Emails Detail Trump’s Frantic Effort To Steal 2020 Election

Newly revealed emails revealed a last ditch scheme, described by one Trump-era DOJ official  as 'pure insanity,' by Trump and his allies to pressure the Justice Department to support wild election conspiracy theories before Biden's inauguration. We discuss with Jason Johnson and Matthew Dowd.
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    1. @JayRo Trump attempted to coup after he lost re-election. Biden lives in your head rent free for the next 8 years

    2. @Tjohnson Johnson my father always taught me to never have battle of wits with an unarmed man. Thank God you are so perfect.

    3. @Todd Keating is that “unarmed” you calling someone stupid while claiming all these moral superiority? Lol liberals have no morals , that’s a fact. What did you not like about trump ? Give me something that MSM didn’t tell you

  1. We’re still the frogs in the pot, and the temperature is still rising.

    What continues to baffle me is the apparent assumption almost every time is that the relevant comparisons are domestic (Watergate, the Civil War) when the most relevant one is 1930’s Germany.

    2020 was the Beer Hall Putsch. We’re just getting started the way we’re going.

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    2. @bgmcc907: You’re comment here is the smartest comment on YT. We are all frogs in the pot. Some people get it but most are simply irritated by what they see as GQP idiocy or insanity. I get that but not everyone wants to face the truth of the matter because it’s incredibly terrifying. I thought I knew most everything about 1930s Germany and yet I have never heard of the Beer Hall Putsch. I just read about it on Wikipedia. Wow. Hitler showed Germany who he was and they turned around and just handed Hitler their country. I remember reading about a 1930s Jewish newspaper that was continually writing to its readers that the Nazis were all talk and to not worry because things would calm down. I don’t think most Americans understand the evil that they’re seeing. I’ve seen evil in my life so maybe that’s why I can spot it. I’m no brainiac for sure. If you’re reading my comment, and you’re not incredibly scared for our country, losing some sleep, and contemplating plans for survival…then to quote an overly used phrase that makes some people annoyed…WAKE UP!

    1. No they had to stem the truth tide, so they re-hired troll/bot programmers. It’ painfully obvious and they’re not fooling anyone.

    2. I was banned for posting a link with facts about the election. I mean Selection with the two candidates who were at 2% (lowest in history) and Kamala who didn’t even win a primary in her own state but yeah they won. Sure. I also have a screen recording on the phone I’m using right now where I type two sentences praising Trump and refresh the comments and it’s deleted in under 10 seconds. I wrote the same exact sentence and switched it from Trump to Biden and it is still there to this day. Censorship. But if you post links supporting your facts from Sydney Powell you get banned like I did. All of my purchases shows on YouTube, entire seasons worth of shows, my private home videos GONE. Forever. No reason other then talking about the truth of the election. Smh I’m a Marine combat veteran Machine Gunner/ Infantry-grunt. Fought for that right. I have the rumble app and only come on here frequently.

  2. MSNBC has been caught spewing propaganda how many times? I wonder how many lies it takes before people quit listening to MSNBC etc.

    1. Yeah people need to listen to REAL UNBIASED NOT PROPAGANDA news like Fox, OAN, Newsmax, and the Q Anon forums on 8chan.

    1. @Pasiempre don’t fall for the trap…. The people who are convinced the election was stolen are based on the most insane ideas, are not interested in facts… Trumps team could not in 60+ court cases put forth a single shred of evidence and yet his followers say Trump and team have the proof…

      Just ignore the comments

    2. @Pasiempre We watched the same videos unless you didnt actually search for any because you are incapable of doin research. So stop lyin to yourself lol.

  3. Im pro democracy which is why i want to purge my political opposition from the government and institute single party rule where the government and media collude to sensor views that challenge the power structure or dominant orthodox view…

    1. John Henke
      1 second ago
      “Always accuse the enemy of the thing which you are doing”.

      Joseph Goebbels advice to Adolf Hitler

    2. @This Guyyy obsession is a sickness. Trump is out of office please live your life or maybe you are LOL and that involves Trump

    3. @Hairy Balls Yup, they are afraid of Trump reuniting the American people when they want separation and divide so they can screw us all over for their gains.

  4. “Frantic Effort to Steal 2020 Election”

    Haven’t you guys said for 6 months now that it was impossible to steal the election? Why is this news then?

    1. @Æonatia He never asked them to cheat 😂 you people are brainwashed. He was asking them to do the right thing and stop the fraud.

    2. @Mark M. I’m not siding with a president. I’m siding with the evidence. The 1,000 pages of evidence that were shown to Democrat city councils and judges. I just want a more secure election in the future, and for a full audit of the areas accused of fraud. It would shut the Republicans up if the audits proved no fraud.

    3. @Mark M. For 4 years they pushed russia propaganda about trump and that came out a lie as well. You can still delete that.

  5. They have spun this so far there’s no truth. We just want an investigation. Maybe they find nothing. That confirms the process worked correctly. Since government refused (why?) we are now hiring independent companies to do their job for them.

    1. Well they know if you can lie that easily about a provable lie you will lie about anything to get ahead!! Thus a job on MSDNC!!

    1. You’d rather hear about the story where there is no evidence (thus no story), versus the story where there’s a crapload of evidence?

  6. Is this anchor the same math major that said “Bloomberg could have giving every American $1million with the amount of money spent on his campaign.” ?

  7. They (the MSM) are muddying the water in advance. Sew disbelief and division before the wheels come off of the entire election scam of 2020.

  8. This is a pretty long winded report using incendiary language all to say the DOJ completely refused to investigate potential election fraud

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