Elizabeth Warren confronts JPMorgan CEO during heated testimony 1

Elizabeth Warren confronts JPMorgan CEO during heated testimony


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) slammed Jamie Dimon during a Senate hearing for the $1.5 billion in overdraft fees that JPMorgan Chase collected from consumers last year during the pandemic
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  1. Someone should ask Jamie Dimon the following question – When a bank does something illegal and the punishment ends up being a fine that is just 1/10 the amount of money that the bank made by the illegal act, and nobody ever goes to jail, where is the deterrent to the crime?

    1. @Stan Wilson white supremacist? The people with the money are the tribe you know God’s so called chosen and they hate whites more than anyone else.


  2. Did Diamond not know where he was going and what questions he would be asked?! How stupid!!

    1. he didn’t care.
      same reason mcconnell pulls all his bs: both get no IRL repercussions from being overtly evil

    2. @Shifty McGee462 It would seem they are protected by both sides but sure make it politically divisive while they continue to rip you off..

  3. Yet, when Dems propose to increase the taxes of those huge corporations, the GOP cry out.

    1. @Chadillac How about this for an education. In the Republican Party, everyone and their brother likes to boast about the so-called strength of the “Trump economy”. Here’s the real reality. The average quarterly GDP during the Trump administration was 2-3%, which just so happened to be the precise average during the Obama administration. The same thing occured in job growth. Both presidents added just over 2 million jobs per year. If you want to be really precise, Obama had the highest job growth year between both presidents. But here is the real kicker, when Obama left the White House he decreased the federal deficit by 47%. Trump, well, the proof is in the numbers. The deficit was 585 billion when Obama left. When Trump came into office and started giving tax cuts to the wealthiest, our deficit skyrocketed to one trillion! Those tax breaks never trickled down to those working/middle class folks as Republicans like to claim it did. And those jobs that Trump liked to brag about, most of them didn’t even provide livable wages!! Tell me, why should Trump pay less in federal income taxes than the person who delivers your mail? The Republican economic model has proven to be a collosal failure. To wrap it all in a nut shell, it’s no wonder our economy collapsed so quickly during this pandemic! The Trump successes were made to look bigger than they actually were. And they fell just as fast as they rose! Trump was handed a great economy by Obama. And had he handled the Covid-19 pandemic correctly, we wouldn’t have had such devastation to our economy and jobs. (Not to mention the more than half a million deaths!).

    2. @Chadillac haha. So much to unpack. First of all, the argument for lowering corporate tax rates is to increase revenue by disincentivizing companies from doing what senator Kennedy was explaining is still happening.

      I could go into this, but I’ll leave it at the fact that trump’s economy was measurably NOT the strongest we’ve seen in modern times, let alone the history of the world. But, anyway, you’re, at least at this point in your life, an idiot and there’s no point trying to have a conversation with you.

    3. @B Humphries I wish I could have said exactly what you said. You are a star! Thank you for what you wrote, you hit every point and it needed to be said.

  4. It used to be that banks made money from investing wisely. Now they just gouge their customers and depend on taxpayers to bail them out from their shitty investments

    1. Legal money launderers

      Some people are born in disadvantage for their whole life. How is this fair?

    2. @Dori Wilson Which is definitely the best thing to do! BofA is the devil. Left them years ago for a non-profit federal credit union.
      Never looked back.

    3. That woman is a complete loon. Her priorities are so messed. I can’t stand Warren. I voted for Biden, but Warren is insane.

    4. @originalmb correct. It’s credit unions that get the majority of their profits from investments, banks collect the majority of their profits from loan interest and fees

    1. @OneBigBugga So “predatory lending” steroid edition? I can’t believe that is legal, I have always wondered what went on at those places, recently there have been “auto title loan” places cropping up in some parts of the city too. I assume they use a “lien” as a threat and the value of the equity the person has in the vehicle instead of a “paycheck” as collateral? Do you at least earn positive credit reporting doing this?

    2. @tchrisou812 no. This would actually hurt your credit if they run a credit bureau report on you before approval.

    3. Not to mention going to jail because of some trumped up charge where you can’t avoid it due to not being able to pay a lawyer or you get special scrutiny from police officers who want to make more money for their cities. Then you have to take out more garbage loans to make bail so you can go to work and pay the ridiculous loan back or fail as is more likely.

    4. @tchrisou812 I had three charges for less that $10 be returned NSF and then been charged $45 each for them. Then, that happened 3 times. I called the bank and they said ‘you should stop the payments frm going through’.

  5. For running the world’s largest and most profitable companies, they sure don’t seem to know much…

    1. It seems that way in any major corporation, not just the financial corps. Once you reach a certain level in the company, you become beyond accountability, save your major shareholders and BOD’s. Administrators and managers are the biggest dead weight in the company when it comes to ROI for an employee, but it is all cronyism and back slapping at that level to keep the membership small and “their thing” going.

    2. Rightttt!!!!!! Need to hire the college graduates that don’t have jobs!!! They could have given a better prepared presentation

  6. One wonders at these “CEO’s” who don’t seem to know anything about their company’s dealings when they know they will be asked direct questions about the very things they “don’t know anything about”. One might be led to believe these people are complete and utter liars but hey, we’re all friends here, right? Pure, unadulterated filth!!

    1. @Sue Legacie Ya, but they don’t get that for their knowledge; they get it for their ability to lie effectively in tight situations as demonstrated here.

    1. @Ronald Reagan oh and the Dems don’t? Lol. Wake up! They are all on the payroll but you struggle to see anything outside your little world.

  7. You know it’s bad when even a Republican is galled . Kennedy wasn’t even trying hide his disgust .

    1. @Brian Olea well, I’m not talking about Elizabeth Warren; I didn’t even tangentially mention her. It’s rude to just hijack a conversation to push a false narrative. I’m sure you could’ve stated that to someone actually talking about her.

    2. If democrats werent lunatics they would find ways to make situations better. Kennedy proves it here. But when the lunatics blame everyone but themselves for every problem its impossible to work with them. When they make everything racist you cant work with them. We have some blow hards too but you dems are so fucking hateful nothing can get accomplished. No matter the facts and/or numbers EVERYONE IS RACIST and out to get blacks browns woman whoever… Great example. We want school choice. That alone would help black community. That would give poor black brown white children and opportunity to succeed. But you hateful dems say that is racist. They want more money for the terrible schools instead of school choice. You could throw billions into a school. Would it improv? Slightly but you still have all the idiots runnng around. Biden said what dems BELIEVE beat… You show how much you care by how much money you throw at the problem. HOW FUCKING DUM amd why we are $30T in debt. Many if not most problems are solved with strategic planning and execution. If the planning involves money ok, but never does it take the $100s of million they throw around…. Do any of you even understand critical thining and strategic planning or do you just like being lazy and claim racism to everything.

  8. These heartless criminals have no soul. They don’t care about people at all. They’re literally sociopaths.

    1. @John James I believe that without the study. You gotta be sociopathic to be so greedy that with all that power, nothing, no horrid situation imaginable, would ever move any of them to budge a millimeter towards changing any practices that cause strife to people around the world. They could be paying thier employees a better wage instead of taking those sickening bonuses.

  9. Cutting taxes didn’t change the mind of these griddy CEOs. They want more money no matter what.

  10. Ceo’s are all lying. ” I don’t know, I’ll have to get back to you” is the oldest or strategy in the book

    1. @Ben F You honestly expect to get a true response from any of them? The value of a meeting being made public such as this choice moment, is in the awareness the questioners are bringing to the viewer. Pointed questions, kept on point no matter how they dodge & weave. Facts coming to light for those who are wanting to know. What anyone does about it, that remains to be seen.

  11. THIS is why I’m glad we still have Warren in the Senate. She already knows the answers, so she can immediately call these crooks on their BS & doesn’t let them waste her precious 5 minutes.

  12. Stunning isn’t it how “little” these bankers report to know! Very convenient! They disgust me!

  13. Those C.E.O.’s would NEVER give an inch much less money back to customers – even in an Pamdemic

    1. @Falsenarrative Cults well actually, you got my money back. I didn’t get any stimulus. I make too much to qualify for it. Your welcome.

    2. @Falsenarrative Cults SS recipients paid into the government “retirement” system, plus taxes, for every day we worked! It IS OUR money!!!

  14. Sen. Warren: “I’m not seeing any hands.” That’s because their hands are busy counting their profits at the public trough.

    1. Just like everyone of them are doing in Washington. You think Pelosi became a multi millionaire from what she gets payed. Lmao. This is why the left are useful idiots!

    2. @Dude good for you. Small business is the heart of this country! Way to set the example and lead.

  15. Jamie Dimon’s like “No, I’m not gonna refund the fees. Watchu gonna do about it?”

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