Joe Biden reacts to Obama’s statement on ‘old men’

In response to a question regarding former President Obama's stance on aging politicians, 2020 candidate Joe Biden said he did not think Obama was referring to him. #CNN #News


  1. The fact Biden was there when Obama was lying to the American ppl (Trump & Bush did as well) about Afghanistan is why I don’t trust him.

    1. should let fireWOMEN go FIRSTLY into any fire disasters or other disasters to save victims, because fireWOMEN are better than fireMEN.

      many FEMALE babysitters hurt & kill babies over the world.

      women DARE NOT play football with men, how can women fight with men? feminists use COMMUNISM TACTIC to make women have SAME POWER, and CHEAT KIDS.
      feminism = COMMUNISM = both of them love SAME REWARD SAME OUTCOME, but NOT SAME ABILITY & EFFORT.

      recently, many male hero die & get old, because feminists want WEAK WOMEN to replace male hero by COMMUNISM TACTIC.

      why new spiderSHORTmale are VERY SHORT, because in the future movies, want to make female WEAK hero look TALL & HIGH.

      in RACE, CHESS, RUBIK’S CUBE & the like, the champion must be MAN,
      because this kind of game & match, women CANNOT use COMMUNISM TACTIC to CHEAT PEOPLE, to make women have SAME ABILITY.
      but in WESTERN music award & sing contest & violin contest & the like, the winner goes to women often,
      because this kind of game, women EASILY to use COMMUNISM TACTIC & LIES to CHEAT PEOPLE, to make women have SAME REWARD.

      recently, some WESTERN fashion show are promoting
      FAT WOMEN (teach kids to accumulate EXCESS FAT in body), &
      SUPER THIN male model (while men are thin, then feminists can feel themselves MORE STRONG).

      why WESTERN feminists can do these bad things,
      because WESTERN men ALLOW them to do so,
      because WESTERN men not PUNISH bad women, and let bad women to CHEAT & HARM KIDS.
      because WESTERN men very very very want to get women’s love, so WESTERN men let bad women to harm kids, in order to exchange of women’s love.

      feminists are promoting FAKE EQUALITY, REAL COMMUNISM.

    2. @Deef Fourjay

      but u and we should trust women, should let fireWOMEN go FIRSTLY into any fire disasters or other disasters to save victims, because fireWOMEN are better than fireMEN.

  2. Why did CNN changed the video title and removed the word ”white” before old man ? Such a race baiting channel, no journalism only bias, they truly live in another culture bubble, guess the manager readed the comments and thought remove that word so we don’t give the Trump folks extra fuel so we don’t get exposed as the race baiting fake news channel we truly are.

    1. he could have done pushups in basic training but dodged the draft. yet he challanges an 83yo marine vet to do pushups ?

    1. Obama has no respect for elderly people, if a woman becomes a president, that’s cool, look what Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher were great. Obamas got Michelle ready to go, Obama thinks he is still Prez, he is just wanting to divide this nation more and more. Michelle will run, reason, got to have the limelight. It’s not going to be pleasant.

  3. We didn’t want Biden in 1988 or 2008. He has been in the corrupt political game that got us Trump. How can the corrupt executive branch of government fix the corrupt legislative branch? It can’t, they have equal power. Or did. When Trump is acquitted, we will have a tyrant. Russia is tampering right now. What is our government doing about that? Nothing. Can anyone else see what is going on? I am afraid our Republic is in its death throes and people are in denial. We have been the frog in the slowly heating water since Eisenhower’s warning. Now it is starting to boil.

  4. Biden has experience in putting $$$$ in his pocket and pawing children. and sniffing women’s hair . And he learned about roaches.

    1. that sounds like hear say.
      tell us about your time jumping in Bidens lap, grinding up and down, and flicking your hair in his face while you fondled the hair on his legs.

      share your first hand experience, Lynn

    1. in fact obama stated, “Joe, you don’t have to do this” when Biden was contemplating running…hell obama endorsed Trudeau of Canada before he endorsed his own VP…..he knew about Hunter’s exploits…lol

  5. Joe Biden just said the president would inherit and economy “that is out of kilter” lol man is living in fantasy land and the fact the entire audience didn’t erupt in laughter shows TDS is strong in that room.

  6. It would be nice to have someone younger than 70 running the country. They have no concept of what the world is like now. Trump can’t even write an email.

  7. “Joe Biden had a good night tonight.” So… he didn’t say a bunch of weird stupid stuff and have a public space out. Amazing. As we said in November of 2016… out of hundreds of millions of people, THIS is the guy for us????

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