Trump attacked Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. Watch Kemp’s response

CNN's Jeff Zeleny is in Evans, Georgia, ahead of the state's gubernatorial primary. Zeleny speaks with Georgia Republican voters who support Trump, but also appear to be backing incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp over his Trump-backed challenger, former Senator David Perdue. #CNN #News


  1. DJT needs to go back to real estate where he is a genius at bankrupting his casinos and hotels.

    1. He needs to be prosecuted and serve lots of jail time. Perhaps Madoffs old cell.

  2. Personally I don’t care for Republicans. However I do believe we need more Brad Raffenspburgers in politics. An honest politician how rare.

    1. @Zubar haha oh brother… wake up save the nation… from fuel to formula… make America. Great again…No NWO Green New Deal NO Agenda 2030

    2. @Zubar 6uild 6ack 6etter..haha learn how to vote ..remember make America great again voter ID for all legal Americans… Durham = P A I N…enjoy and make 🍿

  3. It is mind boggling that people even think about supporting a person that calls everybody losers among other things that is not how a leader acts

  4. He’s a coward did he hide in a bunker when people were peacefully protesting ,. Ow wait that was Donald trump

    1. It’s so sad that this is who people have to keep voting for, shoot me or stab me candidates… Smh

    2. @ana Maria guadayal. Yes, vote for Stacy Abrams. She won’t take away a woman’s right to choose or ban contraceptives. Women won’t end up in prison for miscarrying.

    1. What’s the difference between a Trump supporter and an athletic supporter? The athletic supporter actually supports someone with balls.

  5. Abrams is the #1choice! #VoteBlue Eventhough Brien Kemp was honest in acknowledging that Trump lost in 2020! Stop all the trump chosen gQp nominees they aren’t qualified, IMO! #VoteBlueVetWho #Abrams#1

  6. Let’s elect Stacey Abrams this time for sure! Kemp cheated her out of a win the first time by deleting people’s names off the voter rolls without notice or permission! Stay on top of it and send someone who will really defend bread and butter issues for us here in Georgia and make the world a better place. Stacey has earned it with all her hard work and proven herself a true advocate.

    1. Voting laws have gotten even stricter in GA…..aimed to blunt the minority vote…….additionally, given the current economy, you will likely see a lower voter turn out among Blacks in Ga ( as everywhere), and this wont help Adams or Warnock in the least……..very unfortunate situation for the Dems.

    2. @Anth C I’m black and I just voted for Abrams and Warnock. I’m starting to think all this talk of voter purging is BS. I wasn’t purged and voted 2 weeks ago.

    3. @Miss Grinch hope u are right….for the sake of georgia’s Black voters….but that will be determined in the aftermath of the election.

    4. @Anth C it’s up to black voters to care and check their registration. The same thing I did multiple times.

  7. I am a lifelong Democrat but I respect the Governor and Secretary of State of Georgia for upholding the integrity of our election. There will always be republicans, but they must be noble conservatives that will protect the constitution from madmen like trump.

    1. Right! Trump has never controlled his speech and that’s been attractive to you all this time gramps.

  8. I heard walker talking and if he couldn’t carry a football he would still be in first grade he cannot answer simple questions

  9. Trump’s condemnation is the bellwether of your effectiveness. Bizarrely he does it to his own. Keep it up Donny.

  10. “Defeat the losers….” said the 2020 loser. “I need to think about that” thought Hershel Walker.

  11. I remember when CNN was on-site to get the reactions from the victims of the Christmas Parade Killer.. remember when they profiled and broke down the person who would commit this horrible act of evilness.. does anyone remember when the relatives or loved ones of the victims were interviewed and given a nice coverage piece? Ok, well then would could be the difference between these 2 issues? 🤔

  12. It’s nice to see a Republican got real balls 😂 I hope he wins the Republican primary but loses the general election.🤣🤣

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