1. @Cool Beans this is simple sampling which we do for all kinds of things like populations of endangered species when we tag them and do research… all the way to just about any scientific research it’s not gonna be precise every time but it’s a lot closer than you’re thinking and has nothing to do with media or CNN. Fox news, pew research center you name it all the places do their own polls but just cause a media outlet is running a poll doesnt mean they’re method is media based bs its scientific sample size research with extrapolations to larger numbers of people, you could maybe point out how they did it wrong at some point but the idea itself seems to be a sound way to find out a baseline.

    2. + Eric Williams Nor I nor my family at least in person. I’ve done a few on line but they were not about the economy or jobs.

    1. Ancel Rick 180,000 jobs per month (1.7 million) since Trump have been added. Look that up anywhere you want. Even anti-trump sites if you like

    2. @Kevin Holdorff – Still a lot fewer jobs have been created under Trump than were created under Obama in his last 30 months. Clinton created over 18.5 million jobs. More than 11 million under Obama. If you don’t believe me, look that up! Here’s one article. (see link below) Forbes isn’t exactly a left-wing magazine, so please don’t shout “fake news.’ Also the market isn’t performing nearly as well as it did under Obama. The GDP is falling (only 1.9% last quarter) too.

    3. + Robert L Ross I thought the name was Harrier and they made air conditioners. The company moved to Mexico because of cheep labor and I for one have not even bothered looking at their products and don’t plan to until they have the courage to move the manufacturing back to the U.S.! I do understand from my evening news that there have been many jobs shut down in the U.S. and I believe that Trump’s jobs and economy are just a lot of hot air!

    1. Since Trump took office, more than seven million new jobs have been created. Unemployment has fallen from 4.8 percent to 3.5 percent, with African American and Hispanic unemployment at historic lows. In sharp contrast to the Obama era, the labor force has been growing rather than shrinking. More Americans are now working than ever before. Even with the largest workforce in our history, there are more job openings looking for employees to fill them than prospective employees looking for jobs.

      Given that no president running for reelection in the postwar era has been defeated with unemployment less than 7.4 percent, the record of Trump on the jobs front alone sets him as a formidable candidate for reelection. However, job creation and labor market growth are not the only measures of economic success. Gross domestic product growth has risen from the 2 percent average of the Obama years to 2.5 percent, with two quarters of the Trump years significantly clocking in above 3 percent.

      Moreover, Trump signed into law the Tax Cut and Jobs Act two years ago. Though Democrats derided it as a sop to the wealthy, a study showed that an average family of four, earning the median annual income of $73,000, received a cut in federal income taxes of more than $2,000. To the coastal elites who populate the modern Democratic Party, that may not be much more than their annual coffee bill, but to average families in the heartland, that is almost a 60 percent drop in their annual federal income tax bills.

      Since Trump was elected, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has soared by more than 50 percent to more than 28,000 points. The S&P 500 Index has climbed by more than 50 percent to more than 3,200 points. The Nasdaq Composite has risen by more than 70 percent to more than 8,800 points. If you think those gains go only to elites, think again, as about 100 million people have 401(k)s and 42 million households have individual retirement accounts. They know who is putting more money in their wallets and who is making it easier to save for retirement and pay for college for their kids.

    2. Agreed have you seen the Woman from Iowa that Deliberately ran over a 14 Year old Hispanic Girl and left her on the Road.. Luckily the Child Survived but the woman apparently went on a Racist Rant when they got her and admitted it was Intentional.. Trump has Empowered the Racists and Homophobes.. He Campaigned on Hate and Division and he is Perpetrating Hate and Division from The White House..

  1. This scumbag has been taking credit for Obama’s accomplishments since day one. His corporate tax cuts did absolutely nothing to benefit the economy at all.

    1. I agree. Germany felt that way and they got Hitler. However, the current economy is really not much better than it was when Trump was inaugurated. For example, unemployment has dropped 1.1%. Yes, there have been records set, but that’s because of the economy Trump inherited. Just look up the numbers and he’s actually slowed down the economic growth over the past few years. Fewer jobs have been created and the market isn’t performing nearly as well as it did in the same period. The GDP this year (2.1% Q2 and 1.9% Q3) shows the economy is weakening. This is the way I see it. If someone loses 80 pounds on a diet and then loses another 30 pounds, she’s slimmer than she’s ever been. So, yes, she has set records. But which diet program was stronger and more productive?

    2. How do you get food and shelter?? Better not say government programs! It’s jobs which come from a strong economy.

    1. @Christopher Barrett What is fairness to a democrat ? Income redistribution. We already have that and you are still broke. The only one that can help with your fiances is you. Get a better job, learn a new trade or skill and stop looking for handouts. Trump 2020

    2. @I like my own comments …. It’s infantile idiots like you that have made this country the cruel, ugly place it’s become.

    3. @Idid Whatever a trump hater says is facts to these people, they havent learned that politicians misrepresent the facts to smear their opponent. Tom steyer tries to make you think that the economy is a lie but he made it a priority to say that we have to beat trump on the economy last night because thats his strong point. This guy thinks voters are stupid and cant put 2 and 2 together, which unfortunately considering the poverty rate in a country that you can come from a 3rd world country with no education and not even speak a word of english and make millions…and alot do

  2. i like this guys passion, i dont see him as president, but i think he would make a great cabinet member. Mabey EPA or Enegery Sec.

    1. Yeah, he’s actually growing on me…seems very passionate about what he will do as president and just seems like a very nice guy. He’ll definitely be great addition to anyone’s cabinet.

  3. Our federal Government is so messed up under the Trump’s administration because Trump is so dishonest and racist, and corrupt

  4. I would feel proud to have Tom Steyer as our President. He seems honest, decent, intelligent and is kind. I love America 🇺🇸

    1. @B 81 Let us take heed of those soon to be very famous word spoken by none other than the Honorable?????senator Lindsay Graham “The best thing America can do right now is to tell Donald Trump to go to hell!” how about them apples?

    2. @CRAIG BAUER That TheRump economy was already being rebuilt and growing very well because of Obama if you take the time to check your figures and timing. The orange tarantula you call president is a fake and a fraud. He was having sex with a playmate and a porn star when he was married to Melania. I’d like to be one of her lawyers when she files divorce and learns she will get half of TheRumps net worth which should be about $47,00 when they get done with him. Hell he won’t have enough for anymore hair dye.

    3. james kenyon I did take the time to read who has done more the economy and Obama is no where close to Trump. Look up there GFP for the last 4 and Trumps first four quarters and tell me the difference. Remember said that Trump couldn’t hit the numbers that he was campaigning on. I guess Trump has a magic wand

  5. Turn out YES, BUT what about all the Democratic voters being/have been purged from the voter rolls—in more than one state to boot!

    1. You are absolutely right. It took Obama 8 years to fix the economy while Trump takes the credit. When he screws it up, the next president will get blamed.

  6. OMG – who cares if dems wanted to impeach from day 1! (not true of the majority of dems) But who cares? If the repubs it would be okay! Stop with the double standard!!! Any person would a brain would want to get a con man with has lead a life of scam and failed businesses out!

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