Trump CFO Weisselberg Could Face Charges This Summer

The investigation of Trump Organization executive Allen Weisselberg by the Manhattan District Attorney's office appears to have entered its final phases. The New York Times reports that prosecutors have obtained Weisselberg's personal tax returns, and that Weisselberg could face charges this summer.
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    1. @Dach you have 590 comments on this “liberal” channel and you’re a republican. I think you’re the one who’s unwell here.

    2. @Brandon Coile Because liberals are fun 🤪👍 Hillary Clinton said it best the Democrats will believe anything…true story.

    3. @Truth91 Tucker Carlson was sued for defamation. Carlson told the courts that “It’s not my fault my viewers believed what I told them”. And yet his viewers continue to watch and believe this clown. Not only did Tucker Carlson admit in court everything he says on Fox are lies. But, he also told the courts his followers are stupid and gullible.

    1. Trumps rotten empire is about to collapse…You will hear these 2 words a lot soon…Inflate & Deflate

  1. Get on with the proceedings!! They are being emboldened everyday with this stalling. This is ridiculous.

    1. It takes time to build a watertight case. This isn’t a television drama, case over in an hour.

    1. Of course, he will. He loves to be in the background, now he is suddenly thrown on the front page. He is probably peeing in his pant right now

  2. Maybe Weisselburg can shed some light on the Russian money that Eric Trump was so proud to be receiving: (Eric) ‘Well, we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.’

  3. The corruption that Trump brought to his 4 year reign is only now being exposed, more will come, count on it… Biden’s AG, Merrick Garland better start listening to what is being uncovered and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT…

  4. When the MOB starts using the IRS and the FBI to assassinate political rivals, you know it is short on time before the war breaks out. Something like Spain in 1939.

  5. Where do leaks come from? It’s a basic human trait to want to spill the beans when you know someone has committed a crime and might be getting away with it.

  6. Q : when your corporation is so big you can afford to turn your tax dept into a profit center
    A : you are by definition a drain on society’s resources, and so should have your business license stripped!!

  7. Let’s make it a national holiday people when Trump goes to prison and celebrate with the world again like the end of WW2 style like we did when trump lost the election and every late night show was doing the same with streamers and fireworks 🎆 and the YMCA Dance

  8. Realpolitik: The justice dept has Weisselberg’s thumb in a thumbscrew. Very unpleasant but the screws are not yet at the point of extreme pain. On Weisselberg’s other thumb is Trump. He has dirt on Weisselberg and he is putting the pressure on Weisselberg other thumb beyond the pain threshold. Right now you do not want to be Weisselberg.

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