Trevor Reed describes conditions in Russian prison and fearing for his life

Former US Marine Trevor Reed speaks with CNN's Jake Tapper about his time as a prisoner in Russia, following Reed's recent return to the United States. The exclusive sit-down interview will air in the CNN Special Report, Finally Home: The Trevor Reed Interview, this Sunday, May 22 at 8pmET on CNN and CNN International. #CNN #News


  1. U.S. prisons may be violent, but nothing compared to overseas prisons. I worked in Bangkok and had to drive past what is considered the most violent prison in the world. Just being near the place gave me the creeps. I saw a special documentary on Russian prisons and while health conditions are basically clean, the treatment is rough and the prisoners are treated like dogs. I guess the phrase “ Can’t do the time, don’t do the crime” really applies outside the U.S.

    1. Our prisions are definately more violent. Especially considering that most other countries they dont lock you down and you able to have MANY more freedoms than in this country. The prisons in south america are more like small cities. You are allowed almost anything inside as oppose to nothing here. You can have women , weapons guns and i mean out in the open. And considering all this the violence is limited compared to US.

    2. @Zurround! 1000 they can not cast or treat a broken arm for three weeks, they starve. Profit prisons are ran by 3rd world guards. Jester in Houston. Entirely Nigerian guards force. How do u think they treat US prisoners?

    3. @Zurround! 1000 u assume much. There has to be an interest. Most people don’t know the Phiillipens has a terrorists problem.

    4. Well, if you’re a son of a rich n powerfull oligarch in indonesia prison sentence is just a facade, a paper work.
      In mid 2000, a son of oligarch shot dead a bartender, just because his celebrity girlfriend complimented the bartender good look.
      He was sentenced to 4yr in prison. But lots of people saw him in the wimbledon vip seats.😅

    5. then you need to visit more prisons in the US. i have visited 7 of them across the country. penitentiary, county jail and prison. you should see what they do to prisoners in solitary.

  2. I loved what he said about hope… only other person who seems to feel like it’s a double edged sword… I wish him the best recovery and welcome home

    1. @Rebecca If the guy was enough of a jerk to get so drunk and belligerent that his own FRIENDS had to call the cops on him even if it was just an attempt to help him calm down then I don’t like the guy. What happened to him was an injustice but I would never be friends with a jerk like him.

    1. ‘Reed, who arrived in Russia on a tourist visa, was detained by the police in Moscow in August 2019 after his neighbors complained about a drunk man arguing with women. Reed attacked police officers in a car when he was being taken to a police station.’
      He was a violent drunkard that assaulted police officers. That’s why he was arrested.

    2. @Josephus S Well if that is the case it kind of make sense, I don’t suppose he apologized and ask court for forgiveness being that even the interviewer calls him cocky.

  3. I’m glad Trevor Reed is out & safe!, however, We have our own horror shows here In The US prison systems, incl. chronically abusive guards, the cruel punishment of years of solitary confinement, and the imprisonment of people for decades for non-violent crimes, like having weed/pot on themselves. Our unjust prison system, bc it’s all about affording the best lawyers, costs the taxpayers a minimum of about $45,000.00 per year per prisoner, and all for pot? Or three strikes & your out laws, and that can be stealing bikes!!!

    1. i am quite familiar with CA prisons and they aren’t even CLOSE to the prison he describes. Trust me. CA inmates have TONS of rights. There is simply no comparison. Let’s stay realistic people.

    2. In the United Kingdom you wood only get a slap on the
      for wrist for those small activities .
      In the worst scenario you may get sent to jail for one or two years only………but only do half the sentence……………. on good behaviour….

  4. Hopefully he learned his lesson and managed to keep his drinking habits in lane…
    I used to work as a bartender and I lost count the amount of times that I saw young guys (21-25) running their mouths,getting into fights and altercations only to draw attention to themselves especially when girls were around…

  5. Could everyone defending this young man tell me what they would do if he got drunk and fought with a cop here in America?

    1. @Jonas Mendez He would have just had all evidence proving his innocence withheld and or destroyed and be forced to fight wildfires?

  6. Anyone that’s ever been locked up on pretrial knows what it feels like to deny yourself any kind of hope because that hope will destroy you when it’s ripped away

  7. I would love to see the video being shown in the UK About this lad been prisoner in Russian , & it sounds very interesting Of his story while being in prison.

  8. “Just a hole in the floor”. As a Russian citizen I do confirm you this, but it’s not only in the prison, even children in some far rural schools have the same configuration of “toilets”.

  9. That will take a long time, if ever, to get over. I will be keeping him in my prayers for a long time to come.

    1. *@NoYourWrong1* Just stop your propaganda will you? You’re waisting your time. It’s a *huge* difference, incomparable. I’m from Russia with dual citizenship (russian/american).

    2. *@NoYourWrong1* You can’t reed? I said it’s NOTHING compare to Russia. You get that? NOTHING.

    3. *@NoYourWrong1* That’s why so many millions of russians left their country and still running away from there, like crazy. It’s a good reason for that. Only in America is over 5 millions of *legal* immigrants from Russia. And close to 13 millions all around the world, may be more. With America it’s absolutely opposite situation… Wonder why.)))

  10. Grateful he made it out, it’s a testament to him that he survived. This is a true miracle , GOD bless his family,and he is a real man, Marine, and hero of his own making.

  11. I had a feeling there’s a lot more under the surface to his arrest than what was shared with the public. Being a former marine, he could’ve been in Russia for work-related stuff that got him into trouble. In any case, being locked up in any country as a foreigner with no in-prison support is 10 times worse. You stick out like a whale in a school dolphins. Also, prison is prison, No matter where you are in the world, it’ll be hell in there not holiday.

  12. Imagine things being so horrible you lose hope… I’ve been there. Granted, not a Russian prison. But addiction can feel like a prison. I am glad he is reunited with his family!!🙏🏻💯💕

    1. Addiction is comparable… thats the worst part about it when you note it’s a prison but of your own making to some degree. The feeling you can’t win, you’ll never escape it because you’re too weak. Be so unbelievably proud of yourself, life can be a game from here on and in the best way because you’ve outclassed the hardest part already.

    2. @pottyputter05 I am 4 years sober and out of my incredibly abusive relationship for 18 years. I think you are reading too deep into what I was implying… The loss of hope, regardless of the scale is truly a horrific thing to experience.

  13. I just watched this interview,coming from a Marine Corps family even though he is no longer in the Corps ,it broke my heart ,thank god he’s back home ,it will take a lot of therapy for him to recover from this ,but he seems like a strong man ,well of course he is ,once a Marine always a Marine .

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