Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders butt heads over health care plans

During the PBS NewsHour/Politico debate, 2020 candidates Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) disagreed over the most cost-effective health care plan for the country.

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    1. @Mike Smith if he gives all his profits away yupp charity then let’s see those tax returns…. that’s right he won’t because he’s a fucking crook!

    2. Dig Bick your out of your mind! He’s the best and only chance at beating Trump . You prob support one of the corporate hacks that Trump will have an easy time destroying. And he’s a Democratic Socialist THERES A HUGE DIFFERENCE, if your going to call him a socialist in a demeaning way do a little home work so you don’t make yourself look like a total fucking moron

  1. Notice how Bernie is informed of the facts about Biden’s plan and is honest with the information. In the same instance, Biden is lying about everything in Bernie’s plan.

    1. @James Robert cool stuff. Amazon pays 15 an hour but cuts hours and bonuses and benefits. But that sweet 15 an hour.

    2. @James Robert You’re wrong to think Sanders was the reason Amazon raised its wages.
      Because of the low unemployment rate, Amazon raised it wages.
      They also raised wages in England. You think Bernie had something to do with that too I suppose?
      As usual, you’re giving Bernie credit for things he really does not deserve credit for.
      This is who he is. All talk, no action.
      Just like trumpler when you think about it. Repbulicans take credit for everything, accept blame for nothing – just like Bernie.

      Democrats have been trying to reform health care and bring a single payer system since the Truman years if I recall correctly.
      Did he write medicare for all, or was that Klobucher who actually wrote it? I’m actually not sure.

      Bottom line dude – Bernie had 30 years to get SOMETHING passed. Just one bill to help reduce health care costs would have been nice.

      Now go look at the bills he authored that became law. Congress has a website for it.

      There you can read about all 7 of them. Most are post office name changes.

      7 in 30 years.

      Klobucher has 33 bills in 12 years last time I checked.

      So…..why support Slandering Sanders, the crazed old man who is quick to point his finger of blame – but never points it at himself?

      Why support a man who helped elect trumpler by slandering his opponent? Hillary was a good candidate.

      I’ve heard Bernie supporters for years now making all kinds of crazy accusations about Hillary. And when they are shown PROOF that they are wrong, they never admit it. I’ve never seen one admit it.

      But wrong is wrong. And cowards can’t handle being wrong. Cowards don’t apologize. Cowards don’t admit their mistakes, and therefore learn from them.

      Do a google search – Bernie admits he was wrong, and see what you get. And then try Bernie apologizes. See what you get.

      Won’t take you long, the pickings are very slim.

      Do you know why he lost in 2016? Becuase he didn’t campaign in the south. No campaigning resulted in him getting about 25% of the vote, give or take.

      After Super Tuesday, it became statistically impossible for him to win. But did he drop out? No.
      He just turned up the heat on the slander, and by the time of the convention, his cult of kiddies were hot headed and full of hatred and anger towards Hillary.

      And also Warren, who was labled a TRAITOR when she decided to support HIllary after Clinton won.

      This is the kind of mob mentality Bernie cultivates.

      And the bullshit excuses you promote? More mob mentality. Too bad you’re too lazy to look beyond the memes and propaganda at the bigger issues and complexity.

      That’s another thing I’ve noticed about Slandering Sanders cult of kiddies – most of you have incredibly simplistic views of how things work, usually based upon memes. Complex reality is over your head.

      So Amazon raises its wages, and for you, it Just Has to be because of Slandering Sanders. No other reason. Just Bernie.

      He is like your cult leader.

      Reality check. HE SUCKS.

      You have far better options. Learn about them. Every other person on that stage will do a better job that Bernie, who has PROVEN beyond reasonable doubt that he CAN NOT GET THINGS DONE.

    3. @Jacob Berry I am using facts. Have you gone to Congress’s website and actually looked? I have. Have you?
      I doubt it.
      Sanders – 30 years – 7 bills, mostly for post offices. None for health care reform. None for college tuition reform. None for Wall sTreet reform. Average 0.3/yr
      Klobucher – 12 years, 33 bills passed into law. Average 2.6/yr
      Warren – 6 years in, 7 bills passed.
      Booker – 6 years, 6 bills to law.
      Gillibrand – 12 years, 23 bills to law.
      Harris – 2 years, 3 bills.

      Read it and weep for your loser candidate.

      Or don’t. You can just keep on playing the roll of troll, and ignoring reality.

    1. @Charly pretty sure after getting stents the heart is 10% stronger and life expectancy goes up… Sorry to put facts in ur way

  2. Out of all of these Bernie is really the only one who can win. If we pick Biden, it will be another Trump presidency. Believe that.

    1. I think Bernie would lose by 10 points. Moderates (like me, or at least I was in 2016) aren’t voting for a socialist. Moderates decide elections when 80% of the electorate has already made up their minds.

    2. @jeffw1267 80 percent of americans are for medicare for all lol

      Bernie sanders doesnt take corporate donations and is what trump pretends to be someone who will change the entire political landscape

  3. I can’t take Joe Biden seriously.
    He’s easily agitated, and lashes out at people.
    He stumbles over his words and often Rambles about things that make absolutely no sense.
    All signs of early onset Alzheimer’s.

    If this ends up being the DNC candidate then I’m voting outside of party again. Plain and simple.

    1. @DeadmaN 2112 I understand your sentiments but there’s no way in hell I’m going to cast a vote that would contribute to a Trump win in any way.

    2. DeadmaN 2112 I agree with everything you said, except I don’t think he called the guy fat. He said “facts.”

    1. Corporations and corporate media is so afraid of Bernie dude. It’s sad it’s not like he’s trying to ruin them he’s trying to actually work for the people. And they are trying to ruin him.

    1. Here’s the bottom line Liberals. The swamp DNC decides who the candidate is going to be. And the swamp will pick Joe Biden just like they did crooked Hillary. And the fraud communist Bernie Sanders will fall in line and back Joe Biden because he will be promised a position in the swamp administration screwing all of you progressives once again just like he did in 2016 with crooked Hillary. Don’t believe me? Take a screenshot of this and play it back once Bernie screws all of you out again and read it. You communist sheep are morons

    2. @Trump 2020 all I read there was “blah blah blah Bernie is the best, vote for Bernie 2020.” Hopefully that sums up your points

    3. J Baron No to sum up my point is Bernie will sell all of you out again just like he did in 2016. Because he’s a career politician, And a fraud

    4. @Trump 2020 “blah blah Trump is a fraud, vote Bernie because socialism is good and I need to spend less on health insurance” did I get that right?

  4. Switch to Bernie Sanders…
    changes the subject, cnn bought and paid by the top 1% no credibility. Bernie 2020

    1. He is TOO OLD to be the President… He is so dependent on his hands before he can speak… what is that ??? Relax Bernie,,, stay in the Senate!!!

  5. Dude, Bernie does and will smash Joe Biden. This dude doesn’t excel at policy, let alone policy details. He doesn’t care.

    1. Bernie dead by nov 3rd…..his heart will be smashed when declass happens and they find out how much he took from the clintons to.endorse hillary

  6. CNN do wonder why you get labeled as fake news, it’s because your disingenuous on progressive view points

    1. Being an executive in any type of healthcare related company is currently a license to print money. Everyone but Bernie wants to continue that.

    1. @v blackwell im not lying to you about anything.. you take the small jobs away & give it to illegals they do not pay taxes or there medical bills.. they live free in the United States on us..when i was a kid… I used to carry people’s groceries /cut grass/ shovel snow/ do a paper route/ wash people’s cars/. Clean people’s yards uo… I also worked on my family’s Farm. Plus I used to do crabbing and sell crabs. this kind of thing builds Covenants in growing up to the real workd.. no one is self entitled to anyting.. the only thing you get life for free is a hard time… I’ve been driving a tractor trailer now for 31 years…. I can build houses I can pour concrete I can run electrical I can do Roofing I can do plumbing too & I can rebuild engines & many other things… I graduated high school,,,, I also have some college…. life is what you make it always remember that & i have ben through hell and back.. I’ve even been married three times…

    2. Oh good for you! You got to use the cliche ‘establishement!’
      Always blame the buzzwords! Good for you. You’ve OBEYED your Dear Leader so well.

  7. Is America really asking if it’s possible? This is the problem when you think you are the greatest… You’re not. Every normal not shitty country has a Healthcare like Bernie proposed

    1. I know right, we have a single payer system in my country, if you’re sick you just go to the doctor and you don’t risk to go bankrupt, the problem is that the government in america is way too corrupt to pasa something like that without a fight.

    2. @Kevin Morrison hows it working for germany, sweden, norway, canada, and literally every other 1st world country on theplanet u dumb fuk?

    1. And Bernie isn’t a sellout? Puh-LEEZE. He’ll drop his pants and kiss the ring of Biden or HRC when the time comes. AGAIN.

    2. @Jamie van Dyck absolutely. In 15 to 20 years yangs policies will be the norm but hrs alil aheadof the time and im sure he himself is aware of that

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