Element of fear surrounding vaccine passports: bioethicist 1

Element of fear surrounding vaccine passports: bioethicist


University of Toronto bioethicist Kerry Bowman says vaccine passports involve an element of worry and fear.

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  1. Come on Liberals you know you want yellow stars of the chest of anyone who dares not to get the poke.

  2. The great Carlin said it best: Freedoms? You never had any, all you ever had is privileges, and those can be taken away at will.

  3. To travel abroad maybe makes sense, but within your own country is belittling and invasive. Do we have to show proof of any other vaccines while travelling within our own country? This smacks of “papers please” and yellow stars sewn onto clothing.

  4. This does affect small business, as if someone who’s a frequent customer is no longer able to go there then that’s lose of income… haven’t small business gone through enough?

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