Ex-CIA director: ‘Staggering’ cost to Russia in Mariupol

The commander of the Azov Regiment issued a video message from inside Mariupol's Azovstal steel plant saying that the top military leadership had "issued an order to preserve the garrison soldiers' life and health and stop defending the city." Former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus (Ret.) discusses the cost of the battle for Mariupol with CNN’s Kate Bolduan. #CNN #News


  1. Greatly appreciate the General’s comment on Ukrainian’s deciding what would be considered on what areas are important for them to retain. Too many wood-be voices on what point they surrender their own country. Putin needs to pack up his broken ego and go home, and stay there. Slava Ukraine…

  2. This whole process from February 24 and before is totally sick. How many people on both sides have been killed, maimed and displaced.

    1. @Cr Hu Yes the Russians began it. The Ukrainian people will finish it !!!! Slava Ukrain!!

  3. prayers for the ones that are POW right now. both sides. most the russians, esp young kids, think they are doinf the right thing. fighting for their country. its all just terrible. no regard for human life. may god have mercy on you all

    1. Russians liberate the territories of the DPR and LPR, Mariupol was successfully liberated from the Ukrainian military who invaded the territory of the DPR

    1. @natasha maier I’m so tired of you people always bringing up the border, please find another grievance because this one is boring..

    1. @gerard02700 so he was already released from the Ukrainian military, Mariupol is the territory of the DPR

  4. Ukrainians are on a whole different level. I salute these people. The were definitely not raised soft.

    1. The OTAN was behind em supporting the movement financing paramilitary groups, providing weapons n personnel!. Ukraine wasn’t fighting alone n their achievements on the battlefield r not theirs alone cause they’re so good making war!!..

    1. Years, Ukraine oppressed donbass people.
      Where are you??? Sleeping???
      Now, DPR attacks oppressors.
      Suddenly, you try to be ‘good’.
      Are you hypocrite?

  5. Those Elders barely able to walk to stumble through the wreckage, the toddlers doing the same is an image that speaks to the courage of the Ukrainians because those same Elders turn around and say ” kick the occupiers out of our country.”

    1. True… hence why they are happy that the Russians are doing just that by removing the Ukrainian occupiers from Novorossiya territory

  6. I think this whole mess has had a staggering cost for everybody. Even people who don’t even live on that side of the world.

    1. This is true. Grain deliveries to Africa and the middle east have almost halted for example.

      To put it in perspective though, the costs so far are not even a drop in the barrel compared to what we spent in Afgahnistan and Iraq.

      The real question is whether the costs are justified.

    2. Yes, you are right. I have shed many tears over this invasion. Ukraine is the one place in the world that I wanted to vist. That was maybe 6 months or so ago. I look at the 4k videos of some of the cities of Ukraine and realize it will never be the same. My heart breaks for the people of Ukraine.

  7. Sadly, “the battlefield of Mariupol” is actually the community/homes of real families.

    1. If t you are a veteran of war it makes your si what to the real people that have been caught in this all the more callous

  8. Few months after Thermopylae, the Greeks fighting for their freedom, defeated Persian invaders at Salamis and Plataea. Few month after Mariupol, the Ukrainians will defeat Russian invaders.

    1. @Artman I don’t think so. Spartans never waged war in a more destructive or more cruel waynthan their enemies. And they never ever had any ideology that Sparta had to conquer and lead all of Greece, not to mention the world, because they were a superior race. The ones with ambitions to rule the world were the Persians.

    2. Actually in this case the Persians were the good guys as the Spartans were a slave society and the Persians had abolished slavery plus they had religious tolerance, the movie 300 is not a historically accurate movie don’t get your historical knowledge from it.

    1. why? key city has been taken. The most professional and motivated soldiers of the Ukrainian army are either killed or in captivity. It’s an absolute win

  9. Can you imagine the aftermath of this whole thing you’re walking down this block and they are dead bodies on the other side broken buildings it’s a nightmare🤔

  10. 😢😢😢
    So worried about Ukrainian soldiers … May God be with you … 🙏❤️🇺🇦

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