’s Iraq? Talk about a Food Crisis?

  6. Even if Russia wanting to sell it could not because the USA has blocked it from the SWIFT payment system.

  7. Two days ago CNBC reported that Ukraine has *PROHIBITED* the export of wheat, oats, millet, and sugar. Sorry, you’ll just have to shop somewhere else!

  8. It’s hard to be taken seriously when the news copy rhymes, but despite her best efforts, she still sorta said “putting the grain on a train out of Ukraine.”

  9. Why is Africa dependant on white bread from the other side of the world? Can’t they grow other crops locally with less carbon spent on transport? I hear that food exports to Russia re still allowed and the junk food instant coffee company Nestle is working there. All business with Russia should be banned. They are able to sustain themselves easily on buckweat and wodka.

  10. Perhaps instead of reliance on food programs only, there is a need for harvest farmers to get directly involved in flying in with loads of seeds and through that of their know how, planting on approved land that is protected, from wildlife animals and or insect bugs. That in combination with water wells, and access to clean water. There has to be more than one solution to any nation impacted.

  11. Anyone remember how Obama dunked on Romney during their debate and everybody thought it was soooo funny? Romney wanted to boost military and navy spending to prepare for an altercation with Russia and Obama said “the 1980s called and wants their foreign policy back” yea…
    Pepperidge farms remembers

  12. Russia’s response was brilliant. “I am rubber, Ukraine is glue.”
    Once upon a time, Russia used to be good at lying. These days it’s like they aren’t even trying.

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