Elijah Wood opens up about 'The Lord of the Rings' turning 20 | USA TODAY 1

Elijah Wood opens up about ‘The Lord of the Rings’ turning 20 | USA TODAY


"No Man of God" star Elijah Wood talks about the surreal 20th anniversary of "The Lord of the Rings."


When "The Lord of the Rings" ended in 2003 – culminating in an 11-Oscar sweep for "The Return of the King," including best picture – Elijah Wood might've easily panicked.

After all, how does one follow up the biggest fantasy franchise of all time, which propelled him to global stardom as ring-bearing hobbit Frodo Baggins? Instead, the former child actor used the series as a launching pad to pursue increasingly eclectic projects.

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  1. 20 years! Amazing!. It is another movie classic. Like Star wars and others popular movie sagas. I enjoyed reading the books in the 70s and then the movies in the 2000s 🤗

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  3. 👋🏼 Hi Elijah! I love your work, except for LOTR. Were you trying to make me racist by watching it? Who are the Elvish suppose to be in real life? 🤔

  4. My favorite movie 🎥 ever!!! I can watch them a million times and always found a new detail. Master piece!

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