Elizabeth Warren claps back at moderator’s age question

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren gives a strong retort when asked about her age at the PBS NewsHour/POLITICO debate. #CNN #News


  1. Bernie and Warren transgress age – they are the exception to the rule – they are unusual – *they are NOT an advertisement for older people being in power!*

    THEY ARE AN ADVERTISEMENT for staying healthy, fit, grass routs, down to earth, passionate, standing for something, vision principle.
    But NOT old age. BIDEN is old age personified “lets go back to a time when everyone was nice to each other and lets not change anything”

    1. DATING HARLEY QUINN Perhaps you mean “transcend” age. “Transgress” carries a connotation of violating rules, like they use steroids or something.

    2. @Kathleen Flacy – thats exactly my point – they BRAKE the rule that old people [as politicians] are out of touch, slow, lacking in creativity, stuck in the past, a hindrance to progression, disliked by the younger generation, and a general barrier to progress or advancement.

    1. The Democratic party has many potential candidates who have great ideas and are very smart.

      After nearly four years of Donald Trump the bulk of Americans are looking for competency . . . they are looking for qualified people . . . worthy of trust . . . to address the issues that impact their daily lives.

      The question for Democrats should not be which one of their fine candidates do they place in a position of *singular titular authority* . That is an old way of thinking and that it’s what needs to change to move America forward at this critical time.

      Read any highly regarded book on executive – – business or military – – leadership and you will learn the smartest, most successful executives are not afraid to hire people . . . *smarter than they are* to work for them. They *are not insecure about their position* unlike President #45 is.

      The winning strategy for a Democratic candidate in this field is to proactively and aggressively *run a Solution Team for America* .

      Maybe that’s a candidate like Cory Booker . . . who’s on the verge a falling off of the debate stage. Or maybe its a candidate like Joe Biden . . . who commands a significant following and respect within the party but who has shown signs of selective weakness in the debates.

      Imagine if you could get 100% of each Democratic primary candidate’s support to turn out vigorously in the general election in November.

      Trump would surely lose and Democrats surely take the Senate . . . keep the House . . . and be able to govern progressively. They would address the problems of the bulk of American and then win a resounding landslide in a re-election in 2024.

      The candidate who *convincingly and proactively commits* . . . in words, action and reputation-staking-pledges . . . to *DECENTRALIZED POWER* to their erudite, passionate Cabinet Secretaries . . . hereafter expressed and treated as *Assistant President of **_______* . . . would guarantee a Democrat wins in 2020 AND would secure themselves a highly favorable place in the history books.

      Barack Obama showed the way in 2008 when he selected Hillary Clinton, not as VP, but as Secretary of State.

      What *one position* on the team would Elizabeth Warren’s supporters want her to play? Where could she have undeniable favorable progressive impact if empowered? I say as Treasury Secretary. Those at the lower end of the economic spectrum would see soundly thought out *Tax and Fiscal policies biased towards them* .

      Does anybody think that if Bernie Sanders *RAN & OWNED* Health and Human Services in America for 8 years that are *healthcare coverage crisis* wouldn’t be solved?

      Imagine Kamala Harris as *Attorney General* of the United States. Would she not prosecute Donald Trump, Bill Barr, Rudy Giuliani, Kelly Anne Conway or any other person that has adversely contributed to the decline (since 2017) in accountability and American principles of equality, fairness and social justice that have sustained this country for 243 years? Even her critics would bet that this outsized impact would appeal to her ambitions.

      Andrew Yang as an empowered Secretary of Commerce . . . how could he move the country forward . . . in the lane best suited for him?

      Tulsi Gabbard as VA Secretary . . . who better than her *to own* solving the problems of the Veterans administration?

      For a minute, imagine Biden as the top of the ticket nominee and VP Pete Buttigieg as one of the “Next Generation” Democrats to take the baton from him in 2024 or 2028. Or put Bernie the top of the ticket and replace him at HHS, I don’t care.
      Swap in Booker or Castro for any of these roles, it wouldn’t change the fundamental strategy.

      But run a team like this . . . instead of a singular titular lead . . . “before the Democratic Convention* in Milwaukee . . . and put the Republicans back on their heels . . . and put Donald Trump out of the Whitehouse.

      The Democrats don’t win without a motivated African Anerican base powering turnout. Whoever the nominee is . . . they’d better commit to and lock down EARLY . . . real positions of power for people such as Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Deval Patrick, Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum and Susan Rice to excite this vital part of the Democratic base.

  2. If I could offer a best bet for Americans, I think the way to win 2020 election is a Warren / Yang combination. Only Warren and Yang together would meet the 13 Keys to the White House by Professor and American political historian Allan Lichtman. Not any of the rest of the other Democratic Candidates.

    1. Honestly, I agree with you and would like to add that as a society we should have more respect for well spoken and highly educated individuals.

  3. Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang are by far the youngest candidates on the stage, if you measure youth by being open to new ideas. Warren is also quicker on her feet, physically and mentally, than everyone else there.

  4. Bernie or Warren are my top choices. We need to act fast on the environment, and either of them would be great.

  5. Incorrect, Cuomo. What the F? It was all over the news Pete was holding closed door fundraisers and we saw protesters outside of it.

    How disappointing all of the panel talks over a female candidate again. Notice how it was all the men who talked and cut her off. So sick of male panelist.

  6. The devil has his power because of the republican party an their fallen Angel’s like trump mitch lyndsey pedifile jordon an others !

    1. Yes, she’s my candidate too.. but we can’t Liz or bust or Bernie or bust whoever wins the primary has to get our vote.. that’s where we F up last time.. Trump & Republicans has to go at least all the Dems. Can be persuaded to change there minds where’s Republicans don’t give no fucks.. & our courts are being changed for years to come & RBG wants to retire.. so unfortunately I’m not looking for perfect just better

    1. BCT bolshevik Bernie/pocahontas for supreme soviet leader ! Good little communist . Marx would be proud of you . Trump 2020

  7. I just wish my democratic congressman would at least try to up lift my community. Do some type of improvement.

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